Dear PoP – New Year’s Eve Restaurant Reservations and other New Year’s Recommendations

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“Dear PoP,

I’m not sure when the right time to start looking into this is, but can you suggest the best time to start looking into New Year’s Eve reservations? Is there a link to a page that could help me out by letting me know when restaurants are accepting reservations? Thanks in advance for your consideration.”

You should start – now! Would Open Table be their best bet for making reservations? I gotta think most restaurants are now accepting reservations for New Year’s Eve. Do you guys have any recommendations for really good restaurant deals?

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“Dear PoP,

My sister is coming in town for New Years Eve and I want to show her a good time! My gut instinct is to find some live music to enjoy, but I wondered what else is out there to do. What do your readers have planned?”

Where’s the best spot to catch live music on New Year’s? Know of any other good parties/events?

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  • The Newseum is hosting a New Year’s Eve party, which will include live music, open bar and a champagne toast at midnight. There are also dinner/party packages available at The Source restaurant. More details at

  • You should see if the guys from Gin & Tonic are hosting another party at the National Building Museum. Went last year and it was only the worst experience of my life. They were so understaffed and had so few bathrooms that people were literally walking behind the bar to get bottles of beer, which required openers to open. Since there were no openers they were using the marble banisters to hit the tops off. People were peeing int he corners of the stairways since it was a 30 minute wait at all bathrooms. I’m frustrated just thinking about it.

    Anyway, if these guys are involved in anything you are considering attending, buyer beware.

    • haha. i was at this. for my $100+ i got a cup of bartons on ice and a whole lot of hate for fritz brogan (gin and tonic owner whose name I sadly still remember).

  • Yes, you should make reservations ASAP while you have alot of choices and before things get booked up.
    As for the second question, your options depend on your budget – how much are you willing to spend?
    I feel embarassed asking this (b/c I’m a “local”), but does DC have fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

  • The DC Blues Society is having a New Year’s Eve dinner and dance, in Silver Spring.

  • 9:30 club…it’s going to be a good time.

  • Tom Sietsema and I both think you should stay home. NYE and Valentine’s Day are the 2 worst nights to eat out, especially in the city. At any rate, good luck finding anything decent at this late date.

    • Come on– her sister is in town. She can’t really say, “Hey sis, since everything is going to be crowded and overpriced let’s just hang out in my apartment. You can experience the DC party scene next time you fly out here.”

  • all that expensive NYE hoopla with tickets and galas is a BIG waste of time! you never drink your money’s worth and end up stranded for an hour flagging down a cab in the bitter cold. i know. i’ve been there. my advice: invite friends over or head to a friends’ place. spend that ticket money on some top-notch food and spirits. and get liquored up to your hearts content. catch a cab home late night or stay over and grab one in the morning. who wants to spend NYE with strangers anyway?

  • stay home. or go to someone else’s house/party. dining on NYE is a decidedly poor decision.

  • for restaurants – i think oya in chinatown has a pretty reasonably-priced prix fixe NYE menu. very cheap if you do it before 8pm or some totally reasonable hour… i think. i’m sure it’s on their website but i’m just lazy enough not to look it up for you. 🙂

  • Book your tickets now to the Miss Ann NYE cruise! They are also doing Friday night cruises this month. The owners, Frank and Guy, did a great job decorating the boat for the holidays and the cruise for the Parade of Lights this past Saturday night was fun!

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