Dear PoP – Metro Bus Stops Abolished

“Dear PoP,

You should do a story about how the G8 line on Rhode Island Ave (through bloomingdale and shaw) is killing but stops. It is already lacking in bus service, with huge outages between trips and now they are knocking out bus stops so when you are running to catch one of the few buses that come you don’t stand a chance any longer to catch it. I saw one last week that was near the Timor Bodega that was going away and I saw another one last night by the Red Toque that is going away, insanity.”

Anyone else noticing these bus stops vanishing? Is it affecting your commute?

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  • Personally think it’s a great idea. We live on the G2 line and it stops on almost every block. As a result, it takes the bus 30-40 minutes to cover a distance I can do in 15 minutes on my bike. I’ve never lived in a city where bus stops are spaced so close together. I don’t know about G8 but on the G2 route, you could halve the number of stops and still have a stop every few blocks which seems reasonable. Hopefully, this can speed up the bus service while also allowing them to be more frequent (since each bus will cover its route in less time)…

  • i wish wmata would take out MORE bus stops. take out some of the ones on 16th st please!!!!!!!

    • +++1 Totally agree about the 16th St. lines. It’s ridiculous to have a stop at the every corner. In Adams Morgan, it stops between Irving and Harvard and then about 50 feet later at Columbia. Seriously. People need to walk more, not less.

      • What if they’re old or handicapped?

        • They have special accomodation for front door service for these folks.

          A bus stop on every corner is ridiculous. Walk a few blocks people, it might actually help you.

          • However, MetroAccess is costly for the city and some people have temporary changes in ability (injury, etc.) that make that service unreasonable.

          • I know someone in her mid-70’s who drives to the bus stop every day because the 30-minute walk is too hard on her arthritic knees. I don’t think she qualifies for MetroAccess.

      • So she can drive to any bus stop.
        How is this relevant to the topic?

        • If she were one of the many elderly people who do not drive (or if they decide to start making it 2-hour parking around the bus stop) she’d be screwed.

  • Completely agree. Stopping at every intersection is maddening. They should do this on 16th and 14th street lines.

    • I took the bus for the first time yesterday evening (the 54 bus I think) from the Columbia Heights Metro to 14th and Kennedy. I was thinking to myself the whole time how is it possible that this bus is stopping at literally EVERY intersection. Eventually it became every two blocks or so around Upshur but it I thought the stop frequency was absurd.

      • rave: the nice man in front of me waved his second “flash pass” or something and told the driver I was his son (age wise-more like his brother!) and I rode for free…we exchanged a ‘feliz navidad’ after we boarded.

        • And we wonder why metrobus is such a money pit…

          If I had a nickle for every time in the past few years I’ve seen someone jump through the back doors, simply walk past the driver without even pretending to pay or flashing a library card at the driver, I would have thousands of nickles.

          • I did see two people enter through the back doors on my short trip. It seemed like very few people paid with smart trip cards, most seemed to flash a card for the driver to see or just walked right on.

            Is metrobus a money pit? Citation please?

  • I have noticed a couple stops along 7th St. that have been “abolished” which makes sense to me since they’re literally one block apart. I take the G8 regularly and welcome the change.

    OP: Try using “Next Bus”.

  • There is no need to have bus stops every freaking block. Its insane! Walk a few blocks to the nearest stop.

  • Yes you have to wait forever for a G8 in Bloomingdale they are for sure not every 15 minutes like they were from Columbia Heights. I saw this blurb on the WMATA site this morning, It is listed as “Metro bus gets enhanced more reliable service” by cutting out bus stops I see how enhanced that is. How does that help? If nobody pulls the chain or if nobody is standing at a stop they simply just DONT STOP now, how is getting rid of every other stop going to make things better for riders? Classic Metro, more money less service.

    “As part of an initiative aimed at improving bus service reliability and travel times, a total of 67 bus stops that are underutilized or that are too close to each other will be eliminated on Metrobus routes 62, 63, G8, U8 and X2”

  • I also agree that bus stops are spaced too closely.
    Bus service, however, is horrible.
    As everyone knows you wait forever never knowing whether a bus is going to come then several out of service buses fly by then several buses come all at once.
    I think that traffic laws should be changed to give city buses more of a right of way than other traffic allowing buses to ease in and out of bus stops better than they do now.
    Being a bus driver has got to be the most stressful job around. If a bus driver is not stressed then he/she just doesn’t give a damn.
    I take the bus and I hate it.

    • buses will come on a more predictable schedule if there are fewer stops. Part of what adds to bus bunching is that with so many stops, there’s a lot of variability: does the bus squeak through every intersection or get caught at every light?

  • If it means my bus will be on time, I’m all for walking an extra block. I’m on the G8, and my stop was cut, which I am fine with as long as the buses actually come.

    • Agreed. Especially on days like this, I’ll take walking over standing at the bus stop freezing my butt off for 20 minutes becuase th ebus was late.

  • WMATA should cut at least half of its existing bus stops. In an effort to please everybody by having a stop every block, they please nobody by always being late and routes taking FOREVER.

  • This is a great idea. i hope the “dear PoP” writer didn’t seriously expect us to agree with him. i do feel for the mobility impaired, but the current way of stopping at every, or every other block makes bus transport inconvenient for everyone. the express buses are great, and are the only ones that i really consider taking over rail/walking/biking.

  • I’m so glad to see the consensus in the comments. I’m on the G8 and use these stops frequently, and I’m THRILLED that they’re getting rid of them. The every-block stopping drives me insane on DC buses, especially during rush hours. I wish they would do this on some of the other bus lines I use! Especially with the availability of NextBus: just check the next arrivals and walk an extra block to the next stop, people!

    • NextBus is not very reliable. You’re better off sticking to the schedules (which are also not reliable, but better than NextBus).

      • I’ve had mixed luck with NextBus. On some parts of some lines it seems damn near 100%, but others are almost always off, or have ‘ghost’ buses. I almost always check it on my blackberry, but over the past year [or since it whenever it was reactivated most recently] it’s been accurate about 50/50 for me.

  • the h2 bus stops at the corner of mt. pleasant st and irving and then at 16th and irving. its like 30 ft. common on!

  • Seriously, they need to remove a few of the stops on the 80 through Bloomingdale and Eckington. Adams street is the worst since people getting off the north bound side end up walking across north capitol st to the west. Dumb.

  • I don’t mind not having a stop every block or two, but the problem with the G8 is reliability. I’ve all but stopped taking that bus because it seems like whenever I try, I’ll stand there for at least 30 minutes without seeing a single bus (it’s supposed to run every 10-15 minutes during morning rush hour). It’s frustrating to be late for work (or have to go run for the train) when two or three buses in a row just plain don’t show up.

    I hate the train, and it’s more expensive, but it’s just so much more reliable.

    • I agree the G8 schedule is really bad. I moved from Columbia Heights and had the option of 3 bus lines so it is taking some getting use to with less service. The ability to cross Rhode Island during rush hour to get to the bus stop on the other side is an issue, very busy street. I sure do wish they would add a few more buses to the route or at least space them no more than 15 minutes apart.

    • Even though the bus is more expensive and takes longer I’d give up driving in favor of the bus IF I could get some guarantee that it would arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled arrival time. Call me a wimp, but I just can’t tolerate being out in this cold for very long unless I’m moving.

  • Well I agree, I’ve given up pretty much entirely on the 80 bus. I just got some raingear and bike to work no matter what the weather.

  • Never seen so much agreement in here before.
    I’ve just peed a rainbow.

  • I ride the G8 every day. Going home, it stops on three consecutive blocks leading up to my house. I’ll just get off whenever someone pulls the chain within that 3 stop zone.

    It amazes me that other people on the bus will actually stay on the bus then pull the chord, for the stop 1 block away.

  • I use the Anystop DC Metro app for my droid phone and it’s changed my life. I tap a button and know when the next bus is arriving and where to catch it. If this technology becomes more reliable, and more accessible, I’m all for pulling bus stops. There are too many. I think they can also eliminate lines running north. 61, 63, 64 lines are so close to each other. Yes, they are convenient and I would be losing some service, but if it can save a gob of money and ease congestion and still get me and my neighbors downtown for a fair price, I’m all for it.

    • How would cutting bus lines (especially buses like the 63 that only run during rush hour) ease congestion? There is no 61 bus.

    • The 61, 63 and 64 run basically the same direction until they get to Georgia Avenue Metro station, but then they diverge. I would be very disappointed to see a service reduction that makes it harder for me to get AWAY from downtown, since the green line does not serve downtown the way that buses do.

  • They need to add stops on the Connector running down 14th street. It is so galling that they have no stops between U and P Streets, and they seem to come much more often than the 54. So you are trying to go in pretty much the same direction as the 54 but the bus doesn’t stop for you. Try being pregnant and running from R to P to try and catch the Connector you can see coming southbound on 14th and then tell me we don’t need a stop – preferably right in front of Mid City Coffee, which is where a lot of foot traffic congregates on that stretch.

    • saf


      Those were specifically created as limited-stop buses to satisfy the yuppies/tourists who wanted buses but not really.

      Ride the 50 buses – those are the local buses. The Circulator is an express on that route.

    • R to P is 4 very short blocks. Mid-City coffee (Miss Pixies)is half that distance. Blind pregnant amputees with crutch blisters can handle that. How the heck are you ever going to handle a child?

      • I agree with your point that the Circulator is an express bus and doesn’t need any more stops, but wow- saying “How are you going to handle a child?” is kindof a bitchy thing to say to a pregnant woman!

  • I think there should be less stops in general, but the key is more express buses, imo.

  • I think its funny that most everyone here lives in Columbia Heights and has really never dealt with running to try to catch the G8 bus which really does lack some stops even as it is. Of course all of you would advocate for less stops as there are over 5-7 bus routes that serve you all living in CoHeights and Mt Pleasant… all I have to say is look outside the box and think about equality. G8 is one of I believe only 2 routes that run through the Rhode Island corridor… think about it folks. Always a white vs black, rich vs poor issue. Boo for you people

    • I live in Bloomingdale and the G8 does have way too many stops. For example, it stops on the eastern side of 1st street, then on the western side of 2nd and Rhode Island, about 1/3 of the way to 3rd street, then again on the eastern side of 3rd street, then again on the eastern side of 4th street. One of the reasons that DC busses suck so much is that people get picked up or dropped off at almost every block, making them horrendously slow. They’re not eliminating stops that are near areas that lack them, they are eliminating superfluous stops that are within 100 or 200 feet of other ones. When you want 15-20 minutes for a bus anyway, it makes sense to have far fewer stops and make people congregate together at fewer stops, since they are waiting long enough to walk a few blocks anyway.

      The perverse benefit of having far too many stops is that if you ever miss a bus as you are walking to the stop on a perpendicular street, you can always jog to catch up to it, as between stopping every block to pick up or drop off people and getting stuck at lights, they rarely go any faster than a slow jog.

      And, “really, hipstersreally?” this has nothing to do with race or equality, WMATA is giving better bus service to our neighborhood, if you want to “look outside the box and think about equality” then think about how they are helping our neighborhood. Black vs. white and rich vs. poor has nothing to do with it. DC’s bus service is slow as molasses because it has far too many stops. I would like to see them cut 1/3 of the stops in the entire city, and 1/2-2/3 of the stops in the center of the city where they stop every block. If they did this, the busses would get you where you are going about a third faster, and then they would be able to have the same number of busses run more routes, or run the same number of routes with fewer busses and maybe with the savings they could stop raising the fares.

  • @really,hipstersreally? I used to run from 4th & Franklin to Edgewood and Douglass to catch the G8. It stops three times between 7th & Edgewood and 4th & Edgewood. That’s three stops for about .25 miles. That is too many stops. I do agree that there needs to more buses that run along Rhode Island Ave.

  • I would recommend to leave the stop on 6th and Rhode Island because i take the G8 bus everyday and get off at 6 st and rhode island like at 11:00pm and I realize alot of people get off at 6 st and it is also very dangerous to walk in the night time expectually late because there is not many people at that time in the night… That is in my opinion

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