Dear PoP – Gym Recommendations and Construction Between Stetsons and Results/Vida on U St, NW?

“Dear PoP,

I’ve been a member of U-Street results for the past year and a half and was dissapointed to hear that they are closing. The location is great for me so I’d like to join Vida but they are going to charge me $25/mo than I pay at Results (Vida’s membership is $92/mo). One of my friends is a Results member and pays far less than I do for his current membership. For him to join Vida he’d have to pay an additional $40/mo.

First off I think it’s bad policy that they kick you out of your gym and then raise your monthly membership. Since most of your viewers are members of some health clubs I’d be curious to know how the prices range for different gym and even what the range people pay for the same gym.”

We spoke about some gym recommendations here back in August.

And related:

“I was just curious if you know what is being built in the small alley between Stetson’s and Results on U st.”

Hmm, I just assumed this was going to be a part of the new Vida gym that will replace Results. Anyone know what’s being built there?

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  • Depending on where you live, you may want to check out Balance Gym at Thomas Circle. Membership is approx $50 a month

  • my husband and i go to golds gym right off the van ness metro. $40/month each

  • I also am annoyed that Vida is raising the monthly rates on Results members – what a crappy policy

    • Why should Vida give Results members a rate lower than their current members?

    • me

      Except the current gym (Results) is farily sparse compared to what the new Vida will have. Between a rooftop pool and all of the upgraded equipment and common areas, it’d be ridiculous to not have everyone pay the same price. THAT would be unfair.

  • I use the Vida at 7th + F. $90, but it’s really a super nice gym. I almost want to live there, it’s so nice. More amenities than WSC or Results, more ellipticals, better weight machines. I find it to be worth it — I was previously paying around $75 or $80 at Results.

  • At least you have a gym option. There is nothing in Near Northeast, NoMA or anywhere on H Street.

    I’d pay $100/month for a WSC.

  • 70/month at WSC-CH and only out of convenience. (that place is a shit show during peak hours)

  • Considering this has been on the cards ever since the former co-owners of Results split ways and one who left founded Vida, Results leaving and Vida coming in is hardly a surprise.

    It is a shame that Vida isn’t offering a one-year discount to current Results members, but I can see why otherwise they’re going to keep the pricing in line at that location with their other ones.

  • It’s part of the gym expansion and there will be a huge pool there.

    • No. The pool is going on the rooftop. I think the construction between the buildings is just part of the roof pool process.

  • I’ve never bought into this whole amenities business when it comes to gyms. Seriously, unless the machines are super old, who cares if a gym isn’t outfitted with marble bathrooms? You’re there to get nasty and sweaty, not be coddled.

  • The 4th and Bryant NE gym is free. You just go out there and do pull-ups and push-ups and various street exercise routines. It must work because the guys who do it are enormous.

    Also, I’m the father of internal bushings.

  • The Hilton redid their gym, I honestly never cared about the weight room that much, at least it was better than Bally’s, but it’s all about the OUTDOOR POOL with towel service! Yeah baby!

  • There is a smaller version of VIDA in the Renaissance Hotel on 9th street. Membership is only $70/month.

  • Can we get a gym in Petworth already?

    • What need is there for a gym there when “fleeing from the scene of a crime” is how most residents get their cardio in??!

  • We go to the dupont WSC (north dupont, I guess) and pay $52/mo for the passport membership – so we can go to any sports club anywhere at any time which is convenient for when I’m in Philly.

  • I pay $34/mo at Fitness First on 19th and L Street NW.

  • You have to pay separately for the pool even if you are a member. 125 for access to the pool, I think. And it’s an outdoor pool.

    • Which gym/pool are you referring to? The Hilton?

      I use Mint over on California and love it…I think it’s like $90 a month.

      I agree on the need for something in “eastern NW” I live in LeDroit and trek all the way down Florida Ave. now. Maybe if anything ever kicks off building-wise over on the corner lot at 9th & Florida Ave. we can get a gym there.

  • where do people that live in petworth go to the gym? im assuming WSC in CH is the only option that is local

  • Dis-recommend WDC in Columbia Heights – over overcrowded, nasty locker rooms, broken equipment, piss poor exercise instructors.

    Surely a decent gym can come to the Columbia Heights/Petworth/Mt Pleasant neighborhood – I’ll join twice!

  • This link is a little dated, but provides a good idea of what they were planning last year for the new Vida space:

  • I keep hearing bad things about the CH gym, especially how it is crowded and people keep getting their lockers broken into. On the other hand, they offer child care, so if you are a new mommy trying to get back into shape, it might be a good short term option

  • Trinity Center in Brookland is great and not far. Pool, basketball, super clean, parking, metro shuttle, and only around $60/mo.

  • i belong to WSC and go to the CH location just about everyday. Haven’t had a bad experience yet! I go during “peak hours” and haven’t had an issue getting machines or getting into classes at all. It is pricey (69/month), but the location is super convenient so it’s worth it for me.

  • You can join Vida through National Fitness Network at a rate closer to $72 (somewhere around there) if NFN is offered through your work.

  • Balance Gym Thomas Circle is only $59 a month and that includes most classes and four floors with everything you’ll ever need to work out.

    Plus, right now we’re giving away 10,000 free gym memberships that range from 1 week to one year. Just come in and ask for a scan card to see what you’ve won!

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