Dear PoP – Fast Gourmet Has The Best Sandwiches in Town! (14th st and W St. NW)

“Dear PoP,

You should really check out this new place fast gourmet. I think they’ve been open about a month now. I walked by the gas station pretty much everyday without knowing there’s actually good food inside. I checked it out after reading about it online, and its really delicious, one of the best cuban sandwiches i’ve ever had. They also have rotisseree chicken, salads, and a pretty big menu for being in such an odd location. The owners are from south america and its clear they really care about the quality of the food they’re serving. They couldn’t be nicer, and I’m worried that business is really slow because of the odd location. I probably walked by it dozens of times without knowing what’s in there. Its also open 24 hours on friday and saturday. I’m not connected with them in any way, I just think its a shame that they don’t have much business since they’re such nice guys who do good work.”

We noted their opening back in August and I’ve been hearing great things about their food ever since. A friend of mine has been preaching their awesomeness for weeks to me. I stopped in on Sat. to snap some photos and indeed the folks were super nice. Also every patron had a gigantic smile on their face. I’ll be honest, I never would’ve guessed this would happen in a commercial space of a gas station. But mad props to them for pulling this off.

Their Web site says:

“You’ll find that not only do we serve high quality food but we’re an eco friendly business as well with our sustainable natural free trade coffee from around the world, natural fruit juices, organic bread and our environmentally friendly to-go containers. You’ll be glad to know that we don’t serve processed food.

Everything is prepared fresh daily at your request by our chef. Free WIFI, hip ambiance and sharp service. We also deliver!”

You can see their full menu here. They are located at the corner of 14th st and W St. NW. Anyone else check them out yet?

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  • That looks delicious. Wow.

    How is their pulled pork sandwich?

  • Haven’t been yet, but I should point out that their coffee is probably fair trade – not free trade.

  • Yowza, I live across the street and didn’t realize this place was there! Will definitely check it out.

  • me

    I live right across the street and haven’t been there… I hate going to that block because there are always extremely open drug deals happening at all hours of the day. But I may have to venture across the street one of these days! Thanks!

  • Here’s hoping they’re not victimized and gunned down anytime soon.

  • Fast Gourmet is awesome! I’ve had their Chivito and their Lamb Pita (which isn’t even on the chalk board) and they both knocked my socks off. The chivito is a sandwich god, with filet mignon, black forest ham, bacon, cheese, hard-cooked egg and escabeche (thank you so much uruguay for this treat!) The lamb pita probably had a pound of deliciously marinated grilled lamb with a fantastic yogurt mint sauce, cukes tomatoes and well-dressed field greens on a real, soft and warm pita. Keep it up guys!

  • Anyone know their hours?

  • It’s funny… I live around the corner and did not know about this. I always just thought it was that cabbie gas station with sketchy loitering fools. I know exactly where I’m going for a cuban sandwich tonight. If it’s as good as they say, Domino’s stock will drop dramatically and Tony & Joe’s will have a round of layoff’s in 2011.

    When I read the post, I was almost certain that PoP had posted the wrong picture…. but now I see the entrance is just down from the payment window for the gas.

  • mmm, urban rotisserie chicken.

  • Guess I know where I am heading for dinner tonight!!!

  • the Chivito is delicious!

  • Just ran over for lunch and it was reallly good. They were out of all the necessities for the Cuban, probably due to the PoP post and rush, so I tried the Chivito and it was amazing.

  • I went there on Friday night, and I must say, it really is as good as advertised. I had the Chivito and it was easily the best sandwich I’ve had in ages. Highly recommended, I will definitely be going back for more and spreading the word among my friends.

  • I am checking it out tonight! The location definitely gives it some character and I just called over there to make sure they were open tonight and the guy who answered was cool and said that the demand for the cuban sandwiches has been threw the rooof!

  • An important piece of info was left off this article. The address? I found it by clicking through to PoP’s original article, but if you’re trying to get people to go there you might not want to bury that tidbit.

  • Awesome. I have been by this corner God knows how many times. Next time I am stopping in for a samich.

  • o dear god this place is fantastic. Was moved by the posting to head over and try. I used to live on the 1400 block of W and the old gas station was SUPER sketchy. They have pulled off a miracle here…cool space (including the bathroom, all dark gray slate and definitely the nicest gas station bathroom I’ve ever been in) and AMAZING sandwiches. I had to roll myself home. My boyfriend and I shared a cubano, definitely the best in DC, and a chivito which was a holy mutant sandwich of deliciousness. My boyfriend was dead on in claiming it as one of the best meals he’s had between bread (soft rolls also AWESOME). And Manuel (owner? operator?) is SO nice. Go, tell your friends to go, and go again.

  • Tried it tonight. Good cubano, good empanada and an Uruguyan specialty that it it a bit like a marriage between and empanada and a spanakopita. (Warm up it up before eating). Nice people and nice atmosphere.

  • Nothing was good before this place

  • Finally checked it out. Wow, as good as the hype. I had a spectacular pulled pork sandwich, and everything else that other folks were eating looked great. This may indeed be the best lunch place in DC; certainly the best I’ve had (way better than Taylor, for example). And the space is really nice, the owners clearly are serious about delivering a top-notch product. Without a doubt the best meal you will ever have in a gas station!

  • I have started getting food here at least twice a week. The Cubano, the meatball sandwich. Chicken noodle soup. Fig salad. All delish. Big portions. And they deliver!

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