Dear PoP – Donate Blankets and Toddler activities

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“Dear PoP,

I have some gently used blankets I would like to donate. I’ve looked around, and can’t find anywhere to donate them to. I figured maybe a homeless shelter would want them, especially now that it’s getting cold out. Do you have any idea who would take them? I would hate to add to a landfill.”

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“Dear PoP,

I’d like to enroll my three-year-old in a class or activity this winter… dance, gymnastics, swimming… it doesn’t really matter. Are there ANY places to do this in close-in PoPville? I’d rather not haul out to Bethesda or Silver Spring every Saturday morning for 12 weeks. Good experiences? Recommendations?”

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  • Let me make a plug for Miss Amy’s Music Makers – she’s fantastic and has several close locations including Dupont and Mt Pleasant:

  • Also, are there any coat drives in DC? I have some I would love to donate.

  • Most animal rescue groups are happy to accept used blankets

  • Dance Place in Brookland is not too far from you. It looks like they have a three year old class on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. getting ready to start. Good excuse to cut out of work a little early every week ;0) I have not taken any classes there myself, but I have been meaning to check it out.

  • $240 to bang on a tambourine with my kid? Shit is too expensive and we have shakers and tambourines at home. I’m interested in classes for a toddler as well, but haven’t found anything affordable.

  • Many animal rescue groups have holiday donation boxes outright now and would love blankets. I know there is a drop box at Wagtime near the Convention Center and likely any other pet-centric businesses.

  • If you are interested in gymnastics sadley there is no clubs in the city. I work at Fairland Gymnastics in Laurel MD or there is Silver Stars in Silver Spring or the Sports Plex in Landover MD.

  • If you have coats and blankets to donate they are on the wish list at Miriam’s Kitchen. Clientele is mostly adult men so you might check before dropping off women’s coats.

    • Turkey Thicket pool. My 7 year old just finished up a great basis swimming once a week class there. $10 for 6 or 8 classes. And close to P-worth

  • Martha’s Table takes anything that is still usable and they put it to good use.

    They also help to organize coat drives.

  • Sender-inner of toddler activities question here:
    I appreciate the suggestions, but it’s sounding like there are really no Saturday or Sunday organized physical activities for little kids within a half-hour of here.

    So, who has a wad of cash to spare? I say we need to strongarm some vacant space in the ‘hood (make a developer who’s sitting on empty retail space clean it up and donate it for a dozen hours a week), buy some mats and other equipment, and get some college kids to teach toddler gymnastic/dance classes on weekends.

    Or, I could just wait a year til my child is old enough to go to the Dance Institute on 14th… sigh.

    • Have you looked into activities at the Sitar Center in Adams Morgan? I don’t know about activities on weekends, but I’ve heard that they offer a wide variety of arts oriented activities, and some of them may be available for younger kids and/or younger kids with their parents.

  • The guy in the first picture looks like the old dude from the bus fight. see link below.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    The Washington Animal Rescue League gladly accepts blankets. They are also collecting food, toys, etc. for the community pet bank. It’s been a very bleak year for the dogs of DC.

  • Cleveland Park Club has dance classes for 3 year olds. Some classes at Dance Institue of Washington accept 3 year olds, though not all.

    Swim classes at the Y or JCC are within the area, and not too pricey. Parks Dept has swim classes as noted above, and I thought they were a great deal.

    Miss Amy is worth the price, really gets the group to focus and participate, not just screw around. To me, this was the first organized lessons that the kids benefited from. The Zoo has some craft courses on Saturdays, as an alternative.

  • You can try Just for Kids! They have several classes for younger children from soccer to basketball and other sports that keep kids active. They use several gym locations in Dupont Circle and Kalaroma. All locations are in DC. It’s a really great program. Check out the website

  • Check Lowell School Aquatics for swim classes (
    and as noted before, DC Parks and Rec.

    For gymnastics, DC Parks and Rec Chevy Chase Community Center has a great deal.

    For dance, Dance Place in Brookland, Joy of Motion (H Street) or Princess Mhoon Dance Institute (Takoma Park DC).

  • HIPS would love donations of cold weather accessories (blankets & coats included!) to give out on their mobile outreach van!

  • There are indoor sports classes being offered by Just For Kids, & soccer and T-ball in spring. There’s toddler & me yoga at Yoga Chai in Ad. Mo. and Lil Omm and Circle Yoga. DCJCC offers swimming instruction, as do DC rec centers. The Wilson Pool in AU has a huge, warm water indoor leisure pool. There’s ice skating on the Mall. Bloombar does some kind of kids arts classes. There is definitely a market for a Silver Stars type place in DC, but in the meantime, get used to driving to Bethesda and Silver Spring, take Tilden Ave to Van Ness to get across town quickly.

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