Dear PoP – Anyone Catch a Bus This Afternoon?

Photo of Circulator bus during last year’s snowmaggedon by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

In trying to commute via bus this afternoon I noticed that every single metro bus is out of service. Have you or any of your readers noticed this as well?

Annoyed in the back of a cab”

Anyone else having trouble catching a bus this afternoon?

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  • Did you leave earlier than usual because of the snow? Many buses doesn’t start back up until 3pm. The “out of service” buses were probably just en route to their first stop of the afternoon.

  • Just took a 42 home, no problems along the route from Farragut to A-M.

  • looking out at the corner of 16th and i nw. all the S buses look normal.

  • ah

    I think the buses and the plows are all hanging out together in Florida today.

    It was less than 2″. Is it too much to ask a salt truck at least to go down the side streets by 10 at night?

  • that annoyance isn’t limited to snow events…

    seems like Metrobus is late to figuring out that rush hours don’t end at 9am and 6pm. bus frequency drops off at those points of the day, despite the fact that many people are still trying to get to work/home. this is especially galling as employers move towards flexible schedules to increase efficiency, save energy and relieve employee commuting stress. it also seems that just around the late peak of the dual rush hours is when the “out of service” signs start to pop up, sending unoccupied buses rushing past stops with scores of people waiting and waiting for the next bus (20 munites or more).

    • It’s not just metrobus. 395’s HOV lanes open to everyone after 9am and in the evening after 6pm. People who go in late or work past 5pm have absolutely no incentive to carpool.

      • Even those who get out at 5pm. It takes me over an hour to pack up, get my car, pick up my riders, and cross the bridge (that part alone takes 40 minutes).

  • There were no 14th Street buses around 3:30 p.m. I walked from K Street to U Street before I saw a bus (and that was after standing at K street for over 20 minutes).

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