Cake House of the Century

I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks but forgot I had it on my phone. Anyway, this is a replica of a friend’s row house near H St, NE. The party was celebrating the 130 year birthday of the house. Way too cool.

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  • Awesome! Did they make it themselves? We’ve been planning a party for when our house turns 100 in a couple of years. Definitely have to have a replica cake now.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      They did make it themselves and I think it took a ridiculous amount of time (many hours for sure). If you guys take a crack as well be sure to send me a photo!

  • Double Awesome!

    Any idea how long it took to make?

  • SouthwestDC

    Very cool! I think I’ll steal their idea and make one of these for my eventual houswarming party. I love the idea of having a birthday party for the house though.

    For those who asked about time, probably not as long as you’d think. It looks like the house details were made out of fondant, which you simply mold like clay. It involves some work if you make it yourself, but is quite easy if you buy it premade. The grass looks like it was made from frosting; you can get bag tips to pipe it out in strands like that. I’m not sure what the trees are made of, or the porch roof and columns (though I’m guessing a white chocolate covered graham cracker and pretzels).

  • You should post a pic of the actual house.

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