Brace Yourself: Ok? Looks Like Dunkin Donuts Closes at 1511 17th St, NW

Thanks to a reader for doing some research on this one and snapping some photos last night. He writes,

“This would be a huge loss for the neighborhood, and the place was always packed. The sign, hours and credit card logo are off the door and it looks pretty bad inside. This is not good at all.”

Calls to the store go unanswered and the location is no longer listed on the Dunkin Donuts Web site. Unbelievable. I know not everyone is a fan but God Dang it – I am. Not the best coffee in the world. But the best cups. And damn those blueberry donuts are good as well. Thankfully the one at 2750 14th St NW in Columbia Heights remains open.

My thoughts go out to Dupont residents this morning. Strength and courage my friends. In the meantime Filter Coffee at 1726 20th St, NW should be able to hook you up.

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  • The Video Rack above it, which I didn’t know existed, is also shuttered. So perhaps the building was sold. I’m really hoping that someone brings DD back to this area as it must have made a ton of money.

  • Perhaps they should not have staffed this location with imbociles. That, gentle readers, was the cause of the constant line.

    • LOL one of my favorite internet FAILs, when in the course of calling someone stupid the person, by misspelling an elementary school level word, demonstrates that he himself is the one who is stupid.

  • If I could comment about the staffing. Not all of them were dumb. When the tall black guy with the short tie and the older black lady were working, things ran pretty smoothly. But when they weren’t, it was ugly.

    And hot. Always so hot.

  • Krispy Kreme ftw!

  • It’s their coffee I will miss. Having been a cop in NYC and then working in New England, I got really used to their coffee.

    • My future brother in law is a sometimes cop in New England and is physically incapable of passing a DD with getting a coffee.

  • Oh, that’s sad. Their coffee’s always good. How awesome would it be if they moved up to the “Park Place Coffee and Tea” spot? It’s not like anyone else is using it….

    PS — As a former New Englander, I feel the need to point out that the abbreviation isn’t DD — it’s DnD. Yes, I know that “DnD” doesn’t really make sense, but that’s what it is.

    • Your right, I forgot the proper nomenclature! I’ve been away from MA too long. Go Sox, Yankees suck

      • When I lived in MA we always called it “Dunks.” Too funny.

        And yeah, it’s all about the coffee. Though I do miss the glazed sticks – I thought that was one of the tastier things they made (even though it had a terrible name).

  • I happened to stop in on their last day, November 30th, and overheard one of the people behind the counter saying they were closing because that location wasn’t making enough money. They were so good when they first opened, but for the past several years they were friendly and efficient whenever I stopped by in the morning. As another former New Englander, I’ll miss them, too.

    • Oops–meant to say “were NOT so good when they first opened.” I wonder if they’d do better in a street-level location. I hope they don’t abandon the area.

  • This place was awful. I haven’t been there for about three years because the last time I set foot in the store, it reeked of urine.

    From the inside.

    • Haven’t been there in about two years, but this is also what I remember.

    • i second that. it smelled like the elephant house at the zoo. i don’t know what that was, but it was overwhelming.

      as for the staff, it was hit or miss. the one guy was sometimes on his game and getting people in and out really fast. and doing it with a smile on his face. and a couple of times, he was clearly under the influence. and he moved real slow. with an even bigger smile on his face.

  • I definitely agree with Dubya Street. I was pumped when they first opened and went there a few times (this was the first one in DC, right?) but was too frustrated. It took a long time and was not particularly good. I’m not surprised that they are closing.

  • Didn’t it have a Baskin Robbins in there too?

  • The Dunkin Donuts at NY Ave NE and Bladensburg Road in the gas station is gone as well. Everything is ripped out with plastic sheeting up separating it from the rest of the gas station.

  • Good Lord. It’s a corporate retrenching. I would take Dunks over Starbucks for coffee anyday. I mean coffee with milk and sugar. For my half pump, no whip, soy, extra hot, triple double capitalism frappuccino, I still prefered Starbucks.

    7-11 has coffee over there, but it’s not the same.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is a bit like Kenny G. Just as Kenny is music for people who hate music, DD coffee is coffee for people who hate coffee.

    “It’s just sooo good!”

    DD coffee makes your average gas station coffee taste like a custom-roasted hand-picked $25 a pound boutique blend. Objectively, it’s swill.

    • I think there’s a difference between coffee lovers and caffeine needers. When I was a cop, DD was my lifeline. Providing tasty coffee that stayed warm and kept me up.

      I realize that there is a large difference between that and the coffee beans that bats crap out. Not saying I wouldn’t like that, just that DD gives me what I need at a taste that I enjoy.

    • Dude, come on, “this is a cheap, shitty mass-produced version of a product whose entire category should be sacred and revered” is first-wave food snobbery fresh from 1997 — you sound like an early craft beer nerd or something. The current correct way to criticize a mass-market product is to say that while we all have a soft spot for the cheap thrills of this populist food item, the brand in question is a shell of its former self and the true connoisseur would select some more obscure brand, preferably one whose market share is down by and order of magnitude since 1965. If you need examples search some food blogs for In ‘n Out Burger, the newly reformulated Schlitz, moon/whoopie pies, Stewart’s sodas, or Chicago-style hot dogs.

      • Well, of course, there’s shitty roasted coffee as well. But it’s coffee. You can make a beverage by taking carbonated water, adding some food coloring, and putting grain alcohol in it, but that doesn’t make it “beer”. And to point that out has nothing to do with being a “craft beer nerd”.

        DD coffee is essentially tea made from cigarette butts with some ground No-Doze added. I can see how some get addicted to it. It ain’t “coffee” in any sense of the word, though.

        No offense to any law enforcement officers, past or present.

  • jack5

    Dunkin Donuts has fallen so far off the map in DC since the 80s… They really need to deploy more stores in the hood. Especially Petworth. Maybe we should fill out a petition or something. The loss of this one is not such a big deal, the parking near to it was always horrible and the place was way too small for the traffic it generated. Move it to Petworth! 😛

  • I usually like DD but I always tried to avoid this place (despite its being right down the street from me) because it always smelled of urine. Made me lose my appetite…

  • Hallelujah! No more delivery trucks under my window at 6:25 every…single…morning.

  • I’ll miss the hashbrowns!!

  • Shut up DITO.

  • I wish Tim Horton’s would expand to this area. All the locations I’ve ever been to were more suburban drive-thru in nature, but surely they have an urban concept in some of the cities they currently inhabit that would work in DC.

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