Bier Baron to Open Up in old Brickskeller’s Space Tonight

Brickskeller recently closed on Dec. 18th at 1523 22nd St NW. When I stopped by on Sunday the awning was taken down and signs were up announcing the new name and opening date. WTOP got a bit of background:

“We found that the name Bier Baron rolled off the tongue and was easy to remember,” Merrifield says.

When the bar opens, there will be 350 different kinds of beers left over from the Brickskeller. Those beers will be part of a special “Brickskeller blowout” menu.

Five hundred other new beers have already been ordered as well.

And they say the new awning should be up by Friday. Looking forward to see/hear if the new incarnation will win back some old fans.

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  • So a bar whose gimmick is a huge beer selection closes, and is replaced with… a bar whose gimmick is a huge beer selection. Sound business plan.

    • Conceptually, it’s maybe not a bad idea. The problem with the Brickskeller was horrible execution. And even so, it lasted for MANY years.

      • And yes they had a huge “selection” in the sense that they had a huge list from which you could select. It’s just that only 5% of them were actually in stock. And then there were the omnipresent smells of pee and vomit, sticky floors, etc.

  • they could have even kept the name if they just hired less terrible servers, cleaned up once in a while, and kept the menu up to date.

  • Someone call Rex Banner. We found the Bier Baron!

  • This is a pretty lame move. They could close this place down for a month or two and open it up as something that continues the tradition of the Brickskellar without all the crappiness that it has come to be known for. Instead they closed it for a few days and are just going to run the same place under a different name. Hopefully they can at least deal with the bad service.

  • It sounds like it was named by someone with a stutter.

  • They should’ve shut it down for a while longer and pressure washed the entire downstairs. That place was filthy.

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