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  • Happy day indeed. Bring on the hawks and all other birds of prey I say. Who needs DCDH when you have nature.

  • Anyone remember the story out of New York from a few years ago? Some local authority was using raptors to control the pigeon population, and one of the birds snatched up someone’s purse dog by accident. Well, the bird probably didn’t think it was an accident. Anyway, there was a huge furor about maybe suspending the raptor project because a little pombichauhau or something had to get stitches. I wonder what came of all that?

  • Go hawk! I’ve noticed more red tails and a few other hawks in cities over the years. I always love seeing them. Hawks and other raptors can be a problem since they also kill imperiled species like certain types of song birds. But those things aren’t particularly prevalent in cities anyway.

    I once came home to a pile of white feathers and blood in the space between my rowhouse and the one next to mine. I’m pretty sure that a raptor had killed a gull and had eaten it there.

    • I found something similar deer hunting two years ago. An area of fresh snow, completely undisturbed, but for a small hole where a mouse likely had dug his way out and a few spots of blood from when the hawk had snatched him.

  • One just took out a rat in my backyard in Petworth. Pretty cool to see one up close and personal on our back porch off Illinois Ave (the hawk that is, not the baby rat).

  • Reminds of that Patton Oswalt skit about rats and hawks – worth the 3 minutes of watching if you have it!

  • Shouldn’r PETA be there, protesting against the hawk murdering the rat? 🙂

  • We watched a hawk rip apart a rat in our backyard (in Columbia Heights) a week or so ago. Disgusting, but we were cheering the hawk on!

  • Yessss!!! Go hawk!!

  • This gives me great pleasure. I saw a racoon chasing a rat at 8th and Randolph Street last week. I ran the other way. Not sure who won the fight…

  • Terriers are also effective rat killers. Shake shake shake! Mine has a kill count of 3 for the past summer. It’s so gross!

  • Maybe this is the solution to this town’s horrific rat problem. I’m from Chicago and I’ve never seen so many rats running around as I have here—they even come out during daylight!

    • Could use a few on the mall. Walking past the Natural History Museum a few weeks ago on our way to the NGA skating rink, a rat ran across my dates foot.

  • I was down on the Mall on Sunday and saw a hawk swoop down on a squirrel. The squirrel just barely escaped with his life and afterwards was so freaked out that he didn’t move for a few minutes.

    A few years ago I was playing disc golf with some friends and someone’s disc made a squirrel jump out of the tree. As soon as he hit the ground, a hawk swooped down and got him. Poor thing!

  • My neighbor in Mt. Pleasant told me her husband watched as a fox snatched a cat on Kenyon St. b/t 18th and 19th. Made a horrible screeching sound.
    Then the other night, I was walking the dog at 1 a.m. on Webster St. off 14th and startled a huge buck walking up the other side of the street toward 16th. Not sure who was more startled, me or the deer.

    • that’s awesome about the buck on 16th St! I saw a similar scene one morning in Adams Morgan: a buck was walking down the sidewalk on Adams Mill Rd in front of Walter Pierce Park. He had a rack of antlers and was making a click click click noise as he calmly walked along. It was surreal. Not a soul was in sight anywhere (I guess 8am is on the early side for that area) – I kind of needed a witness.

  • My German Shepherd mix has has had one rat kill and two squirrel kills. I’m not so proud of the squirrel kills.

  • Our mix that has some border collie and some terrier in him loves rat hunting, but always a bit scared he’ll get bit by the rat so never let him get too far…think this is any reason for concern? He’s about 25 lbs, so size isn’t an issue.

  • A hawk attacked some kind of small bird on my deck earlier this summer. I kind of wish it had attacked the rodents instead. The bird escaped alive but minus a few feather when I inadvertently interrupted them.

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