Bar Pilar Hopes to Expand Into 2nd Floor at 1833 14th St, NW

Bar Pilar is located at 1833 14th St, NW (south of T street). Anyone who has spent time at Bar Pilar on a Friday or Saturday night will recognize that an expansion would provide some needed breathing room. Personally I think it would be great.

According to a liquor license amendment recently posted out front, the:


Their Web site reminds me:

“Every Tuesday night from 5pm – 11pm our chefs prepare a home style meal inspired by different cultures. From rustic French to American picnic food, come discover our home cooking with your friends and you’ll be sure to leave happy. Each week he creates a menu based on the freshest produces available to him that week. No future menus have yet been established. The theme is usually announced each week a couple days in advance of the event.”

You can see their regular menu here.

And on a side note while looking upstairs I was reminded of their awesome art deco numbers:

As well as some awesome sculptures:

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  • You do know it’s spelled “Bar Pilar” right?

  • PoP, I love you.

    Good for Bar Pilar. I bet they’ll put a fishing boat in there. Or a big net or an ambulance or a lost manuscript or a train going from Paris to Nice. I can’t wait for this.

    Also, I think they should have a Hemingway night when they open it.

  • Do you know if those numbers above the door are old, or were they installed when Bar Pilar arrived?

  • Mixed feelings, though mainly positive. BP is one of my top three spots in D.C. It does get a bit packed so I am glad for more space. I just hope they maintain the same cozy atmosphere, and in particular that the kitchen can handle the expanded seating without a reduction in quality. But it will be nice to have an easier time grabbing a table!

  • They may need the extra space — though I have a hard time picturing most of The Washingtonian’s readership spending time on 14th St.(even today)BP will surely get a double bump from moving onto the “100 Best” list in this month’s issue and having chef Bittner declared one of the “most under-appreciated chef’s” in a “candid — and anonymous” poll of local top toques.

    In other local news, the chefs also mentioned Birch & Barley in the “Most Overrated” category.

  • Oh damn re: Washingtonian, now it will be even more mobbed. And amen to B&B — very cool space and of course great beer list, but the food (the one time I actually ate there) was mehh, and definitely not worth the price. Especially with so many better options around Logan now …

  • You won’t find me near this bar ever again. I went there on Saturday with a friend of mine who is in a wheelchair, he lost his legs in Afghanistan and had a day pass from Walter Reed. The host, young man with red hair and beard, was completely unhelpful about making place for the wheelchair, even though the front of the bar wasn’t full. Next door at Cafe Saint-Ex (aren’t they the same owners?) they aren’t even wheelchair accessible. Not only is it against the law but it was a horrible thing to tell someone sitting out in the cold that they couldn’t go inside because they don’t have legs!

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