Angelico H Pizza Coming to 1421 H St, NE

It’s funny I was just having a conversation with a friend lamenting the fact that H St, NE was missing good pizza options (though I do recognize that Liberty Tree has some). I’m talking a place that specializes in pizza. Their liquor license application says:

“New Restaurant with pizza, appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. No entertainment. Seating capacity is 48. Total occupancy load is 48. Summer Garden with 16 seats”

Sounds promising to me. Anyone know if they are affiliated with the folks on Wisconsin Ave with the sweet sign? That Angelico’s has locations in Glover Park, Mt. Pleasant, U St, NW, and elsewhere. But again, I’m not sure this is the same folks. If it’s not the same folks I wonder if they’ll be some naming/trademark issues?

They’ll open at 1421 H St, NE not far from the Argonaut. And I’ll be sure to sample the goods when they open to see if the H Street pizza vacuum has been filled.

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  • This is great news. I live just around the corner and will be in all the time. It’s awesome to see the 1400 block of H take off with this, the Argo renovation, the Cap City Diner, the Flats at Atlas, and the new Starburst Intersection Park. It’s incredible to see it all happening.

  • There is also a pizza place opening at 14th & H NE that sounds promising.

  • Is anything happening anymore with the old “Sun & Moon” building at 1387 H St?

  • i am jealous h st is getting too much love!

  • I have still never had a “good” slice of pizza anywhere in this city, and I grew up here. Anyone have any recommendations? I like my pizza with lots of sauce, greasy cheese and peperoni. It’s the sauce part that most places around here just don’t do properly.

    • Given that “a ‘good’ slice of pizza” is like “the ‘good’ life”, could you be more specific? “You haven’t done the sauce properly” is a pretty vague complaint.

      • Yeah, I came back to specify that. I’ve had great “botique” pizzas at places like 7th Hill, but I guess what I’m looking for is a good slice of NY Style. Something where the sauce isn’t all dry, and there is enough cheese and peperoni to make large grease spots on the box.

        • The couple of times I’ve had pizza from 7th Hill, the pizza has been pretty much soupy. I like Al’s (14th and East Capitol) Leonardo pizza with white sauce. Angelico pizza up in Tenlytown (across from Best Buy / HTO) sells a pretty good traditional pizza.

          Best pizza in DC, though, is the Greek pizza at Astor on Columbia in Adams-Morgan. Yum. Not what you’re looking for, though… 🙂

  • Citi Pizza down on 5th and H has the most righteous za in DC.

    • Agreed, New Citi rocks. Plus their by-the-slice option is excellent. All they have is (beef) pepperoni, but it’s a great snack at any hour.

  • It is the same Angelico’s. Not sure if they’re going to use the Angelico’s name though, seems like I heard something else. Don’t know why, but whatever.

  • Same group. They have another higher end concept going in just down the block, so it sounds like H Street is going to be pretty good on pizza.

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