14th Street Bridge Art Display is Sweet!

Photos from DDOT’s Facebook page taken by Alan Karchmer

DDOT writes:

Visitors who approach the District from the south will receive a colorful welcome when the 14th Street Bridge rehabilitation project is completed. The northbound bridge has not opened as a drawbridge since the 1960s, but the Operator’s Tower still stands and is now receiving a much-needed facelift as part of the project. That facelift includes the addition of a dynamic light feature in the tower’s six windows, that will serve as a beacon into the city.

Artist Mikyoung Kim’s kaleidoscope effect design was selected from 122 applications and four other finalists by the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities (DCAH). Reflective and dichroic acrylic and light kaleidoscopes have been embedded in the frames of the six windows, and displayed with a rotating lighthouse beam. The light feature will be visible day and night.

Photos from DDOT’s Facebook page taken by Alan Karchmer

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  • jburka

    Thanks for the explanation! My husband and I saw that on our way home from Pentagon Row and we wondered what the heck it was!

  • I thought it was so you couldn’t see if there was anybody in there for some deep, dark security reason.

  • Whoa DDOT + DCAH. Nice Mikyoung Kim

    Capital Bikeshare, public art, streetcars… What’s next?

    More easy-to-read maps and schedules/symbols of buses on the streets please. More public art please.

  • Its really great now that we can watch the prism now instead of watching drivers cutting over on us on the 14th street bridge. I love the lumps and the construction debris and dangerous lane shifts much more now because someone put a prism in the bridge control tower! *sigh*

  • I’ve noticed this for the past couple weeks and find it super distracting. Luckily, I’m a passenger and not a driver.

  • I find it sad that so few people can find the good in a nice spot of color.

    I found the display to be pretty cool actually.

  • So that’s what it is! I assumed all sorts of things. I agree with Frankie. This is cool! Good job people!

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