Waiter from Capital City Diner shot in Trinidad Sat. Night/Sun. Morning

A horrible tweet was sent out by @Capcitydiner Sunday:

“Kids robbed waiter after shift last night & shot him 2 blks away. We closed a few hours, & some dirtbag broke in. Waiter is ok.”

Wishing the waiter a speedy recovery and wishing both the waiter and Capital City Diner much strength and perseverance.

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  • This is why we can’t have nice things around here.

  • damn that sucks. i’ve only been once but it was so much fun-especially the staff. i hope it will all be okay. all the best to the waiter and the business.

  • damn, that sucks. fingers crossed for you all!

    this is why you cant have nice things in bad neighborhoods… blame ‘the man’, racism, whatever you want, but then think about shit like this and put the fault where it really belongs.

  • Hope he recovers fully.
    I’m glad the Diner is there and I think they’ll succeed but this reaffirms that Trinidad is still a tough neighborhood. A waiter walking home (or to his car) after a shift is an easy target. I got mugged at gunpoint at 14th and U back in the early 90’s. I was walking home from a bartending shift at 2AM on a Monday night. Guy never got caught.
    Be careful out there. Don’t text and walk late at night either.

  • Still so perturbed to see the Godleski foot soldier references on google. Are you a young kids looking for a rich future? Kill a man and get into a gang, I guess that’s what our reality is around here.

    Was so pleased to see no shooting posts this weekend from PoP, thought maybe we actually had a gun free weekend with the kids. I should have known better…

  • so sad. love the diner and its staff – we go every other weekend or so for brunch.

  • They can’t possibly be surprised by this. Why would they be immune from the constant killing and crime in that area and much of DC? Here’s a prediction: it will happen again. And again. And again. Welcome to DC…

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