Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – U St, NW

This rental is located at T Street NW at Vermont Avenue NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This recently renovated and newly updated row house has it all. The house features a well-furnished roof top terrace complete with a private sun room, a SkyDeck, and plenty of outdoor deck space for entertaining guests. The ground level has an extensive backyard reminiscent of Thailand or Brazil with dark hardwood decking, a hot tub, and tropical plantings.

This 2 Bedroom / 2 Bath features hardwood floors throughout, 2 wood burning fireplaces, kitchen with stainless appliances and an almost endless list of high end finishes and custom touches. Stealth Acoustics invisible audio system throughout the house accompanies the massive walk-in closet, double shower head master bath and other enviable amenities.

$2,900/month with partially furnished option. Short-term leases and pets welcome. Off-street residential parking available.”

I’m curious what you think about the price for this 2 bedroom in light of yesterday’s 2 bedroom rental discussion in Bloomingdale.

Does $2,900 sound right for this one?

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  • Excellent deal.

  • Hmmm, that craigslist ad reads a bit spammy…

  • The pictures of the place don’t seem to live up to the description.

  • lol 2900 seems reasonable. Most 2 bedrooms in the city are 2500+. I have been occasionally apartment hunting for the last 6 months…and off and on looking for th last 4 years lol. I am convinced nothing reasonable is around and am in Hillcrest Heights right outside of the city in a renovated highrise. I am surprised how everytime I look the prices are going higher and higher. one bedrooms near 2000 and two 2500 and beyond. But to answer this question..it’s right lol I have years of experience to back that up to lol

    • What’s with all the lols?

      You can definitely find a 2-bedroom for under $2500 (I used to rent a whole house for $1000 less) but not in the trendy neighborhoods (including some in the ‘burbs). Still, it’s crazy that some people will pay $1500 to share a tiny apartment with someone.

  • Yeah, the pics aren’t great but if it’s nice as the description makes it sound, I think someone will pay that much based on the location and fancy amenities.

  • Jesus. Check out this listing in my old building in NY – it’s a coop building, great amenities (free T1 line for super hi-speed Internet, private gardens, etc.), in a wonderful, green, safe neighborhood with lots of shopping, and is literally 35 minutes by subway from Times Square:


    Price? $1795/mo.

    • “35 minutes by subway” – you just answered your own question.

      That was a pretty nice apartment way, way, way uptown. This is a house with a private backyard in one of the hottest, most convenient neighborhoods in an incredible expensive city to rent in (like New York). There’s nothing comparable in Manhattan because all the rowhouses have been chopped into 250 sq/ft apartments.

      • Obviously it’s not a completely similar area, but the U St Area that far east is a sketchy, moderately dangerous part of a city that has some of America’s worst violent crime. The apt in NY is in a very safe neighborhood, with two 24-hour subway lines within a two-minute walk, and a very easy commute into Midtown.

        I think $2900/mo for a 2-bedroom, ANYWHERE, is insane.

        • Area Man
          that part of U St is not sketchy nor does DC have some of America’s worst violent crime. Your comparison would be more valid to an area liek Friendship Heights. Yes it is still a nice area, but they appeal to different types of people.

          You may think 2900 anywhere is insane, but lots of people do not. Me, I value a quick can rife home after night out, or even no cab ride just a walk. I value it being easy to get home and then go out again to meet people for dinner.

          • Unless you’re completely delusional you have to admit it’s at least pretty damn close to a sketchy part of U Street.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Everybody has their own comfort level, but personally I would not consider this pretty close to a sketchy part of U St. I don’t think U St really has any sketchy parts anymore, but that’s just me. I recognize not all will agree.

          • I like the U and 10th st area but I’m not gonna lie it definitely can be sketchy…read the crime section of this site and you’ll see there was a homocide 1/2 a block from this apartment a couple weeks ago…

  • Whoa. I’m pretty iffy on the Red Line running through my kitchen backsplash. Not a good decision.

  • Is that cannabis growing in the backyard? If so, that’s a friggin phenomenal, spectacular deal!

  • Considering there are single-level 2 bedroom condos around here renting for as much, I’d say this is a good deal — although this place seems like it might be rather underwhelming based on what’s depicted or the lack of what’s depicted. There’s probably a reason it’s so much less than other homes in the neighborhood.


  • I guess i, along with all my friends and neighbors, am delusional.

  • I used to rent a 2br/2bath apt at 17th and T NW for 2,200 a month. Much better deal in a better location in my opion.

  • My boyfriend and I went and saw this house last night, and I have to say that the pictures from the Craig’s List post criminally undersell the place. It’s really pretty fantastic, with LOTS of features that aren’t shown (or aren’t evident) in those four under-lit pics. The text description is actually much more accurate than the impression you get from the pictures.

    And thank goodness for that…it seems to have tamped down interest just long enough for us to put down our deposit on it!

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