The 5pm Post – True stories about bullies and guardian angels Tonight

Photo by PoPville flickr user julia.m

From an email:

“SpeakeasyDC’s back with another line-up of true stories told live. This month’s theme Pick on Someone Your Own Size: Stories about bullies and gaurdian angels promises to fuel another night of hilarious, poignant, and provocative stories from a mix of first-time and seasoned storytellers who’ve signed up for the open mic. This event takes place on the second Tuesday of every month at Town Danceboutique at 2009 8th Street, NW (at the corner of U Street). Doors open at 6:30pm. Show goes from 8-10pm. $10 cover at the door. $10 additional for all-you-can eat buffet by Nellie’s. More info at

In the line-up: Michael Cotter, Jane Debenham, Kelly Donnellan, Lauren Donovan, Ayanna Dookie, Adam Meyer, Joseph Price, Corey Quinlan Taylor, and Adam Ruben sharing stories about standing up to a dog named Poochie, getting spanked by your mother for losing a fight, beating the neighborhood bully in a game of Kamikaze, and more.”

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  • Let’s go record the sounds of the rivets (and sheets) creaking with the heat of the sun on the Miss Ann!

  • Re: speakeasy lineup — I wonder – Is that the same Joseph Price who totally did NOT murder his best friend and then cover it up with his S&M master? I’d love to hear more how he was bullied.

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