PoP PSA – Please Check to Make Sure Your Smoke Alarm/Detector is Working

It seems like lately there have been a number of devastating fires around town. Unfortunately a reader sends an update that a 2nd victim has died from the Oct. 18th fire that took place at 3132 16th Street, NW. Also earlier in the week there was a fire on the 2800 block of Sherman Ave, NW that displaced 11 residents and of course yesterday there was a 3 alarm fire that took place at 1444 Rhode Island Ave, NW at the Windsor House Apts that injured 5 (including 2 firefighters) and displaced 21 residents.

I know I sound square but please check that your alarms are working and have fresh batteries.

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  • Change the batteries in your Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms every time you change your clocks forward/backward!

    (That’s coming up soon, isn’t it?)

    Also, if you have elderly neighbors or family members, offer to change theirs as well.

  • This makes me grateful that my apartment has sprinklers in every room, even the closets.

  • My building’s has had 4 false alarms this year that I know of. Every time it happens, we never hear from the building management if it was a kid pulling on a fire alarm thing somewhere or the fire alarm tripped somewhere else. I just fear that one of these days, the fire alarm will be real and we’ll have tenants who are late to respond because of all the false alarms we’ve had previously.

  • Last Saturday some firemen were knocking on doors in my part of Mt P asking residents if their smoke alarms were working and/or if they needed any extra.

    I said mine were all working except one where the battery had died just the night before. So they put in a new battery for me – took three firemen and a ladder to install it 🙂

    A great community service.

  • You know, I wonder whose responsibilty it is in DC to keep up fire alarms? I assume it’s the Landlords… but living in a rowhouse, I want to make sure whoever IS responsible keeps them up!

    I don’t want MY house to burn down because some Dumba*s neighbor or their landlord doesn’t use/maintane their smoke detectors!

    Note: Please don’t take this to mean I am not deeply saddened by these deaths, lose of shelter, and investment by all involved. But my point is that after that is said, you have a responsibility to protect not only your house/family, but the saftey and property of your neighbors!

  • ah

    I have smoke alarms that are hardwired, with battery backup. Do I still need to replace the batteries as often? What is the battery drain when it’s hard-wired?

    (And by hardwired I mean not only “networked” with a common wire, but wired into the 110VAC in the house)

    • Ours our hardwired too, but the batteries start beeping every now and then so they definitely drain and need to be replaced…

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