New Building Rising on New York Ave in Mt. Vernon Square

Back in July ’09 we looked at the Yale lofts at 4th and New York Ave, NW. This new building is going up right next door (and across the street from City Vista) in Mt. Vernon Square. Anyone know if it’s going to be condos or rentals?

Hard to properly judge it at the moment, we’ll revisit when it’s completely finished.

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  • Rentals.
    It’ll also have its own pool, which the condo dwellers next door have reportedly negotiated permission to use along with their own.

  • hey PoP, you should check out the pop-up that just started coming in on the previously-SFH on the corner of 13th and park (diagonal from the blue mini mart)

  • Nice. I’ve been wondering about this. It’s going up super fact.

  • This is the Yale West building and it will be apartments. There is a even larger apartment building that just broke ground going up across the street which will sit in between the Yale and CityVista buildings. Nice to see some density coming to these vacant neighborhoods!

  • ya as anon said, its “part” of the yale lofts, but its rentals..I live in the vista, and am somewhat concerned at what our safeway is going to look like in just a few months as its already a cluster…

    new grocery story soon?

    • Don’t worry Ashley, the Harris Teeter in NoMa (just 5 short blocks away) opens Dec. 7 and should take some of the pressure off the Safeway.

      Oh and Richko……I live in the Yale. We have not and don’t plan to negotiate swimming pool access with the apartment building next door.

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