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  • They should do that with all the parking meters…

  • Jesus, why is it so hard just to install simple u-racks that actually work? Not only do these look atrocious, but how many bikes can you really fit on that before every workable angle is blocked by another bike or a pole splitting 90 degrees from another pole? Bike racks are such a simple concept, but they have been mystifying “designers” forever.

  • First bike porn, now bike rack porn. Tantric bike-rack porn, to boot. Where will this madness end?!

  • Does this mean you have to feed the meter to park your bike?

  • Sheesh how come no one in this city has an imagination. Stop complaining the meters are ther for decoration and a bit of color.

  • What is the over/under on the percent of people who are going to be really confused by this? I think a different design choice might have, err, been more prudent on this one … but points for creativity / effort.

  • When will the bike rack crazyness end??? Less on the art work and more with promoting and supporting the ways to get more bikers on the roads in a safe manner.

  • The way I see it, the more bike racks that get installed, the more biking in the city is promoted.

    And if they have some artistic value, they’re more likely to be paid for by private funds (BIDs, foundations, etc), freeing up the public money for things like bike lanes, bike share, etc.

    Where’s the problem?

    • Artistic is fine,as long as it doen’t interfere with function. That rack wastes alot of space.

      • Agreed. I didn’t have a problem with the colorful paper clip ones posted here a few months ago, but these seem to take up a huge portion of the sidewalk.

    • The problem lies in the impracticability of the bike racks. Bike racks like this may be aesthetically pleasing or fun to look act but actually being able to lock up a large number of bikes on them may be relatively difficult. I, for instance, like to take off my front wheel so that my lock is able to lock up both of my wheels and the actual body of my bike and the straight up U-racks are great for that (and are just great for bike lock-age anyways). Plus you can fit at least two bikes per U-rack. Here, however, it would be difficult to fit many bikes because the arrangement is so bizarre.

      I agree with you that the more bike racks the better, but if bikers can’t actually use them, then it just seems like a waste of city resources.

      • Are you sure the funds for that bike rack are coming from DC government? I doubt it.

        Also that is not a high traffic area for bikes so I don’t expect to see more than a few there at any given time. S

  • I think this designer has a sense of the issue. Look at 7th between G and H in Chinatown. They removed a dozen or more meters where you could lock two bikes per and replaced them with six bike racks.

    more bike racks everywhere please.

  • This is obviously not meant to just be a bike rack. It is a commentary on the fact that there are no bike racks in DC and we are forced to park our bikes at meters. It is a brilliant concept. I do not foresee that this is an actual proposal for bike racks but rather a statement on the need for bike racks. Totally digging this installation.

  • It’s another in a series of “artistic” bike racks from the Golden Triangle BID, which I think does a great job for the neighborhood where I work. I like it.


  • What a bunch of whiners.

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