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  • impenetrable fortress!

  • pablo .raw

    For their own health and safety, I hope that house has other windows. Even with modern technology, humans need light and air to survive 😀 . Somehow, this house reminds me of “Mike” from Monsters, Inc.

  • They should be fined. I don’t care by who…but someone should fine anyone and everyone responsible.

  • Boooooooooring.

  • An absolute travesty. How can someone with that level of aesthetic cluelessness end up as an architect?

    • I think you found the problem right there. I’d bet that this didn’t have an architect involved. Probably a “design/build” firm.

  • Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

  • Well, It’d be a good place to live in event of a zombie uprising or global pandemic…

  • Good old eastern bloc architecture.

  • Man. I tried to defend this place before but yeah. That’s pretty bad. I still think it could be retrofitted into a sweet loft type space. Knock out the bay window and put in a wide floor to ceiling window. Swap the garage door and door with nice modern wood doors. Add a roof deck and you are good to go. I would add a Fire Station Pole from the top floor down to the garage. That would be sweet.

  • I think there are windows in the back but from what I could tell, they left the windows on the existing structure on the party wall in place…..indoor windows…or at least the window openings……

  • Is this a residence, or is it one of those things they build to hide a power sub-station?

  • I may be wrong, but isnt this an addition to the house next door?

  • This has to be Photoshopped!

  • It’s an addition (primarily a garage and storage space) for the house next door.

  • I thought it was a satellite prison.

  • Paint everything the same color, and bingo. Instantaneous “cool”. For the naysayerS, pls get out of the transient neighbs, and peruse upper Georgetown. Plenty of these things around, and when they sell, they bring big bucks. Check out the dc real estate sites…… Homeowners will dig my comment, renters will bitch beforE they return home to their Cheap arsed homes in Iowa…. That’s why only the strong and wicked manage to stay in DC. If you owned here, you’d contemplate the same.

    For the naysayers: I hope youR next Rental has the same amenities…. But you’ll likely be back in Idaho before you will ever have to confront a major decision like this, and when u r back home, youR consideration will be fOR some crappy subuRban, wood expansion for all your walmart/target crap. Pls go home and let the folks that have made dc their home expand as they desire within dc code.

    Hey, I’m not making fun of your parents, or your future home in [email protected] America. Stop expending your moneY on restaurants and cheap dates, invest in dc, and THEN complain.

    I ate ramen for years and bought a place in dc.

    Live here and contribute, or shut up and buy your advance plane ticket back ti the hinterland.

    I support all efforts of true dc homeowners.

    Bye bye, reNters that will eveNtually be back in their own state/country….

    Your voice is unheard by local district home owners…

    Renters don’t count that much.

    There are tons of peOple that can and will take youR place in this great city.

    That is all.

  • All I want to know is; how the hell do I get a curb cut?

  • It’s one of those evangelical churches. They thrust this upon us and pay no taxes.

  • Paging James Kunstler.

  • High Security Drug House

  • needs marble columns.

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