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  • See I think that roof deck looks weird.

  • The roofdeck reminds me of the home remodeling in “Beetlejuice.”

  • It was for sale last year for something like $800k – not sure if it ever sold or not. Really modern and light inside… there are some pix on zillow if you search on the address.

  • I looked at that place last year with my wife: wired Bose surround sound, designer Italian kitchen, espresso machine next to the bedroom. We almost placed an offer until we realized we were nowhere near cool enough for it.

  • I think the place looks cheap from the outside. And that wall on the roof—-hideous.

  • Worst part about that place is how easy it is to get locked on the roofdeck. Best part is how much sausage is floating around the place. They got tubed meats for days.

  • I am with Guy, having personally ingested my own weight in encased meats on a couple of occasions. Sweet back yard for a cookout.

    4 Loko has been seen on the premises on multiple occasions.

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