Good Deal or Not? “fully renovated gem” edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 1925 Summit Pl NE:

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The flier says:

“If comfort, convenience, and easy access around the city is what you’re after, then you’ve found it in this home. Located just a short distance to the NY Ave. subway and the new Harris Teeter, this fully renovated gem has new state of the art stainless steel appliances, light cherry cabinets, granite counters, hardwood floors, recessed lighting, finished basement, large rear deck, and much more.”

You can find more info here and more photos here.

The reader writes:

“What do you guys think about the house and area? The interior looks pretty decent and the deck out back is HUGE. The renovation seems to be of moderate quality (contractor grade tile in the bathrooms is lame). But some of the finishings are really nice.

Walking metro access to New York and, with some effort, Shaw/Howard is nice too. Street parking is kind of a negative, but for $350k, seems too good to be true as is.”

What do you guys think – does $359,900 sound reasonable for this place or is it too good to be true?

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  • 3.5 baths? holy crap.
    the caveat here is that it is across the street from a huge affordable housing project in an already poverty and crime stricken area.

    only the streetwise need apply.

  • Good deal. That whole area is booming right now. If only those condos didnt get built all those guys on Todd Place would have a beuatiful view.

  • Interesting that .9 miles from the nearest metro is now considered “walking metro access”. I agree that it is, but most people would not.

    This property is fairly priced, IMO. Not really close to anything in a boring part of town, a middling renovation, no parking space (I think).

    Not overpriced, but also not a super deal- maybe with some serious negotiating in the down market it could be.

  • Crime Stricken!?

    Within 1500 Meters, in the last year:
    Homicide 1
    Sex Abuse 3
    Change Robbery Excluding Gun 26
    No Change Robbery With Gun 17
    No Change Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW) Excluding Gun 13
    Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW) Gun 5
    Total Violent Crime 65
    Burglary 45
    Theft 48
    Theft F/Auto 35
    Stolen Auto 34
    Arson 0

    Total Property Crime 162
    Total Crime 227

    Thats substantially lower than many popular areas in this city. Its on par with many others.

    The “crime ridden” label is thrown around, but with little justification. It was bad years ago, but its one of the most improved areas in the city.

    The real issue is that there’s not much of anything within easy walking distance. This isnt a particularly appealing location, but its priced well to account for that. 2-3 blocks west and you’re talking 100000+ more.

    It says its just 1080 square feet. I find that unlikely, Ive been in a lot of these houses. I guess its possible. If its only 1080 then thats a bit small for the price.

    Last year, several renovated properties of this style within a few blocks of here sold for not much less.

    I’d say its not a good or bad deal, but just about what you would expect.

    • i guess you could go by the stats. and think whatever you want. but as a neighbor i walk around here a lot. there is a lot of crime.

      • “Thats substantially lower than many popular areas in this city. Its on par with many others.”

        False comparison. You need to compare these stats to neighborhoods with similar population sizes. Of course there’s going to be more crime in DuPont: There are far more people there, and far more pedestrian traffic.

        I would bet the crime in Eckington is substantially HIGHER than most areas, if you go by crime per resident.

        Trinidad cheerleaders often make this same, tired mistake.

        • Someone, please give me a per capita figure for any place in DC. ANYWHERE. Anyone who can produce a viable way to measure this gets a prize. Besides, higher density leading to more crime is why some look for lower density areas.

          The only metric we have available is number of crimes. When there are areas that are considered “relatively safe” that have twice and sometimes three times the number of violent crimes, I think there’s a disconnect somewhere. The issue isnt whether there is crime, its whether the implicit disproportionality that is meant with “stricken” is appropriate. Its not.

          I understand there is crime, but this incessant labeling of eckington (and bloomingdale) as “crime-striken” is a meme. Yes, there’s crime. Does eckington bear a disproportionate share of the crime within any radius? No. Its probably fair to say this area of eckington has more crime than most any other area of eckington, but honestly, I’m not even sure thats true.

          I live close to the subject area, I drive through a lot, but I rarely walk around. There are a few blocks back there that seem dicey. However, I feel no less safe there than I do in several other places that get a lot more fair billing on crime.

          Honestly, i wouldnt live in that section of eckington – but the crime rate isnt the reason. The housing stock is all the same (and bland), its far away from EVERYTHING. Even Rustik and Windows are far.

  • And the closest Metro is Rhode Island Avenue, not NY Ave. Shaw is not too far, either, and there is a bus line connecting Rhode Island Ave metro, Shaw metro, and then downtown, which passes very close to here (G8). I guess the listing agent thought the new Harris Teeter would be a better draw than the Home Depot Giant.

    The house looks very small, including the kitchen. There are houses that are double or even triple the size, for only about $100,000 more.

    Also, the previous commenter is correct about the “crime-ridden” criticism; Adams Morgan, for example, has way higher crime rates, including for armed robbery (for which it leads the entire city).

    • whats the crime per capita difference?

      • Ding ding ding ding! Crime per capital is much higher in Eckington than the rest of the city. Comparing crime in Eckington to crime in Adams Morgan or anywhere else by sheer number of crimes is a terrible analysis, because the population sizes are that different.

    • Wrong, wrong, wrong. Adams Morgan doesn’t have the highest robbery rate in the city…it doesn’t even have the highest rate in Ward One (Ward One as a whole has the highest rate in the city though).

      11/14/09 to 11/14/10

      PSA 303 (Adams Morgan)
      119 robberies
      167 total violent crimes

      PSA 302 (Columbia Heights)
      273 robberies
      417 total violent crimes

      PSA 305 (U Street)
      143 robberies
      210 total violent crimes

    • According to Google Maps, it’s .9 miles to the Rhode Island Metro, same as to New York Avenue. It’s 1.1 miles to Shaw.

  • There are also the concerns of being so close to the railyard, with diesel exhaust drifting over there and turning your laundry black, as well as regular annoyances from the numerous hobos that pass through that neighborhood on their way too and from the trains, and God knows where else.

    • You are right, the resurgence of hobo culture surrounding busy rail yards as a side effect of the weakening economy is no laughing matter. More and more people are being menaced by hobos every single year, and I would not be surprised to learn that some of those crimes in the statistics above could be attributed to hobos. “Change Robbery Excluding Gun 26”? It’s not hard to imagine someone being robbed of their change by a dirty hobo wielding a rusty blade every other week in Eckington.

  • Crime statistics tell only part of the story. A huge part is what people’s perception of their safety is. Most people will tell you that they feel safer walking around *most of* the street in Adams Morgan, U Street and (depending on what part – it is a huge neighborhood) Columbia Heights than in Eckington. That doesn’t mean they are actually safer, but the foottraffic and general vibe of the area may lead them to believe they are. People are drawn to areas where they feel that way. Even if the sense of security is false, it has an impact on the quality of life, which is reflected in real estate values.

    • Hobo crime is often very hard to track, because experienced hobos are extremely good at covering their tracks.

    • I don’t think it’s a false sense of security. When I’m walking down a block near DCUSA at 10pm for example I know there are more potential muggers walking around than there would be in Eckington. But there are also MANY more potential targets, so it’s less likely that it’s going to be me.

      • maybe i am falsely secure because i never get worried about being mugged near dcusa. not even really that concerned about hyatt place any more. sherman an irving, yes a little. perhaps i really have become dead to my surroundings but haven’t really felt threatened in columbia heights proper in more than a year. i can’t remember the last time i saw a guy and got scared. it’s interesting, maybe i am ripe for the picking.

  • I wouldn’t want big glass doors in the rear of the house without bars in any not-yet-gentrified neighborhood.

    • I didnt notice this. I agree. Weird.

      There’s a place for sale on the 100 block of RI NW with a nearly all glass front door, 2 windows over a front porch, all without bars! I’d need 2 pit bulls, a shot gun, a fantastic alarm system, and some sort of armed robot to make that feel safe.

  • I live 1 block from here. I walk around all the time. Previous posters are correct about the St Martin’s development, which will be opening soon. It is mixed income and too soon really to tell how it will impact. Overall, this block is okay and so is most of Eckington. Personally, I feel sketched out on the other side of the hill (2nd to 4th st NE) mainly bc I never go over there. This property is on my side of the hill on a quiet block. Hobos are all the way on the other side of 4th st from here, so hobo crime is highly unlikely. From this house, you are 12 min walk to NY Ave (and Harris Teeter), 15 min walk to U St, 2 blocks from bus (80, G8) to Union Station, Chinatown, Shaw, and Farragut Sq. House price is reasonable, not cheap or expensive.

  • Someone who’s looking at this is probably looking on H Street and maybe Petworth. What this has that H Street doesn’t are walkable metros and U Street sorta near by.

    Personally, I’d take my money to H Street, but I don’t think this’d be a bad place to live if you’re in it for the long haul. In 10 years, lower NW is going to be completely unaffordable, so now’s the time.

    • Not to harp on the metro accessibility point, but if you live on H street you are just as metro “walkable” as this place. From the Starburst Intersection:

      .9 to Stadium/Armory
      1.1 to Potomac Ave
      1.1 to Eastern Market
      1.2 to Union Station

      Combine that with the streetcar that will tie into Union Station, and I think H is the clear winner with metro accessibility.

      • This location is definitely one of the least metro accessible in all of eckington and most of the close-in neighborhoods.

        I think its priced accordingly.

  • Interesting to see how this posting on GDON turned into a discussion of crime stats and hobos. Nobody even made the usual “Home Depot called – they want their fixtures back” comment that these postings usually draw.
    In terms of muggings etc, are there any muggers out there who’d like to weigh-in and give us their thoughts on this part of town?

  • Home Depot called – they want their fixtures back.

  • This neighborhood is not great for mugging. If you really want to mug somebody good, you have to walk to LeDroit Park or Chinatown.

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