Did You Know a Prime Minister and Princess are Buried in Rock Creek Church Cemetery?

Most people know that Tim Russert is buried in this cemetery (by Rock Creek Church Rd and Webster St, NW and near the Old Soldiers Home grounds). And last week we looked at some sweet sculptures. But this is the first time I encountered the tombstones of a prime minister and princess.

Of course the French Prime Minister Camille Chautemps was described as “intellectually bereft” and “after World War II, a French court convicted him in absentia for collaborating with the enemy”.

And I’m not exactly sure who the princess is.

Nevertheless! A prime minister and a princess – not too shabby…

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  • Yeah, and Upton Sinclaire is also buried in Rock Creek cementary. I learned this today from all things as a guide to DC Trees (and locations in the area for tree-watching). No seriously, I know it’s late, but I’m not boozing – promise!

  • Princess Dorothy — from this Russian aristocratic family:


    (no mention of Dorothy, however)

  • Hmm… interesting…the symbol above Princess Dorothy Galitzine’s name is the the cross of the Russian Orthodox Church…and Dorothy is an old Greek name

    I wonder if she was from a branch of the Galitzine family. Maybe she had a Russian alias. I will lookup birthdates/deaths to match her life (1899-1962).

    Link to symbols Web site:

  • Doroteia Belyaieva was wife of Prince Nikolai Vasilievich (who also died in Washington, DC in 1980), great(x10)-grandson of Mikail Ivanovich Bulgakov “Galitsa” (Iron Glove).

  • If Chautemps was convicted in France of collaborating with the enemy, why was he not extradited?

    • I’m not sure, but apparently “In 1954 his sentence was voided by the statute of limitations.” That and that he seemingly broke away from Petain toward the end may have played a role. Interestly he served as prime minister for a couple of months only – though that was typical of the craziness that was the 3rd Republic.

  • BTW there is no “Truth in Headstones Act.”

  • Juliette Durand, Chautemps’ wife, was a pianist. He was, in fact, Prime Minister of France three times, none under German occupation, and, among other things freed women from male control in matters financial and legal, and created the SNCF, which is still running France’s trains. He was deputy under Petain. His “collaboration” likely was limited to his pushing for an armistice after Dunkirk.

  • I did not know Upton Sinclair was in there…or the French Prime Minister…what section(s)? I love to check out the stones while walking the dogs!

  • Someday, someone will be saying “Why is royalty from Petworth England buried in Rock Creek Cemetery?”

  • In addition, there is a Vietnamese princess Thân Thị Nam Trân buried there alongside her husband Trần Văn Chuơng who was an ambassador to US.

    Both died on same day, and Wikipedia says “Chuong and his wife remained in the United States in Washington, D.C.. On 24 July 1986, they were allegedly strangled by their son, Tran Van Khiem, at their home.” eeek!!!


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