Dear PoP – Flooding in Eckington?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

I live in Eckington, and take the red line from Rhode Island Avenue on a semi-regular basis. Lately, I’ve noticed a great deal of standing water on my way there at the intersection of 4th and RI NE. It looks like someone had opened a fire hydrant in the middle of a downpour! The thing is, there is no fire hydrant in the area (that I can see), no rain clouds, not even a car wash that would explain all of this run-off. It’s been going on for awhile now — it’s there in the early morning and late evening just about every day — and I’m curious; what’s with all this water?”

Hmm, I know I’ve heard nearby Bloomingdale frequently gets flooded in rains. I think it is because of underground rivers or something like that? A reader once explained it here. Anyone know if the samething or something else is going on in Eckington?

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    The Exckinton mystery continues.

  • probably due to the construction at the new development.

    but yes that are has serious drainage issues.
    all the trash collects there and floods the sewers.

    also, there is a firestation there. maybe they are draining the trucks and lines.

  • I bet the post office mail trucks are getting a bath at the end of shifts. There is a USPS car yard & warehouse near 4th & T by the railroad yard/MBT trail.

    Mystery solved?

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