Dear PoP – Any O Street Market Update

“Dear PoP,

You promised to give us periodic updates on the O St. Mkt and the Howard Theater. While it seems that the Howard renovation is moving along nicely, nothing has been touched at the O St. Market. What gives?”

Update on O Street Market – Ain’t shit happening.

Related update on Kelsey Gardens across the street – Ain’t shit happening.

Stay tuned for more updates when(ever) construction starts.

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  • I enjoyed this post.

  • cursing is kinda lame, POP

  • Stuff will happen once they raise all the public housing surrounding the market. No one wants to invest in a market surrounded by poor people.

    • so why did they do drawings, make plans, have a groundbreaking?

      • Good question, they are wasting their time. Or maybe they just want free money from DC govt to fund their otherwise unsustainable project.

        The problem with this area is that it doesn’t have good population density. If the big public housing was new condos full of people with lots of disposable cash, then this project would’ve been completed by know.

        • dc_publius…and your brain can’t sustain you much longer. Please stay on the 16th Street and don’t come west. You don’t deserve a house and are required to live in an efficiency forever.

    • I think you mean raze

    • So maybe we should raze the public housing instead of raising more of it? (I’m not usually a word nazi here, but really – that’s a pretty big and non-typo mistake!)

  • Perfectly suitable language for these two no-starter developments POP…as someone that lives close by I could have come up with even more colorful language to describe the delays that have taken place over the last several years…but yours was perfectly succinct and to the point. I guess the groundbreaking in September was just more political theater prior to the mayoral primaries…will be interested to read when/if you can come up with any news on these…and don’t forget the “groundbreaking” on Mandalay at 9th and P…ain’t shit happening there either.

  • To be fair, they have put up CLARK Construction signs…

  • Now POP that was funny as hell Keep up the G’damn work

  • I believe the plan was to secure the old red market structure and then start construction on the new store early next year. Perhaps they are still on track for the groundbreaking? Doubtful, but would be nice to dream.

  • Roadside Development bought this property more than 8 years ago and the snow storm that destroyed the market portion of the property occured in 2003! The property has been an eyesore for Shaw’s residents for almost a decade now and Roadside should absolutely be ashamed of itself. How much longer do we have to put up with this? What can we do to remedy the situation?

  • Hee hee, I’ve heard bellyaching about the destroyed O Street market since the first Clinton administration. Yes I know its been largely shut down since the 1968 riots…

  • Thanks to the depressing reality of the District’s budget that was recently brought to light, I don’t think you’ll see projects like this happening anytime soon. A lot of projects around town, even some of those that have just broken ground, are about to sit dormant for years.

  • jack5

    I think the only next thing slated to happen there is a brutal collapse…

  • factual update from the One (The Ward 2 One) next week:

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