Bank of Georgetown Branch Coming to U Street

Well, it’s not the most exciting development but I also like to note when storefronts get a new tenant. The former sales offices in the Ellington Building that has been papered over for a while (on U St, NW between 13th and 14th) is going to become a Bank of Georgetown branch. The space is located between a Bank of America and U Scream Ice Cream and Crepes.

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  • This is significant, since it’s the first real bank (aside from that credit union in the Reeves Center) to open on U St. That Bank of America only does loans and doesn’t even have an ATM. Hurray for not having to use shady ATMs when I’m in that area!

  • Shady ATMs? There is a BB&T branch right across the street from this with an indoor ATM and a Suntrust down the street. The 7/11 on U Street has a Citibank ATM in the back.

  • Would be great if it was a BOA ATM/bank there instead of Bank of georgetown, IMO.

  • Ellie: Industrial Bank, a REAL bank since 1934, much older than Bank of Georgetown which was founded in 2005

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