2 New Pizza Spots Coming to 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan

Two very similiar sounding pizza spots are coming to 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan. Capitol Pizza & Subs (above) has already opened up at 1933 18th St NW. And they deliver.

And at 2441 18th St, NW (below) Capital Pizza & Wings will be opening up soon. Plus they’ll also have Kabob.

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  • Two places just trying to cash in on jumbo slice-n-barf spillover. Nothing to see here.

  • More crap food, with no originality whatsoever

  • PoP, do you know what is opening in the former “Play Hard” gym further south on 18th Street? Just below California on the East side? The renovations have been moving very quickly in recent weeks, but the last time I looked the licenses posted said only “bar/restaurant.”

  • I realize I’m nitpicking but 1933 18th St. Is technically Dupont Circle. The line between Adams Morgan and Dupont (for now anyway until lord only knows what happens with redistricting) is Florida Avenue.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      No that’s fair. But even though it’s south of Florida Ave, I always associate that area with Adams Morgan over Dupont. But technically, you are right!

  • wow another pizza shop in the AM…the jumbo slice per capita residents rate has to be hovering around 3:1 now.

  • What a shame. I wonder how they think they’re going to keep in business with those basement entrances. The stairs are going to make an awkward bottleneck for the mess of drunks on weekends.

    Seems like the southern most one would be poaching all of the Duccini’s customers? Wasn’t that the place that was hit by the drunk driver? Is it open again?

  • That was Keren Restaurant that the drunk driver hit.

    As far as the new pizza places go, for some reason all I can think of is Homer Simpson: “Think about the real victims… people who saw an overcrowded market and said, ‘Me, too!'”

  • I think the real question is, which is the correct spelling of Capitol/Capital?

    • Both are correct. Capitol is the building. Capital refers to the city being the nation’s capital. Maybe I’m putting that crudely, but that’s the general idea.

  • I’m really tired of all the pizza places. What the area needs is a good, reasonably priced, bbq spot.

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