1300 Block of Pennsylvania Ave, SE Location of Two Attacks – Community Enraged – MPD Response Goes All the way to the Top

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I’ve been following the discussions on the 1st District MPD listserv very closely and I’m horrified. It is very upsetting to read about robberies and shootings but there is something all-together horrifying to read about unprovoked attacks. One resident writes:

“Around 7pm tonight [Monday], I walked by a group of police interviewing a single white woman who was attacked in front of Mangialardos. I asked the police if they had any descriptions of the suspects as I would be out walking my dog for another 30 minutes or so and would keep an eye out. They said they were not sure of any descriptions, however, I overheard the young woman sitting in the front of the police cruiser say she was just walking along and somebody came up and attacked her for no reason.

Two days in a row on the same block around.”

Ed. Note: Many commenters on PoP referenced an earlier beating on Sunday night:

“The attack was at 13th and Penn. SE, 4 guys attacked a girl carrying groceries and knocked some of her teeth out. Didn’t rob her or anything, just attacked and ran.”

MPD David Kamperin responds to the first resident above:

“These two random attacks are disturbing and this type of violence should shock the conscious within this safe community. Before this second assault we moved some members in the area- officers were within a few blocks when this occurred. Additionally uniform and tactical officers will continue to patrol to prevent further attacks as our detectives investigate these. We have had some valuable information from witnesses and hopefully we will be able to identify the assailants shortly.”

Continues after the jump (including a response from Chief Lanier).

Another resident responds:

“I really do appreciate all that the police are trying to do to address this situation, but I have to express some frustration with several things – as I have noted before on this site, I was attacked on the exact same block over a year and half ago (April 2009), on a Sunday afternoon while walking alone to Harris Teeter, by two teenage males who also did not take anything. These are not “random” attacks – they have been ongoing for quite some time. And you can tell me again and again that I don’t know exactly where the two teenage males that attacked me happen to live, but I saw with my own eyes that they came out of Potomac Gardens and they ran back into Potomac Gardens after beating me up. If they don’t live there, then they hang out there.

It is simply inconceivable that person after person after person can keep getting attacked on the same block on one of the busiest streets of the nation’s capital, and yet everyone seems powerless to stop it.”

A Lieutenant Christopher Micciche attempts to explain the situation:

“Just as crime is not static, our resources are not static, nor are they infinite. As problems and patterns emerge, we allocate the appropriate resources – in addition to our traditional PSA patrol resources- to the troubled area. While our goal is to use information and past trends for our traditional deployments of personnel to stay out in front of any potential problems, that is not always effective, so we adapt quickly.

As one may imagine, we make a good number of arrests for robbery. Those cases play out in court. The problem subsides in a given area, and a new problem arises in another area, which then must be addressed.

I am not aware of any situation in which resources were promised, but not delivered. Additionally, there is a near constant law enforcement presence inside of Potomac Gardens, both MPD and DCHA.

We have enhanced our area presence effective yesterday, but even with officers within the same city block, these particular criminals attempted a robbery. The investigations into these crimes are continuing aggressively.”

It is easy to see the frustration from both the residents and MPD. Finally Chief Lanier responds:

“I know there is currently a lot of concern within the community surrounding the recent violence on Pennsylvania Avenue. Rest assured, stopping this violence is a top priority for MPD. We cannot tolerate such acts!! We are working this from many angles. First, we are increasing our footprint in the area with both uniformed and non-uniformed officers. Secondly, we are coordinating closely with the DC Housing Police and they have committed to paying closer attention to the area immediately surrounding Potomac Gardens.

Towards the longer term, we are collaborating with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) and other government agencies to ensure we hold all parties that are contributing to these crimes accountable for their actions. If our suspects are receiving government assistance, we will leverage that. There are strict laws, specific to public housing, that promote awarding housing to “responsible individuals” who do not pose a threat to the community.

Bottom line, we will send a strong message that we will not tolerate an environment of fear and will work with our sister agencies to ensure that households with members contributing to this violence are put on notice.”

I think we can all agree this a horrifying situation. And to me, the fact that it seems to be a pure and simple beating with no other motives, makes it all the more upsetting. It is encouraging to see MPD leadership engaged but until the violence abates, I wish the residents much strength and safety.

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  • What on Earth is going on down there? My fiancee sometimes walks home from Potomac Station– thanks for the heads up, PoP, and let’s hope MPD gets this under control and makes some arrests.

    It goes without saying that this is completely unacceptable and I hope the community comes together to send a message that this will NOT happen in their neighborhood, or any other neighborhood in our city.

  • “It is simply inconceivable that person after person after person can keep getting attacked on the same block on one of the busiest streets of the nation’s capital, and yet everyone seems powerless to stop it.”

    OK, let’s see now: we have, as a society, consciously chosen to under-fund our police, handcuff our judges, coddle our criminals, let our parents shirk their responsibility, neglect our schools and neighborhoods… So, umm, how exactly is the situation in which we find ourselves “inconceivable”?

    We (police, courts, parents, CITIZENS) are most certainly not “powerless to stop it.” We simply lack the collective will.

  • Anybody wanna bet on whether the perps are wards of DYRS with records (that the public is not permitted public access to same, because they are minors?)

  • I go to Mangialardo’s once a week and I’ve never sensed any danger. Then again, I go at lunch when there are half a dozen police cars doubleparked in front of the place. Coincidence? Maybe!

    • This is why Mangialardo’s needs to stay open past 3pm! Problem solved, and I can get one of their delicious subs without having to take off work.

  • It doesn’t matter. Nothing will happen anyway. The muggins will stop when the kids get tired of it or get too close to being caught. Then they’ll start somewhere else. . .

  • For a while I’ve been thinking of buying a condo in this general area, but if this kind of crap is as common as it sounds? Not a f*cking chance!

    • The problems mainly stem from the Potomac Gardens complex that covers the square block between 12th/13th Streets and G/I Streets. It’s always been an issue but with the opening of the Harris Teeter and Jenkins Row condos right next door it is a now a target-rich environment for attacks like these.

    • Its not as common as it sounds. People get off the wall hysterical at crime. It is terrible, I wish it didnt happen, I hope it never happens to me or someone I know, but it remains rare. Even in the most dangerous areas, your chances of being run over in a cross walk remain far higher than being a victim of violent crime.

      • …said the person who has obviously never been the victim of a violent crime… please…if you live there…. you live perpetually in fear of it…which is almost as bad as being a victim.

        • i’ve been the victim of violent crime n dc, yet i live in perpetual fear of getting run over in a crosswalk.

        • I live in the area and pass that spot on my walk to the HT every Sunday and I don’t live in perpetual fear. If I lived in perpetual fear I would take that as a signal to move where I didn’t. Please don’t generalize it’s lazy.

          • I’m scared of many DC neighborhoods, but I work down the street from this location and think it’s perfectly safe. These attacks are certainly not characterstic of the area.

    • Overall, it’s still one of the safer areas of the city. I’ve been encouraged by the community outrage and the surprisingly civil discussions that these incidents have opened up regarding the root causes and proposed solutions to the problems.

    • That’s too bad. The community is a very good one filled with nice families and dogs. These types of activities are not commonplace which is why they are causing an outrage among community members in the area.

  • 4 guys attacking a 1 girl… now that is pretty pussified.
    In what world is this a cool action?

    • Basically, they feel they are doing the “honorable thing” – fighting back to protect their community from the invading gentrifies! They think they are freedom fighters, in the vein of Che and Geronimo! Don’t think a twenty year old white girl with a Harris Teeter bag isn’t as deadly as a whole division of US Calvary trying to evict us from our land!

      • it’s probably much more likely that they are punk youth who taught it would be fun to punch a women. Less a problem of kids with a warped social conscious and more a problem of straight up violent youth.

        • That’s possible. But for those who hate on gentrifiers all the time (especailly using terms like imperalism, invasions, kicking/forcing long-time residents out) give comfort to these people, and to the larger DC community that is not always quick to address this sort of violence…

      • how do you know what they think?

      • You have no idea what you are talking about it and no basis for bringing it forward for public scrutiny. I do like the humor in the last sentence however this is a serious issue and I would encourage all commentors to treat it as such.

  • Thats pretty horrible news, one should not have to worry about these things while going thru their daily routine. Not trying to stray away from the matter at hand, but I had to make this observation…why is it everytime a white person is attacked in this city its made perfectly clear that this was a white person? Seriously, it seems like everytime someone writes into POP with these types of things “small/single white woman” is somewhere in there…is that supposed to make us feel more sypathetic than if you were a small black woman or a small asian woman?

    • hahaha jeez… would you prefer the victim not be described?

      • does it really matter what race the victim is. i agree with ocho that when white people are attacked, their race is always made known. as a white person who actually grew up here in dc, so sorry to hear that new arrivals get attacked by black people. i hear crime happens to all people these days.

        • The point you guys are both missing is that people are trying to establish whether these psychopaths are profiling their victims. Did you notice how they only target women? That’s a crucial detail. People also want to know whether there’s a racial or class-related angle. I’d want to know whether the victims were all professionally attired, and what ages they were.

          • Why isn’t this a hate crime? If 4 white rednecks attached a black woman in the South for no reason than walking down the street, I bet it would be considered a hate crime.

          • @Contrarian, the victim wasn’t white and I don’t think Harris Teeter shoppers are protected under any hate crime legislation.

          • contrarian,
            do you really want answers or are you just spouting off? if you are sincere, start by learning about the history of hate crime laws and why they came about.

          • 1)“Around 7pm tonight [Monday], I walked by a group of police interviewing a single white woman who was attacked in front of Mangialardos.”

            2)”Hate Crime

            Hate crime is the violence of intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious, sexual orientation, or disability. The purveyors of hate use explosives, arson, weapons, vandalism, physical violence, and verbal threats of violence to instill fear in their victims, leaving them vulnerable to more attacks and feeling alienated, helpless, suspicious and fearful. Others may become frustrated and angry if they believe the local government and other groups in the community will not protect them. When perpetrators of hate are not prosecuted as criminals and their acts not publicly condemned, their crimes can weaken even those communities with the healthiest race relations.

            Of all crimes, hate crimes are most likely to create or exacerbate tensions, which can trigger larger community-wide racial conflict, civil disturbances, and even riots. Hate crimes put cities and towns at-risk of serious social and economic consequences. The immediate costs of racial conflicts and civil disturbances are police, fire, and medical personnel overtime, injury or death, business and residential property loss, and damage to vehicles and equipment. Long-term recovery is hindered by a decline in property values, which results in lower tax revenues, scarcity of funds for rebuilding, and increased insurance rates. Businesses and residents abandon these neighborhoods, leaving empty buildings to attract crime, and the quality of schools decline due to the loss of tax revenue. A municipality may have no choice but to cut services or raise taxes or leave the area in its post-riot condition until market forces of supply and demand rebuild the area.” U.S Department of Justice


          • I don’t know where are you folks are getting that she wasn’t white. I am just going off the eye witness account I read above. My point was that since they aren’t taking money and the crime seems to be motivated by something else, it sure seems to fit the definition above, especially given that it sounds like the victim was probably of different ethnicity than the perpetrators.

          • There are 2 separate crimes here. The one in front of Mangialardo’s was a robbery and NOT the one where the woman was popped in the face and had her jaw broken in two places where there was no motive. The one in front of Mangialardo’s happened to a woman who is white, was a robbery, and MPD is saying that it currently believes it to be unrelated to the woman whose jaw was broken (who was not white) with no motive the previous day.

    • I think the unspoken thing in this City is that there are hate crimes happening against white people that are never described or persecuted as such. I’m not saying that the violent crime rate is higher vs. whites (it’s not by a long shot), but what I am saying is that we all probably suspect that what motivates these attacks is not just a desire to rob, but a race/class-based hatred vs. the victim.

      What is so amazing is how NO ONE will ever even allow themselves to consider this because it’s thought that it will lead to an aweful, racial hate fest in the City. While this is possible, we also ignore the effect of not addressing it. Does this give the message to roving bands of disgruntled youth that it is okay to violently target white gentrifiers because “we all know it’s not a hate crime – they are the enemy – right?”

      • Ding ding ding, we have a winner. As long as hate crime laws are on the books, they need to go all ways, or else they lack legitamacy.

    • No they they just throw them in the trashcan.

    • Hate to break it to you clowns but the victim was not White.

  • The reports of her teeth being knocked out have turned out to be false. Uodated information from her friend said thate jaw was broken in 2 places and she has undergone surgery to repair it. She is also not white.

  • I was attacked, well really sucker punched by 5 upstanding teenagers near the corner of 13th and U NW at 7:45 PM on a Thursday night a few months back. This crap is happening everywhere and it is quite pussified as one of the above posters stated.

  • I lived on 12th across the street from the Potomac Gardens complex. Yes, these attacks are not as common as they sound, but when shenanigans go down NO ONE is around to help! Some of the kids in that complex got on the roof & threw rocks at my husband & I as we returned home from Harris Teeter-I went into the complex to the security office to complain & no one was there. This is not uncommon, unfortunately. The police saying they’ve got someone stationed there is a load of crock, as I’ve never seen it. They probably feel Luke they’re stationed there, though, because they’re there for calls quite frequently.

    Anyway, even though the kids there are unsupervised & sometimes pull this crap, it’s not as common as it sounds and the area is indeed still safe.

  • These incidents have caused flashbacks to July 2008 when my petite female friend was brutally assaulted by four teens on the corner of 13th and Penn SE. Her jaw too was broken in two places. She, and anyone who suffers a broken jaw, will attest that having a tooth knocked out is 1000x better than having your jaw broken. Surgery does not instantly cure a broken jaw. She was required to have her jaw wired shut for two months, and then over an additional two months had to have the jaw opened in steps. Two years later: her jaw still hurts when touched. She will always have titanium plates holding her jaw together. The poor victim from Sunday has a long recovery period; physically and mentally.

    When reading the MPD’s responses I was most disturbed by the police trying to assure us that they had stepped-up their presence in the neighborhood, and yet another attack occurred Monday. Also, these attacks are not robberies of desperation. They’re attacks executed by a group who motivated by: race, class, or a simple desire to act like they own the neighborhood, are not out for your wallet. They want to be feared. MPD needs to make the savages carrying out these acts, and the people who knowingly harbor them, fear the law.

    Oh, and my friend from 2008: the assailants were never captured.

  • The violent children in this city suck big time. How about drug tests for all who receive public housing assistance. Jail time for derelict parents. If they’re going to continue to subsidize and sanction the secrecy of these violent kids, consider castrating young violent males after their 3rd violent offense. Or send them to special schools in the Congo! We should start sucker punching their grandmas too! Sorry for the negativity, but I am so sick of this story, which has been going on for years now (recall the older man who died after such an event down near the waterfront). Where is our city’s leadership vision for solving this once and for all?

  • One simple solution was very effective years ago in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, when the local police turned a blind eye to anti-gay attacks – a whistle. Residents began wearing whistles to summon help. These can be helpful to a victim, of course, but even more to a bystander who may fear intervening because of danger to themselves. Loud, piercing sounds also tend to drive people away.

    If these attacks are the result of coordinated efforts by local kids (even loosely coordinated), then the answer is for the community to coordinate in retaliation.

    • The police force should be paying for these whistles and handing them out to returning commuters at the metro. Clearly, their actions to date have been ineffective (albeit well-intentioned). Some outside the box thinking has got to be applied to this situation. It’d be foolish to think that repeating the same tactics will result in different results, except by luck.

      If you read between the lines of the Lieutenant’s statement, you see him saying that police presence is stepped up, and yet not adequate at the same time due to limited resources. Well, the answer is then either resources without limit or new tactics.

  • aren’t we gentrifiers too “cool” to use whistles?

  • I didn’t see Lanier out here on Fairmont when a girl was found dead in a dumpster. Racism does exist. Ask any African-American teenage girl who needs help in this community. All they get is blame. I can’t believe so many of you wonder where all the anger comes from. Unfortunately, it’s really misguided. Where are the feminists? Where is the memorial? I guess everybody is too busy walking their dogs.

    • That’s because there’s approximately a 99.999999999% chance that that poor girl who ended up in a super can was put there by an acquaintance, boyfriend, or family member.

      Unless we’re going to step up and control who young women associate with, there’s not a whole lot you can do but investigate and try to arrest the motherfucker who’s responsible.

      Can you take a wild guess why random, unprovoked violent attacks on passers-by resonate a bit more? Seriously, if you think about it for a few minutes, you could probably puzzle it out.

      • you just proved my point. Obviously, to you, she brought this upon herself.

        • Coraline – That’s a completely inaccurate and unfair misrepresentation of Pangloss’ comment.

          Please think before you type.

          • I don’t think so at all. As a female who’s been violently attacked in DC, I found Dr. Pangloss’s comment to be way out of line. Think before you type? Maybe he/she should have done that. Imagine if the victim’s friends or family were reading this.

        • By your reasoning, you believe every woman raped by an acquaintance or beaten by a boyfriend or husband has “brought it upon herself.”

          I find your attitude disgusting and completely insupportable.

          • I’m with Coraline.

            Just becuase someone is a part of a girl’s life doesn’t necessary mean she chose them. One doesn’t typically have the luxury of selecting their family, or coworkers, or stalkers.

            Anyway, this is not the first time Dr. Pangloss has proven himself to be an angry misogynist. Just ignore it.

          • Well, I find your mock outrage disgusting and completely insupportable.

            Not to mention completely disrespectful to the deceased!

          • I find exclamation points disrespectful of the deceased!

          • And of course, “angry misogynist” means “disagrees with me.”

            Maybe if you have an issue with something I wrote, you could string together a few coherent sentences defending your position, rather than disengaging your brain and screaming “sexist”, “racist”, “disrespectful to the dead” or some other completely unsupported ejaculation.

            Again, think before you type.

          • Look, all I’m going to say is that I haven’t seen a single comment from you that wasn’t negative and arrogant (and yes, in many cases insulting and sexist as well). Why don’t you contribute something useful instead of trying to get a rise out of people? This is such a great blog, but sometimes I do wish PoP would do a better job with keeping the trolls in line.

          • Look, just because something you read upsets you doesn’t mean it has no value. coraline was obviously trolling with her tired accusations of racism, and thinly veiled references to “dog walking” which is a dog-whistle for “White Gentrifying Devils ™”. Who are of course all racists, because they’re upset about gangs of teens randomly hospitalizing grocery shoppers in the middle of the day.

            Meanwhile, I gave a perfectly reasonable explanation for why folks tend to get just as riled-up about repeated random violent attacks that occur during mid-day versus a single horrific incident that has every single marking of a domestic violence murder. And why there are concrete steps that MPD can take to patrol the area that might not apply to a single one-off homicide investigation, regardless how horrible.

            But, of course, since you and her are working backwards through induction, starting from the premise that anyone who disagrees with you is a racist, sexist pig, and probably suffers from untreated gum disease, as well.

            So you guys add a bunch of other consciousness-raising fluff that’s completely compatible with what I just said (e.g. “Because someone is part of a girl’s life doesn’t mean she chose them”, etc…, etc…). No shit, really?

            The whole point was that women *don’t* get to pick who they associate with. Which is one of the previous commenters, whoever they were, asked coraline (and you by extension) to disengage their outrage reflex, and use a few synapses to read before responding.

            It’s no wonder you think everyone’s a misogynist; do you ever read anything you’re responding to, or is it outrage “all the way down?”

          • My favorite part was where everyone got angry at each other, fanning the flames higher and higher. Unintentional mutual trolling.

          • If expressing my offense at a disturbing comment is trolling, then I’m guilty as charged. 🙂

    • The woman whose jaw was broken on Penn is not white.

      • One of them was; one wasn’t. There were two incidents in the last few days. And a shooting.

        • No, only one person had her jaw broken – and she was not white. The other (non shooting) incident on Penn the next day was a robbery, was unrelated to the first incident, and did happen to a white woman.

  • There were a few messages posted to newhilleast (the local mailing list) that essentially asked, “What do you expect when white gentrifiers are trying to push these folks out of the neighborhood?”

    That’s the philosophy that enables this kind of behavior.

    What we need is to organize a group of hard-assed pipe-swinging motherfuckers to put together a little citizens “sting” operation.

    Draw ’em out; and beat the living fuck out of them. Sorry, but teens that act this way understand one thing only: you’ve got to put the fear of God into them.

    • +1

      And if you see someone being attacked man up and fight back.

      I was jogging down 14th last night and a teenager thought it would be funny for him to “pretend” to trip me as I ran past. Instead of ignoring it, I stopped running, turned around, and said, “What the fuck are you doing?” Needless to say, he didn’t expect that response – he just smiled nervously and walked away.

      • Right on…there was a group of 3 Young men walking around with big water guns this summer…shooting cyclist who were going up 14th (At night on fast roads with BIG water guns..) They tried to get me on my scooter…I swung around and brought it up on the sidewalk and started screaming at them… So one of them (a 22-25 year old acting like a 14 Y/O decided to point the water gun at me point blank). That was all I needed to call the police… In the mean time…they were surprised that someone faced off with them.

    • +2

      Seriously. Make THEM scared of US.

      There are more of us (the actual decent contributers to a functional society) than them (the 1% of assholes who think it’s funny to racially profile innocent people).

      I say we beat the ever-living shit out of them. No mercy whatsoever. Just leave a nice little note on their bloody pile of pulp reading “If you start trouble, we’ll end it.”

      Anyone who targets innocent people solely due to the color of their skin deserves to be beaten within an inch of their life. No exceptions.

  • Buy a gun. Learn how to use it. Lobby for legal concealed carry in DC. Enough of this sh!t.

    • i don’t object, but that wouldn’t help.
      unless one is to walk around with their weapons drawn all the time.

      also, check his out:

      • Relying on The Post for accurate information on guns is a fools errand. BTW: Certainly you’ve noticed the recent up-tick in anti-gun stories in The Post? It’s directly related to the electoral shakeup, a sort of preemptive strike of pants sh!tting hysterics to stop the new Congress from bringing DC’s absurd laws in line with the rest of the nation.

        Interesting side point: Despite the Brady Campaign propaganda/predictions to the contrary, murders are down in DC post Heller. Facts are NOT on the side of the prohibitionists.

        • how many people legally obtained guns in dc since heller?
          what facts are you looking at that don’t side with prohibitionists?

  • DC could use a Bernard Goetz or two.

    • It’s worth noting that Goetz spent 8 months in jail as a result of effectively defending himself.

      Democrat controlled jurisdictions don’t take kindly to self defense in the home, let alone outside.

      Until congress sets things straight with ‘shall issue’ CCW in DC, I’d point out that it IS legal to carry a knife in DC (up to 3″ blade). As with most DC laws; it’s poorly written, and suggests longer knives are legal absent “intent to use unlawfully against another”, but DC being DC, the fact that you’re a decent person really doesn’t enter the prosecutors thinking. Best to stay under the length limit in all cases.

      Disclaimer: IANAL

      • A cop friend of mine used to teach at the academy and would use that law as a ‘trick question’ on the cadets. Yes,you can carry a blade larger than 3″ as long as there’s no illegal intent,but good luck explaining that to a cop.

  • Lobby for legal concealed carry in DC

    Who in the DC govt would go for this?

    • “Who in the DC govt would go for this?”

      None of them.

      Lobby Congress.

      The US Constitution gives Congress sole legislative authority in DC. Incidentally; the document does not provide for delegation of that authority, so constitutionally speaking ‘home rule’ is a farce (but then, that’s already clear from the results).

  • What’s with the use of the word “pussified”?

    Plus, mandatory drug tests for people who receive public housing assistance? Seriously?

    • Seems over the top, doesn’t it?

      Let’s hear ideas for how we can ensure that indivuduals receiving public assistance are abiding by the laws of the society supporting them. Or, if you prefer, an argument for why a tradeoff between receiving public money and submitting to public scrutiny as a condition of that assistance is unacceptable.

      • First of all, you don’t know drugs had anything to do with this. Second, why are you making blanket statements about low-income people based on the actions of a few people? Third, it’s unconstitutional.

        I am a volunteer with We Are Famnily and deliver groceries to people who receive public assistance and live in housing complexes in Shaw, North Capitol, and Columbia Heights. So, I’ve been inside these places on a number of occasions and the people I’ve met were largely courteous, kind, and respectful. Rarely have I feared for my safety—unlike walking around in my Adams Morgan neighborhood on a weekend night with idiotic drunks milling about.

        • When you manage to compile two separate reports of a woman getting punched in the face by AM frat-boy types hard enough to break her jaw in two places while carrying groceries home during the afternoon, be sure to let us know.

          Til then, we’ll assume you’re very poor at evaluating risk.

          • There’s a lot of crime in Adams Morgan (remember the rash of shootings and muggings a couple of years ago?), believe it or not, and from what I understand, far more than this neighborhood usually gets—–hence why people are so surprised and frightened by these attacks. That’s not to minimize what happened to the victim, but it’s also ridiculous to say what happened to her warrants mass drug tests of people who live in public housing. It’s essentially attacking these folks for what, being poor?

            I grew up in the West Side of Chicago, so please don’t be patronizing and tell me I don’t know how to evaluate risk. I’m probably a hell of a lot tougher than you are.

          • No, not for being poor, for accepting the public’s housing and financial assistance. I’m the only middle class person in this city chafing at financially supporting the people who terrorize my neighborhood. When you accept public dollars, you accept public scrutiny. It’s called “accountability,” and unfortunately DC has major problems with it.

        • so people who you give things to are nice to you?
          how does this in anyway resemble how strangers treat strangers on the street?

          • Not just the people who I “give” things to, but their neighbors who hold open doors for me even when they don’t necessarily know why I’m there, people I encounter on the street outside these buildings, family members, friends, etc.

            Point is, hold off on nutty witch hunts until you know more about a situation. But that’s just me.

        • Ah, okay. At least we understand: I agree with you that the young disaffected kids who live in public housing in NW are every bit as likely to shoot and stab one another as the young disaffected public housing kids who live in SE.

          Though the NW kids who go around causing 90% of the problems in Adams Morgan are usually too busy shooting one another to assault random women during the middle of the day.

          • And the solution is to make every single resident of public housing in D.C. feel like a criminal?

            Forgive me if I don’t subscribe to your brand of vigilantism: “What we need is to organize a group of hard-assed pipe-swinging motherfuckers to put together a little citizens “sting” operation. Draw ‘em out; and beat the living fuck out of them.”

          • So long as 90% of the violent street crime is coming out of 1% of the residents of public housing, every single resident of public housing in DC is going to feel like a criminal. The biggest victims of that violent 1% are the 99% who are law-abiding citizens. And the biggest victims of that law-abiding 99% are the law-abiding young black men.

            We do a great job of coddling violent criminals in DC–especially juveniles. And you know who pays the price for that policy? Young black men.

            Because everyone knows that if you’re going to get mugged in this town, it’s going to by a young black man. If you’re going to be shot in this town, it’s going to be by a young black man.

            If every kid over 14 who committed a violent crime in this city were sent away for 30 years, it might be the end of that kid’s life, but it would open up a world of opportunity for the other 99%.

            Instead we let the 1% rampage, and get to hear well-meaning idiots defend the status quo.

        • Screw those families and screw you for feeding them. LET THEM STARVE.

  • I urge everyone from the immediate area, or who shops at Harris Teeter, or have friends and family that do, to contact Tommy Wells’ office.

  • Based on my experiences with the MPD, I am sure they humiliated the victims by making unnecessary sexist comments while questioning them (I’m sorry, but jokes about gang rape are NOT appropriate in these situations!), and then went on to make the women feel even more like dirt by implying they did something wrong and deserved the attacks.

  • thread is busted

  • So basically, they feel that by racially profiling innocent individuals to attack (that’s a hate crime, by the way), then they are ‘defending’ what’s ‘theirs’??

    This is the quintessential example of human garbage. Anyone who would do such a thing is a complete waste of life, undeserving of absolutely nothing.

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