Your Afternoon Animal Fix

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Bug (right) and Dinah.

“If I had to spend Saturday in bed, with some stomach virus I brought back from China, at least the cats are being extra friggin’ cute.”

After the jump a very cute and scared lost dog.

“Dear PoP,

I found a dog this morning in the Fort Totten/Brookland area.

I was out running at about 7:30 this morning on Puerto Rico Ave NE and I found a little stray dog who kept wandering into traffic. He (or she?) looks like he may be a Yorkshire Terrier. He has a pink harness on but no collar. I got him to follow me home and now Animal Control is on their way to pick him up. Unfortunately I can’t keep him here because I have my own dog and a cat. Animal Control will only keep him for five days, so I’m really hoping that if you can post these pictures on your blog, whoever lost him can go pick him up before it’s too late. AC’s phone number is: 202-576-6664.”

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  • You could bring him to WARL instead in hopes they will take him in.

  • I just emailed the DCDOG yahoo group with information on this (including a link to the post). Hopefully the little guy gets reunited with his owner!

  • He’ll get a home through WHS if his owner doesn’t show up. I foster through the organization and have been told there is an unofficial waiting list for small dogs. It’s the larger more energetic dogs that have issues getting out. Thanks for helping our the poor little guy.

  • There are fliers regarding a lost dog posted throughout my neighborhood (near Union Station). I don’t know if a dog from my neighborhood would be likely to wander that far from home, but this looks like the same dog and the fliers mention that the dog is shy and would likely be scared. Hopefully I can find a flier still posted today and get a hold of the owner!

  • Thank you for all the help from everyone! I’ve been posting everywhere online and I plan to hang signs in my neighborhood tonight. My hope is that he will be adopted if his owner doesn’t claim him.

    TO MJ: I tried WARL first and they just told me to call Animal Control…not sure if it would’ve made a difference if I brought him in person. I’m not sure how they work.

    TO KIM: I think the sign you saw may have been for “Baxter”. A friend sent me the link to his craigslist ad. I’m pretty sure it’s not the same Yorkie, but I left a voicemail for Baxter’s owner, just in case. Thanks!

  • Yes, Stephanie, now that you say the name, those are the signs I saw. Thanks for letting me know you already called!

    It looks like the little guy (or girl) you found is such a cutie! Like you said, hopefully if he’s not reunited with his owners, someone else will adopt him.

    I understand why you couldn’t just keep him at your house today and it’s great for you to go out of your way to try to find the owners. Good luck!

  • Thanks so much, Kim! If I manage to find out what happens to him/her, I’ll definitely post it and let you know. Fingers crossed!

  • Hope he is reunited with the owner!
    The last time I was at WARL, every dog that wasn’t a fighting breed or Rottweiler had an “I’m adopted” sign on their kennel door.

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