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Photo by PoPville flickr user tess271

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bartlet the beagle

After the jump cat available for adoption.

The reader writes:

“This little fella turned up on my back porch last week, and of course I fed him. It took exactly one meal for him to warm up to me, and he’s pretty friendly now. He appears healthy enough, but he’s skinny and skittish; I’m guessing he’s feral. Do any of the local orgs do free spay/neuter for ferals? Better yet, anyone in PoPville want to save him from a life on my porch and under my car? I bet with some time and a few more square meals, he would turn out to be a real lovebug. (I’m guessing on the “he” part… never was any good at sexing cats.)”

If interested please email me and I’ll put you in touch with the reader.

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  • Hi Bartlet! Deegle misses seeing you on his walks in his new neighborhood!

  • DEEGLE! bart and i miss you too! we hope all is well with you and your new baby bro/sis (and your moms and pops)!

  • The porch kitty up for adoption is beautiful! I’d take her, but I already have two furry munchkins at home — let us know what happens!

  • Cat looks like it has a few Calico or Tortie spots which is almost always female.

  • Bartlet the Beagle was my former roommate and is quite possibly the coolest dog I have ever met. He was definitely the King of Euclid St.- he had many human and dog friends…and squirrel enemies!

  • Bartlet! Meatball misses you. Since you and Deegle left he doesn’t have any friends. Still pees on the floor like a champ though.

  • Sexing cats is not too difficult. If you don’t see any furry “knobs” directly under the kitty’s hind end, then you know you got yourself a female. Its especially obvious if the male isn’t neutered, but even then, you can see the remnants of what once was. I agree with Award, based on coloring alone this is probably a female kitty.

  • The Washington Humane Society does free spay/neutering for feral cats. You may want to call them, though they may want you to do the trapping yourself. If you’re in Columbia Heights/Petworth, a woman named Dolores Smith does a lot of trap, neuter, and return in the area. An earlier ‘cat for adoption’ post on PoP had her contact info; I also have it at home and can post back later on. She’s fantastic. And the kitty is definitely cute – we already have one, plus a crazy dog, a toddler, and four outside/feral cats we feed, so no more animals for us!

  • The person with the pretty porch kitty should contact Alley Cat Allies:

    They help with spay/neuter & release stuff, and they help determine whether a feral cat is adoptable.

  • The cat is almost assuredly a stray, not a feral. A feral cat at that age would never come close to you – they are terrified of humans. The cat would eat food you put out, but would bolt once you emerged from the house. You can take the cat to WHS or any vet to check for an id chip, as this cat may be missed by someone. You can put up signs in your neighborhood and local pet stores.

  • I’m the sender-inner of the Porch Kitty, who shall henceforth be known as PK. Or perhaps Piqué?

    I think he (she?) is a 2010 model. I’d guess 6 months old or less. I checked out the websites for Metro Ferals and Alley Cat Allies, and they both appear to offer “reduced cost” spay/neuter, and they expect you to go to no-appointment clinics to get it done. It’s not in the cards for me to spend $50 and half a Sunday getting the PK fixed, though I recognize the value and applaud other folks who can get their shit together enough to facilitate this public service.

    So… if there’s anyone out there who wants to take over that part, I’m happy to crate him/her up and hand him/her over.

    • Seriously, call Dolores – 202-291-6353 or dolores.smith @ gmail

      I disagree with MJ about feral cats vs. strays. “Our” feral cats have always let Dolores come near them; we’ve taken over feeding them for about the last year and two, sometimes three, stick around when we come out. They actually paw at our back door to let us know they’re there and hungry. One of the two who doesn’t run consistently lets me pet him and as of the last month or two also lets my 18-month-old pet him.

      • That’s interesting. I stand corrected, even though I’ve never met a feral that would tolerate human contact.

  • meatball! we’ll walk down and visit – we just moved up north a few blocks, closer to petworth. keep up that floor peein’, kiddo. whatever keeps you from committing suicide via leash strangulation off the deck.

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