Win 2 Tickets to ‘Pig Out for Diabetes’ Fundraiser on 10/24/10

“Dear PoP,

Chef/Owners of Black Restaurant Group, Barbara and Jeff Black have teamed up with Children’s National Medical Center and Dr. Fran Cogen, MD to raise money for children who suffer from diabetes as their son Simon has juvenile diabetes. Black Restaurant Group has set a goal to raise $200,000 to build a new state of the art kitchen that is part of a $5 million expansion at Children’s National Medical Center to support children with diabetes.

The first event is Pig Out for Diabetes on 10/24/10 at Black Market Bistro. The Pig Out will feature a BBQ Competition and Black Market Bistro will be serving up lots of other great BBQ/picnic items and of course there will be live music and fun activities for the kids. Tickets are $45 in advance and include all you can eat and drink!

PoP readers can receive $5 off the ticket price with the code POPPIGOUT

Tickets can be purchased at”

Sounds awesome. I love giving away tickets and this one sounds especially fun. To win the tickets simply leave a comment telling me what is your favorite type of bbq? I’ll announce the winner Friday. Thanks to the Black Restaurant Group for giving PoP readers this opportunity.

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  • No doubt about it — the ribs at Gates BBQ in Kansas City. Fall off the bone tender and a great earthy bbq sauce.

  • My favorite is Eastern BBQ, which is all about the pork, which is usually sliced or chopped up and topped with a sauce that is relatively thin, vinegary and peppery.

  • I love southern pulled pork with a vinegar-based sauce. Yum!

  • Carolina BBQ – especially from Short Sugar’s. Mmm.

  • I married a southerner so I’m supposed to say pulled pork with vinegar sauce but Kansas City BBQ Burnt Ends. so good.

  • Texas brisket – sauce on the side, or Memphis dry ribs. I don’t need sauce getting in the way of all that delicious meat!

  • Whatever kind I just finished eating: that’s my favorite. We all win in the BBQ Wars.

  • I know its weird, BUT I love the Smokey Turkey with hot BBQ sauce that Capitol Q does. I have them cater an occasional work meeting, and the Smoked Turkey is always a hit because it is low fat, but still super tasty. Also, Capitol Q just does a great job of catering events.

  • Carolina BBQ ribs from 12 Bones in Asheville. Mmmmm.

  • Deejays ribs in Weirton, WV – my dad used to be the factory manager of a steel plant out there, and whenever my family went out there, we always ALWAYS went to Deejays. They are fall off the bone, finger-licking amazing. My mom could eat two full racks, and still have room for more; the owner was always amazed that this tiny woman could eat so many, and she always replied that she saved room between our annual trips to WV just for Deejays.

  • I love BBQ and this seems like a great cause but I find it ironic that an event for diabetes involves all-you-can-eat fatty foods. Saying that, I realize that juenile diabetes (Type 1) is not connected to obesity but type 2 is.

  • I find it disgusting, not ironic.

  • Anything at Dreamland in Birmingham, AL.

  • Does anyone else find it strange that a diabetes fundraiser is being supporting by an event that precipitates diabetes? Not that I disapprove of it, but they could have chosen a more appropriate activity than pigging out.

  • Texas style beef brisket is my favorite.

    C, the event is to raise awareness for juvenile diabetes (Type 1) which is not precipitated by lifestyle. Type 2 is the kind related to obesity.

  • Eastern NC BBQ is the best there is!

  • slow cooked, hickory bbq on the rib… slathered in sweet baby rays bbq sauce… ahhh mouth watering

  • Anything that comes from Black’s! I know they’re opening an oyster place on 14th but would take BBQ any time. BBQ sauce three ways with some pulled pork. Collard greens and corn bread. Don’t forget the butter.

  • Pierce’s Pitt BBQ in Williamsburg VA. It’s this family institution that has been there for years. BBQ, mac and cheese, ribs, slaw and huge cookies. They do everything on site and has been around for 30 plus years. I always hit it up anytime I am driving on 64 East.

  • Nothing tastes better than BBQ ribs from Rocklands BBQ.

  • I love pulled pork – North Carolina style.

  • Love Texas BBQ—a la the Salt Lick in Austin, TX! I can’t get enough AND it’s all you can eat and BYOB! Perfect!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Congrats to the winner: DCnDC

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