Wedding at Wonderland

Walking past Wonderland Sunday afternoon I couldn’t help but notice the already awesome patio was kicked up a notch with some good looking flowers. It turns out, Wonderland (corner of 11th and Kenyon St, NW) was hosting its first wedding. Two employees, Nick and Roxanna, who met at Wonderland, were celebrating their nuptials on 10/10/10. Even cooler is that the bar was still open to the public for what I imagine was a super fun evening. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the actual wedding but let me just say – Congrats to Nick & Roxanna!

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  • So will the bouncer also serve as the guestbook attendant? What are their colors? IPA gold and Jack Daniel’s brown? of course the music is covered, but will the bar also cater the meal? Will anyone who rolls in there be able to speak up when the pastor asks, “If anyone believes this couple should not be wedded in holy matrimony, please speak up now.”? just curious…

  • Congratulations to the happy couple!

  • In semi-related news: I met my slutty mistress at the Red Derby.

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