Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle

This rental is located at 1230 13th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Come visit Sutton Plaza! Located at 1230 13th St NW right in the heart of Northwest Washington’s Logan Circle.
Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM and Teusday and Thursday from 8:30-6 PM.
Available November: Junior 1 Bedroom apartment on the second floor (470 sq. ft.), $1475/month all utilities included. Parking available at an extra cost.

Very Convenient Location 4 blocks to McPherson Sq Metro & Mt. Vernon Sq Metro, 5 blocks to Metro Center.
Sorry, no pets.”

Does $1475/month all utilities included sound reasonable for this junior 1 bedroom?

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  • 470 Square feet? They’re kidding right. This is an old building. 1000/month. max.

    • 1000 month/max in Logan Circle? Are you kidding? You obviously have not looked at rental units in that area in a looong time.

  • No dishwasher, no parking, no pets, kinda boring looking and no hardwood floors. But a good location and separate BR, even if small. I think maybe it’s $100 too high. Just a guess though.


    Way way too high for a JR. 1 Bedroom.

  • I don’t think anybody should pay $1475 to live in that apartment.

  • That’s less than we paid 4 years ago for a 450sf efficiency in the Berkshires over by American…

  • I was paying $900-something to live in a studio at 1221 Mass, right around the corner, by the time I moved out in 2003. It couldn’t have been more than 500 sq ft and I doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.

  • Sounds perfectly reasonable for a 1 bedroom (albeit a small one) in this neighborhood, especially with the utilities included.

  • Live in the neighborhood, and I would say that it is about $100 too high, but consistent with what landlords are attempting to charge now.

  • I don’t think you realize just how depressing your rental options always are. I’ve been following them since you made it a regular thing, in fact I actively encouraged you to do so, but as someone who spent the last 2 months looking for a place I can tell you that none of your options are remotely reasonable for the average 20-something on a budget looking for a small place in the city. I’d think thats a decent chunk of your audience. And occasionally they’re just ridiculous. This one is still way too high, but its in a great location and not a studio, so I give it a pass.

    But the over $1000 basement studios way out in who-gives-a-crap-because-your-friends-will-soon-forget-about-you-anyway are not only insipid and insulting to reason and decency, they are massively and unforgivably depressing. There are deals out there, you just have to look for them. Please do all of us house-seekers a favor and ease up on the more ridiculous suggestions please.

    I realize I’m partly shooting the messenger, and certainly reasonable people can sit around debating explanations for DC’s Dubai skyscraper high rent until the prices double again, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that your “Does that sound reasonable?” bon mot after every post sounded like anything less than a taunt designed to debilitate and destroy the hopes and dreams of broke newcomers.

    That said, I love the blog, and I hope you keep up the good work.

    • welcome to ” way out in who-gives-a-crap-because-your-friends-will-soon-forget-about-you-anyway”

      but if you, and your friends get some good deals out thataway, then you’ve developed yourself quite the neighborhood, huh?

      just where are these way out neighborhoods that have basement rentals that you refer to?

    • I am your average 20-something on a budget and I pay more than this for my one-bedroom apartment on the Hill. In fact, I pay more than most of the “Rental Options” PoP has featured. I don’t think the places he shows are out-of-line at all. And I think the reason he sometimes show places in farther out neighborhoods is because it allows for debate. Is saving $500/month in rent worth it if you live far away from friends/restaurants/work/etc.? I think it’s interesting to read reasons why some people choose cost and some choose location.

      • It’s not like the suburbs are any cheaper. You have to drive more than an hour out of the city to see a substantial decrease in rents.

  • I remember paying $675 a month for a studio about this size (maybe smaller) in 1994 in Dupont Circle while making $22,000 a year. It was not easy, but I somehow did it – didn’t have much of a social life though, at least the kind that required me to spend lots of $$$$.

  • Damn your old….

  • $1450 for this old, tiny unit is stupid ridiculous, but then again, it’s only priced this high because there are plenty of people stupid enough to pay this much for such an apartment!

    There are much, MUCH better deals to be had out there, for bigger rentals in even better locations, but you really just have to be in the right place at the right time.

  • $1,450??? After looking at the listing, I’m not even sure it has a bathroom!

  • I live nearby and yes, that’s the going rate around here. Rentals go up on average $100 a year. I see it year after year. Some buildings are rent controlled, which helps.

  • WAKE UP! This is how much it costs to live in a shitty 1 br in any nice part of the city.

    I think the low-end rental market is boosted by so many early 20s transplants whose parents pay their rents. There is so much extra money coming into the city that it has driven rents up. That is the only thing I can figure because you can hardly find a studio of any kind in NW for less than $1200. What do you do if you’re a young person making 30-40k a year? You have no options.

    • A lot of early 20s transplants have well-paying jobs, also. I moved to the city after college (5 yrs ago) and was making 55k/year because I had an engineering degree. I could have afforded a rental like this, and in fact had many colleagues who made the same amount I did and were spending more than this on rent.

  • Didn’t we have a similar debate last week, only it pertained to the sales market rather than the rental market? Logan Circle is expensive, period. It’s a beautiful neighborhood with beautiful properties in the heart of the city. Nearly every other part of DC is less costly to buy or rent, so if you can afford Logan Circle you still have plenty of options.

  • I used to live in this building a little over two years ago. Our first unit in the building (in 2006) was about $1250 for 570 sq ft and parking. We moved up to 720 sq ft in the same building and paid $1350. Although there isn’t much in the immediate area, you are walking distance to both U Street, several metro stops, and Chinatown. Now that there have been a few bar openings around the covention center, I am sure rent here will continue to go up.

  • This is right on – I’d even ask for a little more because as some of you guys mentioned, it will be paid by someone.

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