Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont/U St. (Reader Request)

This house (mansion) is located at 15th and S St, NW.

The Craigslist ad says:

“Rent’s $1350 per month, plus utilities (roughly about 75 extra).

You would take over a month-to-month lease, so you can leave whenever you want. Also, would just need $1500 for security deposit upfront.

House includes an amazing roof deck, cleaning service, and 8 friendly, successful house mates. Also, your room has its own full private bathroom with a large shower.

Rooms in this house go quick, so let me know asap. Sorry, though we already have a dog in the house, the landlord doesn’t allow us any more pets.”

I’m pretty sure this was once a “good deal or not” edition but I can’t seem to find it. You can see a virtual tour here.

The reader writes:

“A room in this incredible group house mansion rents for $1350. I am dying to know what the story is here!”

Does $1350 for a room in this house sound reasonable?

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  • Seems like a pretty amazing house, though $1350 for an 8 person group house + utilities is awfully expensive. However, from the looks of it, you’re getting your moneys worth. Much nicer than any of the other groups houses that I’ve been in. One note, having dealt with a semi-shady landlord, I’ve read the tenet rights summary that DC has, and I’m pretty sure you can’t charge a security deposit greater than 1 month’s rent. Could be wrong on that though.

    • You sir, are correct. Security deposit can’t be more than 1 month’s rent.

      • I wonder if this is a case of the subletters trying to make a little extra money on the security deposit each time the room turns over. I’ve heard of such things happening in NYC.

        • Bear

          It might not be exactly this–the owner/management company probably set the total amount of the security deposit, and the lessees may have divided it among themselves however they saw fit (i.e., the rooms may not all rent for the same price, but they may have divided the deposit evenly). Hope they’re not trying to make a buck…that would be pretty shady.

          • I’m one of the residents of the house. This is exactly what the situation is. Each room of the house rents for a different rate, but when we first moved in, we split the security deposit evenly between all roommates. This isn’t a case of someone looking to make a quick buck.

  • A friend of mine used to live their back in the late ’90s. It was a group house at the time, and dirt cheap too. However it was sold and became a single family home. I’m surprised that it’s a group hosue again. It used to be part of the church complex that included Bishop’s Gate next door and the Presbeterian church at the corner of 15th and R.

  • That’s one of the sweetest group houses I’ve ever seen, and having a housekeeper is certainly a nice perk. But it’s still very pricey for a group house. I’ve lived in an 8BR before and no matter how beautiful the house is, it’s still going to be crowded (not to mention all the traffic in the bathrooms!). I wouldn’t charge more than $1000 per room for a house with that many people packed into it.

    I think this is exactly the sort of place where concerned parents will put up their student/recent graduate for their first year in DC, just to get the peace of mind of knowing their kid is living comfortably while they get to know their surroundings.

    • You get your own full bathroom with that $1350. If you’re good at dealing with roommates, I’d say this is a pretty fair deal. Hell of a lot more fun than living in a cruddy studio for the same price.

      • SouthwestDC

        Sharing a kitchen is what kills me. I once lived in a house with six other people and loved it, but as an avid cook it drove me crazy when someone else left the kitchen a mess. Though it was nice having lots of people to share the leftovers with!

        • In the 8 person group house that I lived in where 6 of us shared a kitchen (2 people shared the one in the basement), more often than not, it was the people who cooked frequently that left the mess, not the few that cooked rarely. Just saying.

          • SouthwestDC

            Well sure, if you’re not cooking you typically can’t get the kitchen messy. And usually half the people in these group houses don’t cook at all, but it’s still a lot of people using the kitchen.

            My cousin had a housemate changing their baby’s diapers in the kitchen… made her not want to eat at all!

  • If you could stomach living with 8 other people, I suppose that is a dandy place to live.

  • I was skeptical at first, but after looking at the pics, I decided it’s a good deal for someone who’s new to DC. Gorgeous house, jealousy-inducing roof deck, and a great way to make friends who are also exploring DC for the first time. It’s month to month, so you can start shopping for a cheaper place whenever your sour on the living situation.

  • What does successful 8 housemates mean?

    “Here is my card, I am the CEO of IBM and I live with my other 8 housmates!”

    If you are coughing $1350 to live with eight other dudes, you need your head examined man! What’s so special of 15th and S, walk up couple of blocks to 14th and R, and you can buy the best crack in town!

    • Well… I prefer not to live with a racist homophobe who will try to rape me in my sleep, so I’d like to screen out the cabbies.

  • Is that a large cross on top of this house?
    Also, from the pictures, it looks like this is the game room/billiard room/exercise room.
    Is all of the furniture and decor in this house what is actually there and does one have free use of the public rooms at all times?
    I’ve never been interested in this kind of arrangement but this looks so very civilized.
    I’d pay that much IF indeed I’d be amongst gentle folk.

  • That IS a large cross!
    I take it the house didn’t sell a year and a half ago.

  • I’d pay $1350 for a kitchen like that…but only if the 7 other people didn’t touch it.

    Beautiful home….I’d want to know what room is available, though.

    • Is it me, or does Jessica sound like a complete idiot. Someone needs to grow up quick.

      • Totally. I’ve made margaritas in that kitchen, and you could have a team of chefs working side by side, no problem. The kitchen can actually accommodate a full service catering company. Check out that stove. That’s some serious BTU power. And I believe its the master bedroom.

  • I’ve seen the guys who live there coming out of the house on my way to work – let me tell you something. I’ve never seen so many sexy men under one roof. I’d say go for it

  • I agree with Scuba Steve. It’s like Vietnam over there, except instead of all the rape and killing there’s hot dudes walking around.

  • Right on Dr. PB, I have to agree, I wouldn’t mind doing a “tour” in their “bunker” any day. But seriously, my dad was in veitnam and lost both legs. Not cool Scuba. Not cool.

  • Ha I was reading through this for about 10 minutes until I realized I know a bunch of the guys that live here currently (mostly recent Hopkins grads). We lovingly refer to it as the “Bro-Mansion”. It’s honestly one of the nicest group houses I’ve ever had the pleasure to hang out in. I was on the rooftop for the Fourth of July – very memorable. The kitchen is absolutely MASSIVE, as are the other common areas. A steal at 1350, in my opinion.

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