Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill/Eastern Market

This rental is located at 109 5th St, SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Location, location, location. Cute 1 bed 1 bath on capital hill. A few blocks from Eastern Market.”

I was gonna post one from Adams Morgan today but this seemed like a really good deal to me. Am I missing something or is this pretty sweet? Could it possibly be a basement? I don’t think so based on the photos. What do you guys think about $1107 for this 1 bed/1 bath at this location?

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  • WOW! There’s gotta be a catch but I can’t find one.

  • Yes, the kitchen is a bit shoddy but the rest of the place looks awesome. And the location is unbelievable as well. If this wasn’t listed by an actual rental agency I would think it was one of those cheap scams dirty old men do on CL specifically to try to rent out to young hot girls, but then they have the placed wired for cameras.

    Way underpriced…

    • I’m consistently surprised at the rental deals you can get on the Hill. Seems about 20% cheaper than even mediocre places in NW. I wonder why that is…?

      • I think it’s the NE/SE stigma.

      • Agreed. It’s especially odd considering it costs a pretty lot to buy property on the Hill. If I were renting I’d definitely do it in this area.

        • Bear

          This wasn’t always the case. 10-15 years ago the Hill was actually pretty cheap. My sister passed up an opportunity to buy the townhouse she was renting at the time and still kicks herself for not doing it. If the owner bought this place more than a decade ago I’d say he/she is raking it in on rent.

          • SouthwestDC

            Makes me wish I wasn’t a teenager back then!

            What surprises me is how much house prices have gone up on the Hill in just the past year. I’m seeing properties now for $800k that would have been $700k last fall. Anyone know?

      • I’ve wondered the same thing. It could be the relative lack of nightlife compared to NW. It would make sense that this doesn’t affect the purchase market as much because that market cares more about schools, where Cap Hill beats (east of the Park) NW.

      • It’s the nightlife. It attracts all the singles, the new transplants.

  • Such a good deal that it’s probably already gone.

  • definitely the 2nd floor of the house, if you match the window shapes up between the exterior and interior photos. Looks like a very simple, straightforward layout with living/dining room in front with kitchen off to side; and bedroom in back with bathroom off to side. Looks fairly tired but loaded with character. I like it a lot. Spastically under priced. Hope a recent college grad working for a nonprofit or on the hill is able to nab it.

  • No pets and it’s not close to the metro but those aren’t deal-breakers for many people. Way underpriced. Maybe it has bedbugs?

  • I wish I were moving. I’d try to get this one!

  • Best deal on a rental I have yet seen on this site… Props POP you actually posted a good one… I’m so proud…

  • I’d live in Alexandra before I’d live on the hill. Its very boring and stuffy compared to NW

  • Almost enough to make me consider moving.

    Re: transit, it’s a block from one of the Capital Bikeshare stations. Stations are also at Union Station and Eastern Market, so if ten minutes is too long for you, you can get to the metro in two without any additional effort.

  • like others have said, only the kitchen is a drawback. the application fee is $50. so if they can get 50 applicants in 30 days, they’ll make an easy $2,500. that is more than they would get renting at $1800 and having it vacant for 2 or 3 months.

    • Yes…but presumably they’re using part of that application fee to pull credit reports, which run about $25. $1250 is still a tidy sum, though.

  • AMAZING deal!
    Love the character and the old woodwork!
    I bet it’s already been rented.

  • wow. really nice. i thought the same things that this must be a scam but for it being placed by a rental agency. more than what i pay for in CH, but really nice and the windows look out onto something other than the buttcrack between the two wings of my building. for me, nightlife isn’t a big deal. really nice place.

  • I want it for next April. Can I reserve it?

  • I am sure the price has gone up. Just because it was advertised for a certain amount it doesn’t mean it finally rents for that. Too many interests, means price war.

    • Can they do this after charging the application fee? I can see someone making a pretty penny by underpricing, getting a swarm of applicants, and then deciding to raise the price to the $1700 or so that it’s worth.

    • I thought you could only cash someone’s app check if you actually offer the apt to them, or if you didn’t pass the credit check or something. I mean if you’re saying “Sorry the person ahead of you took the apt,” then you don’t need to run my credit.

  • Chatel’s a pretty bad rental agency, for what it’s worth. If anything breaks down in that place, it’s going to stay broken down. I rented from Chatel a few years ago and was really pissed when my current building switched from another property manager to Chatel. Great price, though. Might even be worth the frustration of having to deal with them.

    • I disagree about Chatel. I rented from Chatel for two years, and my best friend kept the second place (with Chatel managing) for several years after that, and we never had a problem with them. I have other friends who have had good expierences renting from them as well. In fact, it was such a decent experience that I am considering hiring them now that I am a property owner.

      • Chatel totally cheated me out of$ 100 when my roommate and I applied for one of their apartments- after assuring me they would only cash my check if they did indeed process it (if the first applicants we’re not approved, we were second in line) – and when I called the agent to ask for an explanation he didn’t return my call to his cell and his office. I was in the middle of a stressful move at the time so I didn’t pursue a more formal complaint, I wish that I did in retrospect.

  • Few details on the utilities – split with the house? Separate meter? With these beautiful high ceilings and big old windows you could be talking another $400+ montly for heat/electric etc. Great price. It’s photogenic – I wonder how good it looks in person too, it’s amazing what photos can do sometimes to these places. Another possibility on the low price is they want LOTS of applicants so they can pick and choose from the group that shows up. I didn’t notice, is there parking? It’s pretty congested over there.

  • I agree about Chatel. They managed a neighboring rowhouse with renters that drove us nuts with noise & garbage. The overseas owner was also upset with them, since they did not screen the renters very well resulting in trouble getting timely rent payments…

  • i find it hilarious that people knock capitol hill.

    capitol hill might not have night clubs, or the zoo, but its the freaking sesame street of dc.
    amazing sense of community there like i’ve not seen in any other part of the city.

    i’ve never met once person that lived on capitol hill that didnt like it, unless they were pretty far east.

    but whatever,dis away, and leave it to people that can appreciate it.

  • If I weren’t living with my boyfriend, I would totally jump on this place. Jeez Louise!

  • Looks like it’s already gone

  • Rent control! DUH!!!!

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