Tynan Coffee & Tea Progressing in NoMa

Tynan will be located at 1275 First Street, NE. And they say they’ll be opening in 2-3 weeks. Nice. I of course noticed the big sign announcing a happy hour, proclaiming it the best happy hour in NoMa. Just wait till the Harris Teeter opens…

Just out of curiosity – does the Columbia Heights location also serve beer?

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  • anonymouse_dianne

    Considering the recent news about Starbucks serving beer and wine it shouldn’t be surprising that other coffee shops would also serve alcohol.

  • Aren’t they supposed to open in Park Place?

  • We don’t need Tnan in Park Place – there’s no sign of life there anyway. We have Qualia – though it could be bigger. Gets pretty clogged up in there on the weekends.

  • Thank God for this!!! We need a good coffee spot in Noma and a place to get a beer after work.

  • Cheers to that.

  • “just wait till the harris teeter opens”? Just wait till what? Till the 6th estate of internet commenters can still constantly harp about Ward 5 not having any quality grocery options as either a complaint from residents or a slight from nonresidents?

    With Pound moving out, this place will be needed. But my neighbors shouldnt be fooled – just like with Pound, the goal is not to cater to the community – but rather the crowd that will be gone by 7:30 M-F.

  • it’s good to see dave tynan’s empire expanding across the city.

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