Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 816 E St NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Capital East Apartments is a vintage 1920s apartment community located blocks from the U.S. Capitol building and Union Station. The property is located 4 blocks from Lincoln Park.

The units are spacious, have hardwood floors and original details. The building is pet-friendly. There is on-site management and controlled access to the building.”

Does $975 sound reasonable for this studio?

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  • It sounds reasonable but that does ot look spacious at all.

  • It’s close enough to Union Station and Mass Ave shops and restaurants, and the D6 line runs close by to take you downtown and/or to Dupont.

    • Yep, and there are several buses that will take you down 8th Street to Eastern Market or up to H Street. I love this location.

      • I can’t comment on the apartment itself, but I live 1.5 blocks from here and the neighborhood is great. Close to all the action on H Street. 90-series buses will take you to Eastern Market/Barracks Row (it’s not that bad of a walk, either) or to U Street/Adams Morgan. D6 buses will take you to Downtown/DuPont. Walk a few blocks to H and you get the X2 to Downtown. Union Station is a 15-minute walk.

  • I lived in this building when I first moved to DC – like 6 years ago. I talked down the old management to $775 a month on a one bedroom (same set up – just imagine a 2nd large room). It was fine back then – well before H street was hopping. The walk to the Metro was a pretty long one… Oh and the old management company sucked – VERY slow on fixing stuff but for the price, it was GREAT!

  • I live about a block from here and it’s a great location. There’s also the X2 that will take you into Chinatown if you’re not feeling like walking to Union Station to pick up the metro. (In the end, it takes about the same amount of time, since the bus moves more slowly than the metro. But, it’s nice for those days when you don’t feel like walking!)

  • $975 sounds pretty reasonable, but let’s not pretend that the location is transit friendly. Taking a bus to get to a Metro station is doable, but it’s not exactly convenient.

    • I’ve been looking at properties in this area. The thing is, not everyone needs to be close to a metro. For people who do have a car it’s actually better to be a little further away where it’s easier to get street parking. I think this apartment is priced appropriate given it’s not steps away from the metro. Also, as others have pointed out, the buses here go to plenty of places besides the metro, so you may not have to use it at all.

    • I meant that you can take the X2 to the Chinatown area, not the Chinatown metro. I’m thinking that’s what others meant, too, with regards to the 90/92/93 buses-that you can take them actually to Eastern Market, not to the Eastern Market metro.

      At any rate, I’m close to here and I can make it to Union Station metro in 10 minutes flat, so it’s not far from the metro, either.

      And, as others have pointed out, some people prefer the bus. I would much rather take one bus to get somewhere on the weekends then take two trains and risk having to wait a long time in between.

    • How is being three blocks from three different bus lines not transit-friendly?

  • I live by this building and it’s gone through quite a few changes in the last year or so.

    Drug dealers were busted by MPD and have moved out and yuppies with dogs are moving in since it became dog-friendly.

    The Fenty administration put pressure on the owners to clean it up after tenants complained about the lack of repairs (and the dealing) and the story hit the Washington Post. (the LL was hoping to convert to condos).

    It’s about a 10-15 minute walk to Union Station. You have lots of transportation choices. No one has mentioned the X8, which runs along Maryland Ave and is a faster bus ride during rush hour. D6 also drops you by Chinatown. and it takes you to RFK, should you like soccer.

  • No one who has the misfortune to rely upon the D6 for anything would consider it an amenity. It doesn’t sound like utilities are included, and although it says ‘central heat’, it is clear they mean radiator heat, from the photos. So I think any renter could plan to add $100 or so for electricity, gas, and water.

    Given this, and how small it appears, I think that makes it an alright deal, not a good one. Fine for an intern or hill rat who just needs a place to crash for a few weeks or months. I can’t imagine many people could live there for longer and consider it a ‘home’.

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