Trees Being Cut Down at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park

“Dear PoP,

About 8-10 of the trees in that great little grove/canopy as you come up the steps from 16th street on the upper half of the park are gone. I know they’re doing work on the retaining wall on 16th street, but sheesh. I’m totally bummed.”

But at least some good news is that the same reader says the new public restrooms are now open.

ANC rep Brianne K Nadeau sent word last week:

Another part of the restoration of Meridian Hill Park includes the reinforcement of the west wall of the upper level. This is a project funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. While the National Park Service originally thought the disruption would be minimal, upon further inspection, they are really going to need to get in there and tear some stuff apart to get the job done and keep the wall safe.

As a result of the work being done to make the wall structurally sound they are going to have to tear out some of the existing trees. They will of course replace them as soon as possible. The trees will be taken out Monday, and that part of the park will look pretty bare for a while until the work is done.

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  • So it’s a once in a generation repair… sure, it sucks you lost a few trees today. I’d rather have a nice park for the next 50 years.

  • Tree roots are pretty destructive to foundations and retaining walls and things like that. It sucks they had to cut them down, but sometimes its for the greater good (like not having the wall come tumbling down onto 16th Street at some point.

  • They aren’t just going to cut down trees haphazardly. If they need to remove the trees to keep the wall safe, then that’s what they need to do. Your other option is to wait for the wall to fail then complain about the lack of upkeep at the park.

  • bummer, but that’s the world. trees have to be managed and sometimes cut down.

    i’m sure pepco would like folks in bethesda and chevy chase to learn this. you can have power lines and a nice tree canopy, but you can’t not cut down anything for years and then get upset that a branch fell on your power lines and you’re now cut off from electricity.

    the park will come back and be better. tree management is good long term thing.

  • There’s going to be a whole lot of unspeakable activities happening in those bathrooms.

    Unspeakable activities.

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