Transformers 3 Filming Scheduled for October 11-15

Here’s a taste of filming from Chicago

From a DDOT Press release:

“The District will be the setting for scenes in the upcoming movie sequel Transformers 3, and residents and travelers are advised there will limited overnight street closures and parking restrictions when the production comes to town next month. An information hotline has been set-up, which will include the most up-to-date information, at (202) 540-8039.”

You can see a list of the street closures and parking restrictions here.

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  • That’s awesome. And sweet for local crews who can pick up some gigs. Maybe Michael Bay will flip some cars for us.

  • Looks super cool.. im gonna go try get a job as an extra..!

  • I’m one of the locals working on Transformers. I get a check, the city gets a check. It’s good news for DC’s budget deficit.

    A movie like this probably has a daily below-the-line budget of around $500,000. Every day, a chunk of that money is spent on everything from hotels to lumber to local hires. Transformers 3 will be here for around 10 days total, including the shooting days.

    Bay’s initial request was for 6 weeks of shooting. Too bad DC doesn’t have true sovereignty, and some short-sighted official in the park service can effectively quash a bigger deal that would have put untold millions into DC’s coffers. With a couple road closures, DC can bring in a couple million a week in location fees and other revenue.

  • That is all we need – MORE cars set on fire.. AND they make it look cool.

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