Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – North Cleveland Park

This rental is located at Macomb & Wisconsin Ave, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The studio has hardwood floors with a large walk-in closet and one other smaller closet. There is large double-pane windows with lots of light. You are located in the heart of Cleveland Park and you have a view of the National Cathedral as well as restaurants, pubs, bars, boutiques, Giant grocery, pharmacy, coffee, all at your doorstep. Very short walk to Upper Georgetown, Tenleytown, Woodley Park, Glover Park, AU.”

I’m not sure if that’s a fridge in the living room (photo above) even if it is do you think $1250 sounds reasonable for a studio here?

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  • I think everything in DC is FAR overpriced, but this seems to be about what other comparable units are going for.

  • I think people who use terms like “north” cleveland park and “upper” georgetown need to be smacked.

    Own it, admit your place isn’t in the now uber trendy locales, don’t sound dumb by trying to con people into something with these made up names just so you can lure people in with name recognition.

    • yes. like when folks say, “i’m from north potomac.” you’re from gaithersburg, deal with it.

    • I say upper Georgetown all the time to describe the area above Georgetown proper, not quiet Tunlaw. I’m not a fan of Georgetown or environs, but I think our local geographic lexicon simply isn’t big enough to not use terms like “North” etc sometimes. It’s about precise, efficient communication.

      If you look at Google maps, there’s a neighborhood called Massachusetts Avenue Heights. Who the hell has ever heard of that? If you don’t want blank stares, you say upper Georgetown.

      As long as the neighborhood doesn’t already have a widely known name (i.e., Shaw vs. Logan East), it’s all good by me.

    • i’ll say north dakota, but secretly i know its really canada.

  • I lived up in that area and it sucked. No metro, the 30’s were never reliable, metro is a 20 minute walk. If you like being in the middle of nowhere and going to a crappy giant, then this is a place for you.

    • Totally agree. I lived across from the Cathedral from Sept. 09 – July ’10 and fled the second my landlord said she wanted to sell the place. The commute killed me. Nice area for walking a dog, though. Of course, my dog just likes being walked, period.

  • ‘Very short walk’? I live two blocks from there,and those places are 15-20min walks. And it’s not just the distance,it’s the hills. Also,the current Giant is kinda small,you need to hike up or down Wisc to get to decent size supermarkets.

    • Umm, a 15-20 minute walk is relatively short. This isn’t one of those cities with a subway station every 2 blocks. Be thankful you can reasonably walk to a metro at all!

      • 15-20 min. walk to metro is relatively short if you are paying commensurate rent.

        • Yup, that’s why the rent’s not that bad here. I used to live in a studio that looked a lot like this one (minus the living room fridge) and had a similar walk to the metro. My rent was also $1250. Since I had a car it was not worth paying and extra $200-300/month to be closer to a metro station. It’s nice to have the metro nearby, even if it’s not right next door, for those times you do need it.

          • Um,I didn’t say Metro. Walk up from Whole Foods or the new Safeway in Aug with a couple bags of groceries and tell me you had a ‘very short walk’.

  • Is it just me or are apartments in this city just getting dumpier and dumpier? OK, maybe the apartments over $3,000 a month are pretty nice.

    • Definitely. I think we’re getting to the point where you can get a better deal if you buy instead of renting if you’ve got some money saved and plan to be here for awhile.

      • its almost always cheaper to buy than rent.
        during the height of the bubble was the reverse.

      • Yes, but it’s the saving money part that fuels the renting market. It’s hard to save for a downpayment while you’re paying ridiculous rents, but until you have that downpayment you can’t esacpe from renting. It’s a vicious cycle

        • Bear

          DC has a home purchase assistance program (HPAP) that gives you a 0% interest loan for up to $40k for down payment (depending on income) and $4k for closing costs. Payments are deferred for 5 years. And yes, you read that right–zero interest, for the life of the loan.

          It’s how I bought my place–and my mortgage payment (with interest, insurance, and PMI) plus HOA fees add up to about what I would be paying for rent in the area. It was a no-brainer. That said, the qualification process was a little painful–it definitely takes patience and flexibility.

          More info here:


  • I’m sure most realtors would call that fridge in the living room CONVENIENT! It’s not ugly, it’s CONVENIENT!

    Unfortunately, it looks retarded.

  • It is technically in Cleveland Park – the far western border but still within the bounds. I live in Glover Park and also hate the invention of North Georgetown for everythign between S street and Tenletown.
    The walk is 15 easy to a metro – which isn’t bad (except in June, July and August heat).
    Price – totally on target.

  • I live in a recently reno’ed studio in real “North Cleveland Park” near the Van Ness metro, and my rent is $1300. I’d say that their price is reasonable if only slightly high, given that it’s closer to downtown but farther from the metro than my place, looks dated, and possibly less spacious (though it’s hard to tell from the photos).

    Definitely not a fan of the fridge being in the living area.

  • Hell no the rent is way to high for that unit It should go for about $750.00/month

  • If this building is where I think it is, it’s the dumpy apartment building next to 2 Amy’s. Definitely not worth the asking price, even for the area it’s in.

  • How is this North Cleveland Park? West, yes, but north? Macomb St. is like right in the middle of CP

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