Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale/Eckington

This rental is located at 35 Quincy Place NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“*Two bedrooms & One large bathroom
*1,000 sq/f unit, with an additional 400 sq/f of storage space
*A gorgeous kitchen with stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops, gas stove and stunning cabinetry
*Tons of huge windows
*One private parking space
*Wrought iron outdoor deck
*Front loading, stackable washer and dryer
*Stunning bathroom with shower, tub, espresso cabinetry & marble tile
*Hardwood floors throughout
*Modern light fixtures”

This sounds like it could be a good option for roomates. What do you think – does $2050 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/1 bath?

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  • finally you mention a place in bloomingdale!

  • It looks like a really cool apt and the price seems good for the quality of the apt itself. Personally I wouldn’t want to live in that triangle, not that close to NCap and Fla- Not because of fear of crime, maybe I don’t know the area well enough, but- What is there to walk to besides big bear? Or for Eckington- What do people who live in that neighborhood have to walk to?

    • Too much….

      I mean I don’t mind the carryouts and liquor sotes in the area because I’d be a faithful customer of both. And I don’t mind catching the 80, P6 or 90/92 bus from the nearest stations, because Shaw and NY ave aren’t exactly that close. But there doesn’t seem to be a grocery store (Safeway, Giant, etc) nearby. The space is nice, but you’d get a better deal much closer to both of the things I mentioned.

    • What do people who live in that neighborhood have to walk to?

      friend’s houses.
      rustik is nice
      boundary stone is coming along. i looked inside today and its further along that i expected.
      3 dry cleaners
      a really nice outdoor pool
      a rec center thats a bit lacking
      an urban farm
      a secret park
      all of noma.. which isn’t all that right now
      good schools and charter school
      howard university
      elks lodge
      barber shops
      nail salons
      liquor stores
      a bunch of bodegas, but no significant grocery store.
      windows cafe
      a great jamaican place
      noa art gallery
      87 florida art gallery
      subway sub shop
      new york ave metro
      shaw metro
      v street haunted house!
      chinatown is a 20 minute walk
      so is union station
      so is u street
      so is the capitol city markets
      there are tax services, lawyers, notary publics, doctors, funeral homes here too.
      xm radio sometimes has audiences
      fed ex
      a post office ( with horrible hours admittedly)
      dunkin donuts
      washington hospital center
      childrens hospital of washington
      the reservoir
      MET branch trail
      City Gear Clothing
      a video rental store
      a place to learn thai chi
      capoeira studio
      b and j seafood and bbq
      the great lake of first and rhode island
      mckinley tech is one of the best firework vantage points west of the river.
      they also have a n ice athletic field
      a new library. actually 2 in walking distance

      but thats it.

  • As it turns out, I was recently looking for apartments in that area. I never actually visited this one, but judging by the fact that it’s been on craigslist for 3 weeks or so and it’s still available, there must be something wrong with it.

  • amenities are actually a plenty around here as long as your radius isnt 2 blocks from your front door. big bear is closest. rustik taven is 4 blocks. NY ave metro is a 7 minute walk. [five guys, ABP , Pound Coffee] and if you didnt mind the 15minute walk, you can be at the safeway on 5th and L [busboys and poets and sushi too]

    also, try not to judge the corner of N Cap/Fl ave so hashly….most of the people are there to catch a bus [or a pint!] looks similar to the corner of 14th and U st on alot of days….

    • So 2 coffee shops, 1 metro, 1 bar/pizza place, 2 government housing projects within 7 blocks.

      • Don’t forget Windows, Timor and Beau Thai, which give you lots more food/grocery options. The farmer’s market is great, and Timor runs a CSA year-round.

        And Red Toque and Boundary Stone aren’t far behind.

  • It does have offstreet parking, which is a plus, and that is a nice quiet block, but I still think it’s about $150 too high.

    As for shopping, a mile is a bit much to go for groceries if you don’t have a car, but there is the Bloomindale Farmer’s Market just around the corner on Sunday’s (May-November), and Timor Bodega is not too far away.

  • So expensive. I live in Bloomingdale in a 3 bedroom 1.5 house with three porches, a sunroom, a HUGE back yard, and new appliances, including a fully functioning basement that we rent out with two bedrooms, washer/dryer, separate entrances, etc. and we pay $2600.

    Asking that price for a two bedroom is just being darn greedy.

  • I used to live two houses down from this place. If you live here, you use the shaw/howard u metro, not the New York Ave. The walk to the NY ave metro is dangerous anytime of the day. The walk to the shaw metro is about 10 blocks and awful during the summer. There is nothing around here. I dont count Big Bear b/c it closes at 6pm and is ridiculously overpriced. The park right there on the corner of First and Florida has a crowd of regulars that often get visits from undercover MPD officers. Also, good luck catching a cab after 8pm and/or the 90/92, you’ll be outside for at least 20 minutes. Obviously I think this place is way overpriced.

    • 2.00 for a cup of coffee.
      i live here and walk to the ny ave metro.
      i don’t mind it and i’ve been doing it since the station opened. its MUCH better now that it used to be though. the NoMa bid has been doing a fantastic job of cleaning things up.

    • If you can’t walk four blocks down Fl Ave to the NY Ave metro, you have no business renting in this neighborhood. No one should be shivering in their boots day in day out, when there are plenty of affordable neighborhoods just outside of DC proper.

      There are lots of single female owners and renters in these parts. Lots. Catching a cab generally takes me about 10 minutes, maybe less on weekends.

      As far as price, I think it’s a little too high to rent quickly. There are basement two bedrooms doing $1650 on the other side of N. Cap, so closer to $1900 for this one without the parking. I remember one of the other blogs mentioned that rental vacancy is way low right now (Urbanturf?), so landlords are more likely to test higher price points.

      • My ex ended up renting in this area when he was here for a summer internship. He thought it was very sketchy and didn’t feel safe walking to the metro at night, and he’s a 250-lb man with extensive martial arts and weaponry training. This was only 4 years ago.

        • It’s changed a lot in four years.

        • 8 years ago, Logan was sketchy. 12 years ago, Dupont still had sketchy elements. 4 years is a very long time in the city.

          There are plenty of 110 lb. professional women I see at the metro every day. Why are they so bold when he is not? Ask him and get back to us.

      • Fair enough. You dont feel unsafe. I did. I suppose it’s all about our tolerance levels. I couldnt tolerate it, but if you can, go for it, but not at this price.

      • Agreed. Unmarried female owner here – I live on the border of Bloomingdale and Shaw, so it’s closer to the Shaw metro, but I still go over to 1st Street quite a bit after dark. My (petite female) roommate and I have never had any safety issues in the neighborhood – just being assertive and courteous goes a long way. I thought Columbia Heights was a lot more dangerous in the 2 years I lived there – I don’t encounter any of the problems (catcalling, following, groping, hearing gunshots, etc.) in Shaw that I experienced there.

        Oh, and cabs are plentiful on Florida Ave. I often have better luck on Florida than Rhode Island, and I never wait more than 5-10 minutes.

        But to comment on the actual post, I do think this place is expensive – but certainly not because I dislike the neighborhood.

  • brookland_rez

    I used to live at R and N. Capitol, NE. I paid $1400 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, new renovation. That was in 2008. I walked to the NY Ave metro everyday, never felt unsafe. There is the Harris Teeter about to open there, Five Guys, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Subway, NY Pizza, Au Bon Pain, and more for restaurants. Not the trendiest of places, but there’s places to eat, nonetheless. And the 90/92 bus will get you to the action in about 15 minutes.

  • 30 y/o petite white lady here–I live all the way up Lincoln Rd (about 6 blocks sketchier than this), feel totally comfortable in the neighborhood and walk around all the time. Not to say I couldn’t get mugged (here or anywhere, knock on wood), but it’s been 2 1/2 years and have never had any problems. This is a pretty nice block a lot closer to the train than where I live.

    Want to know where you can walk to? All the bars on U St, w/ a nice 15 min walk thru the pretty part of LeDroit Park. I don’t have to drive or pay for cabs when I go out–how bout you?

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