The Raven Getting a Facelift at 3125 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

“Dear PoP,

Anybody know what’s up?

When I asked at the raven they told me they were being” bedazzeled”.

Back in July ’09 there were some upgrades on the inside. I also noticed some work going on outside. I just assumed that it was getting a little spit and polish. But it does look like the wood border might indicate something more intricate. Anyone know the scoop? I’ll be sure to update with new photos when the fascade renovation is completed.

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  • “Bedazzled”? “Disinfected” would be a better use of their money.

  • I was there during a rain storm and the amount of water coming into the bar from that part of the building was astounding. I think this is a remodeling done so the place doesn’t fall apart/burn down as opposed to some desire to make the place ‘pop’ or anything like that.

  • I think they’re just fixing up the facade a bit, nothing too drastic.

  • When I hear about building bedazzling, I think of that artist on South Street in Philadelphia who has done mosaics with mirrors and found items all over his neighborhood. Including his ENTIRE house.

  • The scope of work for The Raven is planned as follows: new part height limestone wall (to match existing façade), new single pane show window, new roof over show window (and appropriate waterproofing measures) with restored cornice, new door and restored transom window over the door, restored transom window over show window, a power wash to the façade (repointed, new masonry stain). All alterations had to go through historic review first.

  • First the make it stop raining in the bathroom. Then they replace the fabric on the booths so that you no longer fall through 2-foot wide holes and hit your bum on the floor below. Now they are bedazzling the facade. Where will it end?? Bring back the old Raven!

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