The 5pm Post – Cleveland Park Day and Crafty Bastards

From Facebook:

Cleveland Park (Connecticut Ave between Porter and Macomb St)
Saturday, October 2 · 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Enjoy the moon bounces and dunking booth
Listen to great music
Sample delicious food
Meet McGruff the Crime Dog
Take Fire Truck tours
Check out the discounts and specials at participating shops and restaurants
Meet President and Mrs. Grover Cleveland
Clowns, magic tricks, balloons and more!

People can leisurely stroll on Connecticut Avenue between Macomb Street and Porter Street between 1:00 and 5:00 since the service road will be closed to traffic.”

From Facebook:

Crafty Bastards Arts and Craft Fair
Sat. Oct. 2, 2010

Adams Morgan 18th & Wyoming (Marie Reed)

Now in its 7th year, Crafty Bastards(sm) Arts & Crafts Fair is an exhibition and sale of handmade alternative arts and crafts from independent artists presented by the Washington City Paper. The fair is all-day, outdoors, free to attend, and will offer goods for sale, food, entertainment, prizes, and more! Crafty Bastards will take place Saturday, October 2, 2010 in Washington, DC.”

Here’s a quick look from last year.

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  • I formally RSVP to this Bastard-ridden event.

  • Huh? “local Connecticut businesses”? Not sure I get the relevance….

  • Crafty Bastards was insanely crowded, but a lot of fun.

    • Seriously, it was great but so overcrowded it was hard to get into the booths. After 2 hrs I was so overloaded I had to get out of there before even seeing it all. It would be great to make this a 2-day event, it’s just too much to see in one day.

      • if it became a two day event, it would kill all the fun of it. ( see: arts on foot. used to be cool. now its lame).

        or have the b boy battle one day and the bastards the next. but not both on two days.

        just arrive earlier next year. it’s not insanely crowded before noon.

  • …Cleveland Park Day was a total suckfest.

  • Look! A bunch of boring, well-off white people pretending that they know how to have fun! Look at me – I have more money than everyone else in this country (and more problems!). I live in one of the most boring neighborhoods in DC, but it’s all right because it’s ALL white!

  • don’t take dolph strike’s bait. just move on, this person is unworthy of attention.

    • as i was typing in i was thinking, i wonder who will be today’s/this weeks whipping boys. could dolph be a contender?

      though its been a while since we talked about people that don’t pick up dog crap. how about people that buy drugs? wine bars? people that like bocce?

      i’ll put my money on feral kids though. that’s always a fun topic.

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