Target Grocery Store Opens Early, Still Working Out a Few Kinks

“Dear PoP,

I was surprised to see the expanded grocery section at Target (located in Columbia Heights’ DC USA) has already opened – a few days ahead of schedule. The price of romaine lettuce is the same as Giant, the price of an avocado much higher than Giant. That was the extent of my comparison shopping!”

Anybody think they’ll use this new option – or are you more likely to do grocery shopping at Giant?

Another reader sends word of this Target grocery section promotion backfire:

“I don’t know if I would go to the fresh grocery section of the local Target after seeing this (photo below) as the free giveaway today at Union Station announcing the opening of the “fresh” produce section.”

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  • haven’t gone in since the mess of supporting that anti-gay candidate ass. don’t intend to go back

  • I will go to neither. I much prefer the Third World Safeway on Columbia Road, which has better prices, nicer employees, and smaller crowds. I can usually park in their underground parking garage. I hate, hate, hate that Giant.

  • I shop at the co-op in Takoma Park. I’d never shop at a Target, Giant or other large grocery store.

    • I went to the co-op for the first time last week, and was surprised to see many things were priced lower than Whole Foods. That said, it’s still too expensive for us to get all our groceries there, and we like Oreos and stuff like that, too. So yeah, we’ll be frequenting Target for groceries.

  • The only produce I’ll eat has to be grown within 5 miles of my home by a small family farmer, with the profits dedicated to making micro-loans to disadvantaged emerging-world nations… 😉

  • Nope! I shop at the farmers’ markets, Takoma Park Co-op, and Yes!

  • I don’t think I’ll do all my grocery shopping at Target, but it will definitely come in handy when we need diapers, say, but also bananas. I’d rather walk to get those than get in the car to go to Harris Teeter. I refuse to shop at Giant; I’ve tried several times to go in for a combination of things like that and they’re always out of at least one.

  • i want a cheap purple onion

  • I’m a big fan of the Giant on Park, as are the thousands of other people I see there on Saturday afternoons. But, it definitely needs some competition, so I give credit to Target for taking the initiative to expand their grocery. If I’m expecting company on a weekend and I don’t want to fight the Saturday hordes at Giant, I’ll gladly get the goods at Target, as well as all the odd home stuff not to be found in a grocery store. Now that there’s two groceries in CH, it would be nice to have one functional, full-service grocery in Petworth. Give it up for the Feed DC Act. In the meantime, I’m off to the Petworth Farmer’s Market. Peace out.

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