Tackle Box Coming to Cleveland Park in Winter 2011

Back in June we learned that Tackle Box would be opening up another location in Cleveland Park at 3407 Connecticut Ave, NW in the long vacated McDonald’s space. There had been lots of false rumors about 3407 Connecticut Ave, NW and from June until just recently there was very little movement. So when I walked by a couple days ago, I was psyched to see the sign in the window. Also DCRA permits were posted for the first time and it looks like the space has been completely gutted. (Also cool, how the sign projects on the floor.) And Winter 2011 is right around the corner…

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  • I went to the one in Georgetown a few months ago and was less than impressed with the food. Not to mention the ambiance was damp and depressing, I guess they got that NE Winter vibe going.

    Something is off with that place or at least hit me as off.

    • I’m not ‘hatin’. I just didn’t like TB. Thats great if its filling an empty place in Clever Park. And if any of you were referring to me as a hipster, that hurts, it really does.

  • As a CP resident, I’ve been long-hoping some inspired, unique business model (that could also successfully afford the rent) might come to occupy this space. As most know, there has been little development of this nature on the strip for some time, save for, perhaps, Ripple.

    Tacklebox, at least to me, seems like a tired, unexciting offering. Opinions about fresh seafood from our dying oceans aside, will people really settle into regularity at a place like this? I know there was discussion about them putting in a full bar and that would obviously help some but… An outdoor patio in the back (think Firehook) could work but I haven’t walked the alley as of late to see if there is a the necessary space for this.

    Anyway, just some thought. What do y’all think?

    • There’s no space in the alley for a patio, because the building extends all the way back. Maybe they could put something on the roof.

  • Are you guys serious?

    Wahhh wahhhhhh, urban hipster depression…..

    “I want a clown juggling absinthe bagel bar with spoken word poetry nights.”

  • I can’t believe people are complaining about a business filling a space that has been vacant for, what, 10 years? So sorry that your dream of a combination hardware store/chocolate shop/kite store/yarn shop didn’t come true.

    • I don’t know, if a McDonald’s can’t survive there, what chance does an independently-owned seafood restaurant have?

  • I’m really excited about this and will be more than happy to come over from Columbia Heights and get food here rather than going to the Georgetown location. I found it sort of expensive but I’ve also been impressed with the quality and variety on the menu the times I’ve been to the Georgetown one and therefore think it’sa worth the money. I don’t go to Cleveland Park enough … this will cause me to go more often!

  • The food is good (the fried shrimp with lemon garlic sauce) and the price is right (10 bucks for a meal). I think any area in the city that gets Tacklebox should consider themselves lucky. Try their amazingly fresh and hot off the grill fish tacos and then get back to me.

  • i second that emotion on the haters who respond…its akin to the issues that are ongoing in Bloomingdale, Eckington etc. : some neighbors would rather have nothing in a vacant storefront vs. filling it with a viable business. mind you, CP and Shaw are almost a world away, but who would take an empty storefront over a filled one? business begets more business. you’ll be happy when this spawns 2-3 more new spots that fit whatever it is that you’re looking for.

  • How do I hire the guy who did the sign for this place?

  • I like the concept (simply prepared seafood with no frills), but the one in Georgetown is really sub-par. I’ll never go back. The fish tacos taste and look like a 8 year old prepared them and everything was overcooked.

  • Wahoo! I am ecstatic to see progress building out the Tackle Box location in CP. Here’s to hoping they’re able to add roof deck!

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