Drug Lab Found in Georgetown University!

Around 9am this morning @dcfireems tweeted a simple message that still has me scratching my head:

“Harbin Hall 3700 O St NW – haz mat – PD found drug lab – EMS evaluated 7 – no transports – dorm evacuated”

The media line confirms that indeed a suspected meth lab was found and though the dorm was evacuated it has since been declared safe. An odor alerted Georgetown Police who called DC Fire EMS. While 7 people were evaluated it appears none of the injuries were serious. More info as it becomes available.


Update 4:39pm: As some commenters have noted @DCFireems updates:

“Update – Georgetown U – haz mat – Campus officials say NOT Meth but Dimethyltryptamine (DMT-hallucinogenic) drug lab- 3 arrests – no inj”

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  • Bummer. How’m I going to study for mid-terms now?

    I’m always surprised that more bright young lab rats don’t turn their talents artisanal pharmaceutical synthesis.

    • I think their just smart enough to keep it under wraps. My chem friends all made their own drugs, they just weren’t stupid enough to try to do it without vent hoods.

  • From I what I understand they weren’t trying to meth, they were trying to make DMT or dimethyltryptamine. Which is a hallucinogen. And doesn’t smell like pee when produced. (Seriously, no one is going to be able to make a meth lab in a dorm. It’s just a smell that can be covered up.)

  • So, how many years in jail do you get for “trying” to make DMT? And how exactly do you prove THAT case, without an actual confession.

    All the reports are saying that no actual drugs were found. In the absence of an incriminating statement from one of the kids, all they’re “guilty” of is having a hotplate in their room.

    • You’ve apparently never heard of Conspiracy to violate a federal statute, 18 USC 371. DMT is a Schedule 1 controlled substance. If two or more people agree to try to make DMT, and take even one step toward that goal, they are guilty of conspiracy to possess Schedule I controlled substances, or, depending on how much they planned to make, even trafficking. Conspiracies to commit felonies carry a possible penalty of 5 years imprisonment.

  • That makes a lot more sense.

    You get a confession by threatening them with a huge mandatory minimum for cooking meth, and then you settle for a lesser charge.

    The cops, having found themselves on the front page, will feel compelled to make an example of a white college kid, who will be looking at a felony conviction and complete loss of whatever future he or she had planned. They’ll talk.

  • Good to see the Hoyas still have a strong Chemistry Department.

  • We finally know what Hoya Saxa means.

  • not to be too harsh, but is anyone surprised?
    g’town is sketchy and ghetto.

  • It’s DMT people. DMT. The Washington Post … brace yourselves people I know this is going to be hard … doesn’t have it’s facts right.

  • How on earth is Gtown sketchy and ghetto? It is probably one of the preppiest, most whitebread universities around. DMT isn’t exactly a dirty street drug either like crack or meth. Harbin itself is a pretty gross building though…

  • DMT is a nerdy/hippie drug. It’s the manufactured version of the substance the human body releases right before death. Users report an intense mystical experience, often meeting elf like other world creatures that tell the user secrets about the universe. Users sometimes refer to themselves as “travelers” It’s nothing like Meth.

  • Beats shooting up toilets.

  • DMT is awesome. 5meo-DMT is even better, and isn’t even illegal yet.

  • The whole DMT story is a cover-up. It was Meth all along. Georgetown doesn’t want it to get out that just like poor white trash, there are also rich white trash. And they attend this university.

  • i love white people, they are so fascinating and interesting.. the different kinds, the rich, the poor, the old, the young, the hipsters, the hippies, the goths, the wannabe blacks, ones with the big baseball hats, the “oh my gaawd” girls, etc etc..

  • My friend and I had the same reaction – only one?

  • I did not know geotgetown had a space program

  • I wonder what the tone of the comments would be if this were a crack bust in Petworth or a drug ring arrested on Howard’s campus?

    When white kids do drugs, it is correctly treated as a social/health issue. When black people do it, it is worthy of time in prison.

    • Ooh, are we playing the generalizing game? I love this game. My turn:
      When black kids get entrepreneurial, people get shot. When white kids do it, the dorm gets stinky.

      … race baiting jerk-off.

  • I’m not race baiting. In fact, I would say that many black people fall into the same line of treating it as a social concern for whites and demonizing black men when it comes to similar drug activity.
    I have been a participant on this blog for a while. I have seen the level of vitriol spewed at 2 bit hustlers selling a few bags of weed. Yet, I see none of this when some guys are in a dorm allegedly “manufacturing” drugs. I am very liberal when it comes to drugs. I could care less what you ingest. As such, I don’t think anyone should go to jail for possession with intent to consume.

  • The funny thing is that every time the police come across someplace with a bunsen burner and a beaker, their first reaction is “THIS IS A METH LAB!” So it doesn’t surprise me that this was their first reaction. I mean, we can’t expect the police to recognize the difference of various chemical production processes. They went with what they knew.

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