Shootings in Petworth and Park View Sat. Night/Sun. Morning

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More insanity from Shepherd St, NW. Thanks to all the readers who wrote in about the following incidents. This a very upsetting time for those who live nearby as these incidents seem to be becoming common place. This makes the 3rd shooting around Shepherd St and New Hampshire in approximately three weeks. I certainly hope at the very very minimum a regular patrol is put in place on this street. I don’t care if people don’t like my use of the term but it seems clear to me that some sort of war is going on between crews/gangs. Even if they are stupid kids that are not very organized, this many shootings on the same street indicates some sorta war to me. It reminds me a little bit of the multiple shootings on 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights last year that took place in a very short time period. It was also gang/crew related but that makes it no less frightening when you realize one of these days these bullets are going to hit an innocent bystander. I only hope the police, the political leadership, the community etc can do something before this happens. From MPD:

“Units received a call for sounds of gunshots around 10:15 pm in the area of the 4000 blk of 4th Street, NW. A male victim was located suffering from a gunshot wound and has been transported to an area hospital for treatment. Officers are still on the scene sorting out the details and canvassing for witnesses. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIM(E).”

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From MPD:

“At approximately 1am this morning, members of the Third District were called to the rear of the 600 block of Harvard, NW for the sounds of gunshots. Arriving units found two adult males suffering from gunshots wounds inside of the actual alley. Both males were transported to local hospitals where one of the males succumbed to his injuries. If anyone has any information relating to this incident, please call 202-727-9099”

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  • That funeral shooting last week sparked up a war in the whole Petworth/Columbia Heights/Park View area. Before out here everyone.

  • Can anyone remember any substantive talk from our local government on law enforcement improvements and reform? There was weak discussion last year of a crime bill, the debate on which was completely disingenuous and focused on racial profiling, after which the bill was rejected. Crime is simply not a priority for any of our government officials, and I doubt that’s changing anytime soon. None of our leaders live in these neighborhoods and don’t experience this stuff directly, end of story. Learn to laugh at it, lest it drives you insane. Whether we like it or not, crime is viewed by many locally (much like bad schools) as “normal” and a great way to keep outsiders out and prices cheap. At the mere cost of a few hundred ordinary lives (PF paraphrase there)….

  • Yow. Glad we were out of town last night! That’s close…

  • ‘… crime is viewed by many locally (much like bad schools) as “normal” and a great way to keep outsiders out and prices cheap.’

    So this is the reverse “PLAN” to keep whitey out with crime (AND bad schools). This is just as dumb as ‘the PLAN.’ People in those neighborhoods were beaten down by crime during the 80’s and 90’s when MPD was unable to protect them. People learned to survive.

    Drugs dealing used to generate a lot of money, now these neighborhood guys are willing to kill over NOTHING, just to walk the streets and live with their mothers.

  • Also, why does that last email from MPD reference Third District? Isn’t 600 Harvard NW pretty solidly in First District?

  • I’m wondering why MPD hasn’t mentioned the fatal shooting in the 1100 block of First Pl. NW on its listserv. NBC Washington reported it.

    • Brightwoodian, ya know your URL in your name is pointing to ‘’? Some Freudian slip of some sort? 😉

      • Had no idea, thanks for the alert! I’m gonna blame autocorrect, rather than Freudianism, though the slip would unfortunately be an appropriate one considering the activity in our neighborhoods these days.

  • The shooting in the alley between Harvard and Hobart was terrible and there is no news on it. We awoke after a string of 4-5 shots rang out. I ran right to the back of the house and saw 4-5 guys out there, one on the ground and another screaming repeatedly “WAKE UP, WAKE UP!”. I called 911 and I wish someone could tell me why they have to ask so many damn questions when you call about shots fired and a guy on the ground?!! Other people called as well. It seemed like forever before they arrived, but in reality it was probably only about 6-8 minutes for police, and 10-ish for ambulance. No idea if that is good or bad, but it seemed like forever for me, and for the guy screaming even longer. It was chaotic as several cruisers drove up Hobart the wrong way and PAST the alley, and others came in from the top of Hobart/Howard, and then finally the EMTs and ambulance showed up and came in the back way off Hobart. The guy that was yelling “WAKE UP!” started doing CPR, then the EMTs took over. He was really distraught and freaking out. The EMTs continued CPR on the guy who was shot as they put him in the ambulance and drove away. I looked online and could find no report of this, only PoP. I couldn’t find the MPD report either – where do they publish that? Didn’t realize there were two victims. Guns are the problem. If whatever it was that led to this didn’t involve a gun at the end, someone might have woken up and called police before things got out of hand. Too many guns in this little city, and we’re ALL at risk.

    • Reports can be hard to come by, most communities in the US rely on their local paper to provide them but WaPo doesn’t do a complete job on that to say the least. You can get on your MPD District listserv which should provide daily reports here:,a,1242,q,565764.asp

      Crime reports can be queried and mapped here:

      Though not all crimes make in there for various reasons (charges tossed, juvenile involvement, etc). In general, DC government would prefer we not talk about crime, and in MPD their first criteria is loyalty to the Executive, thus its all hush hush.

    • Terrifyng.

      But to answer your question, as you are talking to the dispatcher he/she is typing and another dispatcher is reading the screen and relaying the info to the responding unit. So the police are enroutre but the dispatcher is trying to find out as much information as possible in order to give the responding unit as much info as possible.

      People often get frustrated because they think that the same dispatcher that takes the call has to relay the information to the police (so the caller feels that the longer they’re on the phone the more time is elapsing until the police are dispatched), but really it’s all being done simultaneously.

      • Also important to point out that police need as much information as possible in order to protect themselves when they arrive on a scene. Driving or running in blindly would be extremely dangerous. The more information they can gather from a caller, the better prepared the arriving officers are and the better able other units are to respond and capture whoever fired the shots.

  • @JoeEsq74

    Do you really think they are thinking of ways to keep white people out as they are committing these crimes? This has nothing to do with keeping “whitey out”. Trust me; they aren’t thinking of you or anyone else when this stuff happens. That’s part of the problem.


    I’m so sorry you had to witness this. That is a heartbreaking account. Whoever that person was they had a family and was a fellow human being, not just an incident. So sad and yes too many guns!!

    • @astrange, I agree that was sarcasm directed@ briefly who said, “Whether we like it or not, crime is viewed by many locally (much like bad schools) as “normal” and a great way to keep outsiders out and prices cheap”

      S/He implied ‘locals’ like crimes because it keeps “outsiders” out

      • And I used the word ‘many’, ie not ‘all’. Nothing is monolithic. But hey, I’m game, what’s your theory as to why we have this same chat year in and year out, going on 20 years for me? There is a status quo here, not a vacuum, and plenty of people get benefits from that status quo, namely thugs, petty drug lords, section 8 landlords, liquor distributors, and gods knows who else. But again: what’s your take?

        • My theory…well I will get to that.
          My real issue was with the idea that “‘… crime is viewed by MANY (emphasis added) locally…as…a great way to keep outsiders out and prices cheap.’ The people who engage in this behavior can barely see past tomorrow.

          If you see my later post I explained how I was ‘forced’ to move after conflict w/ kids that escalated. I was lucky I could move, and make my wife feel safe she was worried about me, I would have likely stubbornly stayed. What if I was not in a position to move like many who suffered through the 80s & 90s?

          Now my theory. Bad parenting 60% of the problem (at least) Kids raised with no self-worth or real supervision. It is not your fault or mine but ‘locals’ suffer just like more recent residents. I feel invested in the city but I saw the shootings on the map good neighbors are put at risk. One shooting was near Howard’s campus I fear for the students. I do not want see a ‘stray bullet sob story’ shorten the life of a good citizen, student or child. They are willing to kill each other over dumb pride, not riches, religion or country, just dumb pride…something if not many things are wrong at home.

  • Terrifying doesn’t even cover it. There have been MPD officers parked intermittently at 5th and Shepherd and I’ve seen some on bike patrol in the alley but IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Obviously, they can’t be everywhere at once and I still see loitering youth in this area far more than I see the police.

    I walk my baby past this corner every morning and evening going to/from day care and often times right past these guys who are standing around the alley and in front of the store. I can just barely keep my husband from confronting them–something I fear will bring retaliation–and I am at this moment thinking life in the city isn’t for us after all. I’m browsing suburban real estate in another window.

    I can’t decide if I’m more angry or sad about this.

    • Yeah its best that your husband leaves them alone its just going to bring trouble.

    • Sorry you don’t feel comfortable in your neighborhood, Michelle. What are these youth doing that is threatening? Are they making comments to you and your family?

      • I’ve been trying to find a way to NOT be offended by your question. Maybe that wasn’t your intent but I’m a little on edge, so the more thought I give to “what these youth are doing,” the angrier I feel. In case you missed it, there have been three shootings within a block of my house in the last 2 weeks. One of them was in front of my house at 5:00 in the afternoon about 30 minutes after I’d just finished pushing my baby around the block.

        When I see 6-8 people standing around the mouth of an alley where I have witnessed drug commerce, and they aren’t holding a tray of cookies with a sign that says “Welcome Wagon” I don’t need them to do anything to feel threatened.

        Truth be told, they were polite the last time I walked by, with a standard “how you doin?” that I couldn’t manage to answer through my clenched teeth. You know what? They looked nervous and that made me nervous. I was holding my six-month-old at the time so my adrenaline was at full throttle.

        I don’t care if I’m sitting on 21 Jump Street and these guys are undercover cops just doing their jobs. Their mere presence so close to my home raises the chance that we’re going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unloading groceries, getting the mail, sweeping the porch . . . being a witness or a victim makes no difference to me. It sucks in the worst way to be fearful in the place where you live.

        • So move. It sounds like these “youth” were trying to be polite to you, but you’re too scared to death to be polite back. Frankly, knowing your neighbors is a pretty good preventative.

          • “Hello there, nice … er… Glock you have there.”


          • Such bullshit. The premise is that white people can’t tell the difference between a group of young black men hanging out on the corner and a group of young black men actively controlling a corner for the purpose of selling drugs and profiling victims. Get real Trixie, everyone who lives here can see the difference.

          • Oh please, where the hell did it say anyone had a gun?
            Obviously, if that poster is too skeered of her community to walk down the street with her baby, she should move. Last I checked, the sidewalks around here were public, whether you like it or not.

          • Oh good grief. Do you think everyone here just fell off the turnip truck? I’ve lived in DC longer than I care to count, and I can certainly tell a group of kids hanging out/having fun from a group of kids controlling a drug corner. Exactly how naive do you think we are, Trixie?

            This isn’t simply a case of whitey being frightened of a black dude. It’s a reasonable assumption that anyone who has bought a home in Petworth during the last 5-10 years welcomes the idea of living in a mixed race, nay, majority black neighborhood. But there are most certainly bad elements in this neighborhood, and it’s no great stretch to imagine that they’re not too difficult to spot. So enough of this pseudo-PC nonsense. You, I and Michelle all know that the group of thugs she passes by at that alley aren’t up to any good, whether you care to admit it or not.

          • Then why doesn’t Michelle either A) do something about it or B) leave?

            It certainly doesn’t sound like she welcomes living in that kind of neighborhood.

    • Michelle,
      Definitely don’t let your husband confront them! Mine has done so on our block and there was retaliation. And now we’re trying to move to MD to keep our family safe.

      • Do not confront, I confronted after kid broke wife’s car mirror it escalated…let’s just say we moved shortly after the incident. I had everything to lose they did not care about anything.

        • These are terrifying stories. Confronting a criminal causes enough retaliation that you have had to move? I’m so sorry to hear that.

          What on earth is going on in Petworth these days? I really thought that neighborhood had settled down a lot in the last few years.

          And to OP Michelle, I know exactly what you mean about feeling threatened. There doesn’t need to be any specific activity– loitering groups alone cause my anxiety levels to skyrocket, especially on street corners or alleyways.

    • My wife talked me out of confronting people around here, but I still call the cops whenever there’s a problem. My neighbors are great, but the punks on GA Ave need to clear out.

  • PoP: Bowser promised last year that after the last rash of shootings she was going to make sure that there were more patrols in Petworth. There is a discussion on the MPD list serve right now about how she has failed to deliver on this promise (and others). Bowser has failed to give any convincing responses.

    So to answer your query about whether there might be more police patrols: don’t bet on it.

    Might be interesting for you to try and get Bowser to answer some questions about her poor response last year and now. Good luck with that.

  • And don’t forget that if you are dealing with stress from witnessing this crime, or from any other crisis, there are people and resources there to help. Reach out to your family, friends, neighbors or health care providers. You can also always call 211 for a referral, 911 for emergency assistance or the Dept of Mental Health 24/7 Access Hotline at 1 (888) 793-4357

  • I agree with previous commenters: what is the city doing to combat the continuing violence? Putting more cops on the street is a bandaid. The gangs will move somewhere else – it’s like whack-a-mole. I’m hoping Gray and the new council will address this problem with a comprehensive plan to eliminate the gang presence from DC, intervene with at-risk youths before they get sucked up into the culture, and empower residents to be able to help law enforcement be more successful. Frankly, I have no clue how to do this, but nobody voted me into office, so I’m looking to our city leadership to pave the way.

    • Or maybe, according to some people who comment on this site, we should just gentrify the whole city as fast as humanly possible and kick everybody out to PG county and let them deal with the crime.

      • to be honest, i agree with your sarcastic comment. look there are always going to be a percentage of anti-social people caught in the poverty cycle. let them live elsewhere.

        I would bet that a lot of the reduction in crime is due to gentrification.

      • Brilliant! What we need is some kind of phrase for this, something we can rally the folks around. Ideas?

        • It’s called “Civilization”.

          • Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark!

            I think this layout – gentrified urban core, thug life suburbs – is called “the European Model”.

            I’d bet @anonymous is right about gentrification and improving crime stats. I’d bet that’s what really underlies a lot of the big school test score improvements as well. I’d also bet that a rather significant percentage of the long-term residents of the neighborhood are quite happy with these particular aspects of gentrification.

            I’m sure the group that fled for the ‘burbs in PG the first chance they got (as a result of gentrification) would have been pleased – it’s too bad so much of the ‘culture’ moved to PG with them.

            Here’s my question: how much of this is really “local” to the neighborhood? How much is external? I guess the information is difficult to come by since much of this is perpetrated by minors?

    • our elected officials are not “leaders” they are servants.

  • There were 2 separate incidents of shootings yesterday in Petworth. The first one was behind my house 3 guys (2 on one sidewalk and 1 on the other sidewalk across on 7th St) appeared from Randolph, walked with purpose towards Shepherd and near the corners started shooting. I think they shot at least 8-10 rounds and run back where they came from towards Randolph and then probably 5th.

    Police arrived within 2 minutes of the shots and found on Shepherd someone with gun shots non-life threatening.

    Then about 45 mins later another shooting broke out between Taylor – 4th and Illinois Ave. Another person was found with gun shots i also don’t think they were life threatening.

    It makes me so angry all this freaking wars between these people who really do not give a damn about life their own much less others. These guys want to hold entire neighborhoods hostage to their nonsensical wars.

    Police do their job but the system is broken…

  • @in-the-heat : A scary situation this shooting on 7th and Shep. I was a block away on my bike, heard the shooting coming from this area (where I live), and headed home (avoiding the 700 blk of Shep thinking the perps might head west down that dark block). My point? People were out and about (it was about 10pm). 2 young women were in there car on 7th b/w Shep and and Randolph and SAW these dudes approach the intersection with their guns drawn, saw the gins flash, and saw them flee. They hid themselves below the window as these guys went buy. My wife peeped them fleeing after all the shots rang out, b/c they ran by our house.

    We have teenagers running things around here with impunity.

  • Here is the list of action items that Muriel Bowser put out one year ago as a result of the crimes that occured in Petworth in Oct. 2009.

    Judge for yourself, has action been taken and has anything changed? If not, demand that your elected officials get serious. Being passive about this is exactly what they expect.

  • It’s time for Bowser and MPD to have a public meeting to address these recent shootings. Bowser’s responses on the listserve to a community member’s suggestion to have a public meeting were unacceptable. It’s important that we hold our elected officials and MPD accountable for the actions that they say they will take to address crime issues. This is preventable violence. If the Post is reporting that there is a a war between two crews that has resulted in these shootings, officers on the street should have known way before any reporter did. What’s the problem here? It seems more than fair to expect Bowser and MPD to have a public forum to answer basic questions about safety.

    • How is it you get all batshit crazy about Bowser, but you have no words for Phil Mendelson, who chairs the Public Safety committee? This is his issue. Crime is city wide and requires more than just Bowser.

      • Yes, Mendelson, Fenty, and other people who represent the whole city need to be involved, but Bowser represents ward 4, and frankly, she has been invisible since I moved here. Why isn’t she addressing the community and making herself available more often? Mayor Fenty, at least, has the excuse of representing a larger constituency. Bowser should have learned from Fenty’s loss that communication matters….a little personal touch goes a long way.

      • I believe Mendelson is the problem. His committee can create tougher laws (ie: mandatory sentencing) for juvenille offenders thus helping the prosecutor close the case and send the person to prison. But I think I read somewhere that isnt for mandatory sentencing…

        • He absolutely isn’t for mandatories and, when pushed, blames everything on the prosecutors and the judges. When you point out that he and his fellow council members could force the judges to put gun criminals away by changing the law he has nothing to say. Currently there are some mandatories on the books, including ones that Mendelson voted for, so he’s actually pretty disingenuous when he says he’s philosophically against them.

          But hey, he just got re-elected and has a nice house up Wisconsin Ave (in a bullet-free zone), so he must be smarter than us, right?

  • Bowser will NOT be reelected if she doesn’t start taking action now. If she is doing something about it, she needs to do a better job of advertising it.

    And if she can’t show me what she is doing about crime, I will make it my mission to unseat her with a candidate who does take crime seriously.

    • She may not be re-elected, but it won’t be because of public safety. She’s associated with Fenty and that’s the kiss of death with a majority of Ward 4 right now. Her re-election will depend on how far, and effectively, she runs away from Fenty and gentrification. The sad fact is that the voting population of Ward 4 (and the city at large) showed last month that issues like public safety, schools, or anything beyond vague and petty issues of respect and base racial and cultural prejudices don’t really matter to the majority. Most Gray and Mendelson voters are deaf to the retorts of guns on the streets but will tear their eyes out over a bike lane or a dog park or, most importantly, juvenile perceptions of being disrespected. In that way they are little different the sad fatherless sons who shoot each other down over idiotic grudges and matters of respect. Priorities, you know. Bowser knows that you can say and do just about anything in DC (look at Mayor-For-Life Barry for an example) as long as you don’t dare tell the majority a discouraging word about their behavior and choices.

  • Muriel’s response from the listserve:

    On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 11:13 PM, Bowser, Muriel (COUNCIL) wrote:

    Mr. Pipkin- all actions were followed up on. And actually, in that year,shooting and violence have been significantly down in the areas of most concern in 4D, until unfortunately this very troubling spate of shootings. Improvements have been most directly related to MPD’s persistent vice work, and drug, gun and even homicide arrests. In response to Mr. Carpenter’s earlier similar message, I advised that we would call a meeting with MPD to ensure that everyone is working from the same set of facts related to the recent violence. Will advise when date and participants are set.

    To be clear, my job is to make sure all resources are in place to keep our neighborhoods safe. We’ve done exactly that, including extra resources in 4D to address this back and forth currently affecting us. Last night for example there were so many police all over 4D that even neighbors commented that a cruiser had only passed seconds before they heard gun shots.

    We’ve been unsuccessful in getting a gang injunction law passed in the District and I am not hopeful for it in the upcoming months, but dealing with gang violence is our biggest challenge. I’ll continue fight for the tools MPD needs.


    • That’s a lot of talk. Where are the facts? What were the number of officers assigned regular patrols in the 4th District in Early 2009 versus a week ago? I have _never_ seen an MPD patrol in my alley or down my street unless responding to a call. _Never_. And I live only a few blocks from the Shepherd St. hot spot.

      Bowser seems to think she can just bamboozle people with saying “crime went down” and “MPD sure is doing a wonderful job!” without providing any facts about the changes SHE PROMISED last year. It’s like saying “I support the troops” while voting to cut their resources. It’s empty rhetoric.

      Unless she can show that MPD resources devoted to 4D were increased like she said they would be she simply didn’t do what she promised, period.

      And frankly, nobody today cares about the crime rate last week. Get a grip, Councilmember. You made promises and we want to know the facts about whether they were kept. If those promises were not kept then all your statements about your commitment to public safety are empty.

      • I live 1 block away from the Shepherd hotspot, and have seen regular patrols both on my street and my alley. Maybe they think your place has less action, or maybe you happen to not see them on their patrols. I spend a lot of time out back with my pups and the cops go by regularly. Just wanted to let you know that the area does get patrolled, and often.

  • Terrible news but unfortunately not so surprising.

  • so why should they be kicked out to PG? thanks you moron! I live there and I sure don’t want anymore problems – IGNORANT FOOL!

  • Freaking amazing, The new Mayor, the City Council, the Police Chief, US DOJ managers, should all resign if they can’t get this youth violence under control. We need new laws that prosecute all violent youth offenders as adults, new mandatory sentences for gun possession and use, etc etc etc. As long as these kids know they can get away with murder they will keep acting this way. The cops know who they are, DYRS knows, we all know, but they run the city, and they know it. Amazing they are so tough they can send responsible taxpayers moving when they are confronted. Sucks big time. Just hate it, it’s a disgrace to the Nation! Violent youth offender registry NOW!

  • This is what happens when new people move in and don’t smile or say hello to their neighbors.

  • This fall has become worse than previous summers.

  • My wife and I saw a cruiser go down the alley between Upshur and Taylor by 7th at around 1:00AM on Sunday; the officer (we think) initially thought we were trying to break into our place.
    When we first moved in to Petworth in 2007, we used to see a ton of police activity–cruisers up and down the alley, etc. Recently though, we have not seen nearly as much.

  • Until our elected officials and citizenry acknowledge the clear fact that employing the police/ prosecution model used in Bethesda, McLean and the many virtually crime-fee places across the U.S. is COMPLETELY INSUFFICIENET for the aggressive and substantial criminal element in DC, change is unlikely to happen. It’s like giving aspirin to cure cancer.

  • We can hope, pray, call the police. But police are not effective solving problems that parents/community should solve. It has never worked. And it never will.

  • Let’s be clear, Bowser says she wants this to be a “fact based” discussion. Okay then, Bowser promised the following:

    (1) “MPD will implement compliance safety checks in Petworth. These are traffic stops in high traffic areas. All vehicles are stopped. Residents are reminded to use seatbelts and carry necessary identification. Increases police presence and helps with traffic issues as well.”

    What are the numbers? How many happened in 2009 and how many stops were initiated in 2010 since Bowser promised this would happen?

    (2) “MPD will adjust foot beat patrols to extend beyond 8 p.m. and extend into noncommercial areas.”

    Again, what are the numbers in 2009 versus 2010 after Bowser swore she’d get this done? Personally I have NEVER seen a MPD foot patrol anywhere east of Georgia Ave. How about the rest of you? Ever see a foot patrol in Petworth off New Hampshire and Georgia in a “non commercial” area (like those being shot full of holes the last few weeks)?

    (3) “MPD will focus vice and specialized unit activity in Petworth to address specific drug, gun and gang activity.”

    Again, what resources were put on this in 2010 versus last year? Saying you have a “specialized unit” is all well and good, but what are the NUMBERS? What resources are we getting in 4D for our tax dollars?

    (4) “MPD will implement joint MPD – 3D and 4D patrols. 3D and 4D command staff were in attendance at meeting. Joint patrols have been successful along 14/Spring border area and MPD will extend to the area east of Georgia Avenue as well.”

    Did this ever happen? How often, how many patrols? Are they still doing it? WHAT ARE THE FACTS?

    (5) “MPD agreed to after incident canvassing to promote citizen participation in investigation process.”

    The coffee and donuts are a little cold at my house, guys, since it’s been A YEAR. Anyone here been “canvassed” by MPD?

    (6) “Chief Lanier agreed to review current deployment for crime cameras and the needs of Petworth. She agreed to redeploy cameras, if necessary, to achieve best
    results for the district.”

    How many cameras have been “deployed” in Petworth and where? How many were “deployed” in 2010? If they haven’t been, why aren’t they “deployed” in places like Shepherd and Third, 200 block of Upshur, around the Metro, and at the Circles? Are MPD confused about where the crimes are happening, because most of us aren’t.

    (7) “Increased Use of Drug Free/No Loitering Zone in Petworth. Drug Free No Loitering Zones permit.”

    How many of these zones have been added in the last year? Where are they? What follow-up, if any, has MPD taken with enforcing any new zones (if any have been so designated)? WHAT ARE THE FACTS?

    (8) “[Bowser] will facilitate discussion with 3D/4D and Interested community members on uniform Court Watch operations between the Districts.”

    What steps did she take regarding this? How many meetings? When were they? What, if any, were the results?

    (9) “[Bowser will] manage a list of Nuisance Properties/Hot List and agency coordination to address
    problems, including MPD OAG, DCRA and Tax and Revenue.”

    Where is this list? Is it public? If not, why not? How many properties are on the list? How many were added since 2010? What actions, specifically, have been taken?

    (10) “Bowser will work with interested community members and invite 2D CAC Chairman to conduct a block captains’ training session. Bowser will recruit 10 interested community members to get started.”

    Who are the 10 block captains? If there aren’t any designations, why not? What are their responsibilities? What actions have they taken? Why doesn’t the public have any damn idea who they might be and what their activities are?

    (11) “Bowser will work with ANCs to share neighborhood watch information.”

    What information did Bowser share with Ward 4 ANC’s from the “neighborhood watch,” specifically?

    (12) “[Bowser will] check gaps in law for carrying a pistol without a license as a misdemeanor and address.”

    Well, the gaps are pretty apparent when you have to dive for cover on Shepherd Street in broad daylight, so let’s not even GO THERE. More importantly, what specifically did Bowser do to fix the problem? What laws did she introduce (or even try to introduce) regarding the disgusting epidemic of gun possession in DC?

    We’re waiting Muriel…

    PoP, it might be nice if you could ask Muriel to address these items she promised specificially. After all, they are shooting up the place a block or two from your very own house and I think you (and the rest of us) are entitled to some flipping answers.

  • From this morning’s listserve:

    “A crucial element in laying the groundwork for this process to kick in is to report to 9-1-1 and even posting here. Please report to 9-1-1 first. Ignore listservs if you are edging toward doing one and not the other. The Prince of Petworth is not a law enforcement agency, neither is this Yahoo Group (unless this appears on the MPD-4D Yahoo Group).”

    -Joseph Martin

  • I’m the person who asked Muriel about the issue of carrying a pistol without a license being a misdemeanor arrest. None of the police brass or council people at that meeting had any idea what I was talking about. I was promised follow-up from Muriel’s office, but it never happened. Actually, I’ve never gotten any follow-up on any question that Muriel’s elderly “assistant” has been tasked to address.

    Nothing has changed. Here is a CPL arrest from two weeks ago:
    ARREST# : 031005883
    DT-TM: 14-SEP-10 – 0018
    SEX: M

    Who wants to bet that R. Leake is under 25 and has a known gang affiliation? Who wants to bet that R. Leake was back on the street the same day as this arrest?

  • Here to beat that dead horse again.

    Until a critical mass of people in this city demand that the council to end the gun culture in DC by making the possession of a firearm a crime with a meaningful result this will never end.

    1. A first offender illegal gun possession with no record, juvenile or adult, should be put on strict supervision for at least a year. We have “drug courts” so why no “gun courts”? Especially for juveniles. What’s the more serious issue for public safety in DC? A first time offender caught with a gun could be put on direct court supervision where he (or she) would have to stay in school or stay employed, get clean, and avoid any further charges. If they make it, just like drug court, then they can walk away with a completely clean record (i.e. the charges will be held abeyance for a year and dismissed if they make it). If they screw up then they get 90 days mandatory in jail or a lock-down juvenile facility. If they make it through the probation but screw up a second time after than then they get 90 days mandatory upon conviction (i.e. they don’t get to go to the “Gun Court” a second time). After that any subsequent gun conviction is a felony (see 2. below).

    2. If, however, they have a prior conviction for carrying an illegal gun then the new gun case should be always be a FELONY regardless of the circumstances and they should get a mandatory 180 days in jail or look-down juvenile facility.

    3. Third, if a prior felon is caught with an illegal gun, regardless of the circumstances, he (or she) should get a mandatory two years in prison. Note that this is still less harsh than the NY State law (remember Plaxico Burress? Compare his result to Gilbert Arenas) or many applicable federal laws. Keep in mind these are only the minimum penalties. There would be nothing stopping a judge in an appropriate case from sentencing someone longer.

    4. I know that Council member Mendelsohn has in the past suggested that such measures are unworkable because the US Atty has to be able to offer defendants a “deal” to get them to cooperate. This is a red herring argument. The Council could very easily write into the law a provision to make an exception for “substantial assistance” just as in the federal law. All felony offenders convicted of illegal firearms possession in DC should get, at least, 2 years and if they are exceedingly helpful to the government and their help leads to getting other serious offenders off the streets there is no reason a mechanism to reduce there sentence accordingly can’t be written into the law. The feds manage it, saying DC can’t is silly.

    Having consistent and certain punishments, an escape route for first offenders who are serious about changing their ways, and protecting the public are not mutually exclusive results.

    • “I know that Council member Mendelsohn has in the past suggested that such measures are unworkable because the US Atty has to be able to offer defendants a “deal” to get them to cooperate. This is a red herring argument.”
      Seriously? That’s the stated reason for opposing strict and mandatory penalties for gun possession? Ridiculous.
      Why would a juvenile in DC be motivated to strike any kind of deal if he knows he’s not going to jail no matter what?
      I agree with you that a NY style law – where gun possession gets you jail time, period – would be a great move.

  • Muriel Bowser has just announced a public meeting for this coming Saturday. See below. Once the location is decided, please be there and have your voice me heard. If you can’t, send a friend or neighbor. We didn’t have enough people there last time.



    Please save the date for a Community Crime Briefing on recent violence: Saturday, October 9, 11 am.
    Chief Lanier and the Department of Youth and Rehabilitative Services Director Robert Hildum will attend.

    We are confirming the location and agenda in the next day.

    If you are willing to distribute flyers to your block, please send an email to Brandon Todd, bttodd@… by this Wednesday at noon.

    Muriel Bowser

    Ward 4 Councilmember and
    Chairwoman, Committee on Public Services
    and Consumer Affairs

    Council of the District of Columbia
    1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 110
    Washington DC 20004

  • This is why I live in 16th St. Heights, instead. Fillet of the neighborhood!

  • Does anyone know what happened around 7:45-8:00 last night (Oct. 4) again around Shepherd/Randolph and 5th/7th? Tons of cruisers, high speed flying around, people shouting on the street to their kids to get back in the house. Needless to say, didn’t stick around to find out, kept walking home… can’t find any reports/news anywhere.

  • The silence of people who know things is literally killing people and wounding (targeted) others.

    Words to me when standing at from 7th and NH night and Shepherd (outside of police tape): “A shooting is a homicide with a bad aim.”

  • For those in Pleasant Plains, there is also a community meeting here on Sat, but I don’t know if the recent violence is on the agenda:

    – The Pleasant Plains Civic Association meeting is this Saturday October 9th from 12-2 at the Banneker Recreation Center. 2500 Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., District of Columbia 20001

  • Another shooting has literally just occurred at 4th/ Illinois Ave/Shepherd.

    A red jeep drove up to a house at 4th and Illinois and opened fire. It appears thankfully as if no one was physically harmed.

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