Shooting on 700 Block of Longfellow St, NW in Brightwood Park

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“Dear PoP,

I live across the street from 734 Longfellow St NW and I came home about 8:00pm and heard the shots and I didn’t think much of it but by the time I got in the house MPD and DCFD were on the scene . I witnessed them remove a man about 40 to 50 yrs old and they were performing CPR but he look like he was gone. They were not letting residents into the building.”

@dcfireems confirms a shooting take place on the 700 block of Longfellow St, NW.

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  • Is this a continuation of two street gangs fighting? I haven’t heard any connection mentioned by officials, but the locations make me wonder.

  • Feel bad, another soul gone as a result of the tragic use of firearms, for whatever purpose, in DC. For a city that has restrictive gun laws, we sure do have a lot of active gun/ammo owners/users. Fuck.

  • Are there any gang maps of DC that show the areas they live in and have the territory outlined that belongs to them? Kind of like an ward map – only for crews.

    • Yes, the police have those maps. I have seen them at a public presentation. However, they are emphatic that the public not mention the names of the crews, because it only bolsters their reputation. For example, it is police policy not to tell the newspapers the names of the crews involved. They don’t want the members of XXXX crew to see their name validated by the Washington Post.

  • Attention all f**ktards! My friend lives on that block, so if you could puh-lease control your behavior when you’re in that area that’d be great.
    I know, I know…it’s soooo hard to to act like a civilized member of society and not a feral POS, runnin’ round all pop-pop-pop, but if you could just give it a lil’ try, that’d be great, nnnn-kay?

  • For an Example:

    Kennedy street NW is one hood but multiple section.

    1st and Kennedy crew (alson controls everythinh within a 5 block radius of that block as well as 2nd and 3rd street.

    7th and Kennedy crew (controls 7th and Longfellow as well as 5th and kennedy and blocks north and south of that.

    9th and Kennedy crew (same distance as above and Georgia ave and Kennedy streets intersection.

    Also, anything from Georgia Ave station to about Webster is a mix of 7th and Taylor crew (aka 357 jackboys) and Rock Creek crew. Then sometimes Hilltop spills in and that becomes a problem.

    • You missed a couple, but I’m not gonna name them.

      • The other issue is that as soon as something is written down about gangs that information is outdated. Things shift, alignments change all the time. A ‘gang map’ from one month ago is not neessarily going to be accurate today.

    • What’s the difference between 7th and Taylor, Hilltop and the Rock Creek crew? And who is paying their rent and letting them run wild, ’cause you know they aren’t paying rent themselves. I’d love to see a Danny Harris profile on gangsta-sheltering-Gramma. It’s so weird because if you are standing at 7th and Taylor it certainly doesn’t look like gangland. Don’t these dumbshits know that with just a little effort in school they could get full scholarships to a liberal arts college that looks like a country club and gets them out of the hood? Numbnuts.

    • They don’t “control” anything. They’re a bunch of nitwits with firepower. Take away their guns and they are just uneducated pos’s with attitudes.

  • Did any of you actually read the comments under the headline before starting this whole gangland convo? I seriously doubt this 40-50 yr old man had a lot going on in terms of gangs. Maybe it was a suicide attempt, maybe it was a domestic case, maybe it was an accident…sheesh.

  • Now are you sure you heard shots? Or a single shot ring out from 734?

  • The police came across the shooting via Shotspotter.

  • At tonight’s PSA 403 meeting it was stated that this was a suicide.

  • However that it under investigation, with new leads from witnesses this may not have been suicide but a domestic violence case.

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