Shooting Murder at 1am last night on 4300 block of Georgia Ave, NW

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Thanks to all who sent in word. Sorry for the delay in posting. (Ed. Note: I’m fighting some sort of brutal cold/flu and I’m pretty wrecked right now. So I apologize in advance if there are some delayed postings today/tomorrow).

MPD reports:

“Units received a call for sounds of gunshots just before 1am and located an unconscious black male suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.

Members of the Homicide Branch are on the scene handling the investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIM(E).”

“The male victim has been pronounced. His identity is being withheld pending next of kin notification.”

and from Council Member Bowser:

“Neighbors- I was briefed during the night of a fatal shooting on Georgia Avenue, between Georgia and Varnum Streets. The victim is a young black male. It appears to have happened in front of an apartment building on the east side of Georgia. I understand that the assailant walked up to the victim and shot. MPD has not released any lookout information as yet. MPD investigated during the night and at daybreak for evidence.

This is the third outbreak of violence in this short three blocks in several weeks. Since our larger crime meeting, I’ve conducted a smaller group one to focus on this sub area. MPD and other agencies are is investigating and working many angles to break up this fight.”

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  • Wow…well, no more midnight runs to Yes! Organic…

  • Well, actualy, I’m not sure they’re even open then, but um, stray bullets?

  • Damned Gentrification. If they weren’t here, this’d be totally unnoticed.

  • Does anyone know when the “smaller group” meeting CM Bowser refers to was/will be?

    • It already took place. Several neighbors who live within a block of these incidents (there also was a murder at 4400 Georgia a few weeks ago, and there were more gunshots at the same location at 8:30 p.m. last week) met with Bowser, police officials, and representatives from the attorney general’s office.

      • Were any insights gained at this meeting? Did you learn anything about the crimes that hadn’t been discussed at the larger community meeting?

        • Yes, they told us what they could about specific crimes and properties. For legal reasons, and because some investigations are still open, they could not share everything they know, but it was still a good dialogue. We, in turn, told them what we know about certain properties and events in the neighborhood.

          The police are thirsty for information, so if you see anything suspicious, call the police. Get the phone numbers of your local police officers, and be in touch with them. In all my meetings with the police, they have been professional and are interested in helping. But they need the neighbors to be alert and start calling.

          • Can I ask if you know how this meeting came about? Who convened it? Do you have a block association? Or was it the result of one concerned resident contacting Bowser (or someone else) to ask for such a meeting?

          • A neighbor contacted Bowser’s office, and then gathered a few other neighbors to attend. It is not an official block association, but there are a growing number of people who have observed the deterioration on that block and want to do something about it.

          • I’m also in the 2-block radius and want to be included in future meetings. I’ll contact Bowser’s office.

            Thank you for the summary – it’s really helpful!

  • From the Post:

    19-year-old D.C. man fatally shot

    District police said they are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred overnight in the Petworth neighborhood.

    Officers responded to the 4300 block of Georgia Ave. NW shortly before 1 a.m. for a report of shots fired.

    They found 19-year-old Reginald Davenport, of the District, shot multiple times.

    Davenport was pronounced dead at the scene, D.C. police said in a statement.

    Anyone with information on th e case is asked to call police at 202-727-9099 or 1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746).

  • What is different about this area in the last year or so? All I can think of is all the new low income housing that has been put around this area. Has anyone looked into weather or not that could be contributing to this new phenomona of south Petworth shootings?

    • What new low income housing are you referring to? The “newest” building I am aware of in that area is the one above Yes, which I believe is market rate, or at least is not low income.

      • The Yes building is 100% low income including section 8 vouchers.


          One bedrooms for $1,057 a month
          Two bedrooms for $1,259 a month

          Qualify by making no more than:
          $43,140 for one person
          $49,320 for a two person household
          $55,440 for a three person household
          $61,630 for a four person household

          And make no less than:
          $34,600 per household for a one bedroom
          $43,200 per household for a two bedroom

          and yes they do accept HCVP vouchers.

          • Right, but the key is they take HCVP vouchers so its 100% affordable. Even Park Place is 1/3 affordable and takes vouchers. There are some new smaller buildings too. I’m just trying to look at what has changed in that area….

    • The problem is not new apartment construction. The problem is a few houses that have been allowed to deteriorate. Among others, I refer to 4421 and 4423 Georgia. The owner apparently doesn’t care about what happens on the property.

  • Meetings are useless!!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From MPD:

    Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating the fatal shooting which occurred in the 4300 block of Georgia Avenue, NW.

    On Tuesday, October 19, 2010, at approximately 12:44 am units from the Fourth District responded to the 4300 block of Georgia Avenue, NW for the report of a shooting. Upon their arrival, they discovered the victim suffering from gunshot wounds. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded to the scene and determined that the victim had no signs consistent with life.

    The decedent has been identified as 20-year old Reginald Danvenport of Southeast, DC

    Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099 or 1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746).

  • I see police cruisers up and down Georgia Ave. all the time, but they seem to spend a whole lote of time parked outside of Yes! during their business hours.

    Call me crazy, but maybe DCPD might want to consider reposting some of those folks a little farther up Georgia, and maybe after 10pm, where/when folks are getting shot. Just a crazy thought from someone who would like to walk down to Uneeda for a pack of smokes and not get caught in the crossfire or have to watch another kid die.

    • While there is some benefit to deterrence with cruisers, this has all the makings of targeted crime. I would be surprised if there isn’t already a plain clothes presence in the neighborhood.

      • Plain clothes officers are largely not allowed in DC unless as part of an active investigation like a sting. Unless you mean the tough police in jeans and kevlar vests with a badge on a necklace, who ain’t exactly undercover. They’re more for house raids and such.

        The prohibition on undercover work is a holdover from the post civil rights era, during which undercover police had infiltrated many civil rights groups. So if you think police are dressing is street clothes and just hanging out waiting for stuff to happen, that is not really legally possible in DC AFAIK. Please do tell me if you know otherwise, I’m basing this off converations with MPD officers about two years ago.

        • If this is true (and I assume it is), this MUST CHANGE. There is no way MPD can truly identify the sources of this violence without UC work. Sirens and lights after the blood has spilled is important, but often too late to stop the next killing.

          If people want an issue to get behind, get behind changing this.

          • Its at least worth bringing up and getting more detailed info (I wrote the above, forgot to input my handle). I discovered it when I was chatting with an officer and wondered why MPD didn’t just send a petite undercover white woman to walk the sidewalks in my area, and when she was insulted or almost assaulted police could take action. Or an undercover guy playing semi drunk to attract attacks, like I had seen on a COPS. The cop laughed and lectured me on how that was a waste of resources given the arrests they’d make, and DC law precluded such “trolling” or UC investigations. He also said it was asking a lot of an officer to attract danger like that. I pointed out that I had to walk those streets every day and always had to be ready for trouble. He said he knew and that’s why he lived in MD.

            Full disclosure: I left DC last week and couldn’t be frigging happier.

            You want a real depressing example of crime policy in DC, watch the DC Council hearing from last year on the crime bill. Disingenous to say the least as the substance of the bill was never discussed, rather debate was turned to the dangers of racial profiling by Harry Thomas and thus the bill was voted down. Councilmembers just don’t have to live in the same world many of us do, and we’re stuck with the idiots we have for the time being at least. Now that I am out of the area and out of the country I can voice my hope that one of them is brutally attacked at some point. Yes I said it, I’ve experienced it and so should they. Tirade over.

    • There has been a lot of police activity around the 4300 and 4400 blocks of Georgia during the past month. The police have identified a few problem houses in the area.

      • As I was saying, I’ve seen plenty of police presence, as I only live a few blocks away from all this madness, but it seems to melt away after 8pm.

        Of course this is targeted crime, which the cops are aware of. Thus my question: if you know that there are blocks where the potential “participants” live, and you know s*#t generally is going to go down at night, why are the cruisers usually parked about 8 blocks away? Makes no damn sense.

  • The unfortunate truth is that if someone really wants to kill someone, they will find a way to do it. Police presence helps but aside from relocating people or locking them up there’s not a lot you can do to stop a motivated killer.

    There are some thugs in this town that have been relocated by their concerned parents… two months later they are back.

    It sucks.

    And dont think the people being killed arent aware that they have a target on their back (in some cases). You dont see them leaving town though, either.

    • The #1 method to prevent murderers is to lock up violent criminals for long periods of time, rather than releasing them right away or not locking them up at all (often the case for juvenile murderers). The latter method is what we do in DC. I’d bet dollars to donuts that the shooter in this case has a long violent criminal history as this looks basically like a targeted and well executed hit. Think a first time offender will generally have the stones and skills to do that? I doubt it.

      But hey, another dead black kid in DC, its no big deal to the local polity.

      • True. But you can’t lock someone up for life for any offense. People serve their time and come home. It’s the coming home that’s a problem because old beefs remain.

        We can’t lock someone up because we think they might kill someone and we can’t lock someone up because we think they might get killed.

        Like I said, when you have a truly motivated offender and potential victims who don’t want take measures to ensure their own safety, it’s really really hard to prevent violence.

        • Its simple math from my perspective: 100 violent guys doing 10-50 years for crimes are off the streets for a while at least and cannot hurt people there, though they may hurt people in jail. 100 violent guys doing 1-2 years are back on the streets much faster. While I agree that incarceration is only part of the solution and we need to address underlying societal problems, I also note that bad men exist all over the world. Keeping them on the streets doesn’t really benefit anyone in my opinion. Needs of the many versus the few etc.

          But I know I am in the minority, hence my departure from DC. I’ll never understand that tolerance for straight evil, never. Except when I realize how a few people profit well off keeping the ghetto a ghetto, then it makes perfect sense.

  • That’s right SE, take that. The GA Ave Boys hit em hard. Just waitin for da next driveby! Bring it on homies!

    Dear Ms. Bowser, is it true we only have 3 cops assigned to the gang infiltration unit? WTF!

    Amend our juvenile gun and murder laws NOW! Pretty please?

  • No it is defimitely not true that MPD only has three officers assigned to work gangs. Not at all true.

  • I served for six weeks on a DC grand jury earlier this year, and we heard testimony from plenty of undercover cops, mostly doing low-level drug busts.

    • Right, that’s a sting, aka as a buy. They were targeting somewhere specific. They weren’t just out in an area experiencing things as a normal citizen would. Its an important difference, and my guess is most of the DC undercovers are only involved in drug busts as that’s what they get federal support for. And for every dope slinger they bust, 10 more step up, but our retarded drug war is another issue altogether.

  • After seeing a man die from being shot 2 weeks ago, I asked, “where do the guns come from?” The response I got from an elected leader after a recent meeting was essentially: “outside of DC…just like the drugs”, which to me implied that to her, it’s someone else’s responsibility. For those unfortunate enough to find themselves on the business end of the gun here in the Nation’s Capital(whether they’re from DC or Seattle), and those witnessing the results (injury/death) first hand (DC residents and our guests), and considering the palpable fear this instills in us (DC residents, our communities, and…our leaders?), and what I suppose is a corresponding increase in bravado or attitude instilled in those who do the shooting (remorse?) and their peers who think it’s da bomb (equal and opposite reaction and all), I find this passing the buck re: guns on other jurisdictions to be a complete cop-out (no pun intended!). Was it Bill Clinton who said “It’s the guns, stupid.”

    • DC should start filing lawsuits against out-of-state gun dealers if; they have broken the law with a gun sale, and that gun is used in a crime in DC.

      • We know where the guns come from as most have serial numbers and can be traced to the original dealer. It’s not necessarily the dealer that’s the problem.. you would not believe how many crimes can be traced back to one gun and how quickly/frequently they change hands on the street.

      • That pesky Second Amendment precludes that. The gun dealer is not breaking the law, the middleman is, and that guy is tough to find. And in many cases they’re not even breaking the law.

    • A big report on this came out a few weeks ago, here:

      Both VA and WVA are in the top ten sources of illegal guns nationwide, so we’re sorta screwed on that it seems. There’s also gun stores that line the DC borders on the VA and MD side, and all you need is a friend or relative with an out of state ID to get a pistol. And, the first three times you get caught carrying a pistol in DC its generally a misdemeanor. When you get down to it, though handguns are illegal in DC the penalties for carrying an illegal gun in DC are some of the laxest in the country. Felony murder with a handgun is a death penalty offense in VA while in DC its maybe 20 years AFAIK. But, its almost impossible to learn the real data on such things in DC so I have no way of proving that.

      A great article aptly titled “Why do DCs bad guys have so many guns?” is here:

  • It’s not the guns. It’s the parents – or lack there of. Make the parents responsible. Make the kids doing this responsible. I’m pretty sure we’d see a rapid turn around in behaviour if there were a law mandating personal responsibility.

  • You can’t blame parents, you gotta blame the teachers. I should know.

  • Once you blame the parents then what? Do you think that would make a difference? I have zero confidence that it would do anything. These neighborhoods-Petworth, Brightwood etc, have potential, as they really are the last affordable areas in NW for people that want to buy and not rent, but I know so many of my colleagues and friends who won’t do it because they’re afraid. They would rather continue to rent or move to MC or NoVa than buy a place in our section of DC. I purchased over two years ago and vowed that I made a good decision, but I’m starting to question it. I can handle myself, but I worry about my family, friends, and neighbors who might not be so fortunate some time.

    • Move away and rent your place out, to section 8’ers if needed (them checks don’t bounce). Can’t beat em, join em. And invest in Corrections Corporation of America and stuff life that.

    • It would make a big difference. Hit’em in the wallet. My kid breaks a window, I pay for it to be fixed.
      If you are sec 8, have a criminal record and screw up again? you’re out. Little Tommy out gang-bangin’ after curfew and got caught – again? You’re out. Known drug house? You’re out. Make the landlords pay for knowing they are enabling this BS.That nuisance porperty tax it pretty high . .

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