Sculptures at 4th and H St, NE

I’m certainly no art critic but the new (to me) exhibit at 4th and H St, NE looks awesome. Do you like this one better than the previous exhibit from ‘I Am Art’ that was there in June? And of course still a great use of temporary vacant space. What’s your favorite piece?

Lots more photos after the jump.

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  • wow – i really like the totem pole ones

  • Great pieces! Public art is always a good thing, imo. My only issue is they seem a little lonely behind that chain link fence, spread so far apart from each other. But maybe they’re all the loner types.

  • Very cool.

  • I mean this as respectfully as possible, but the city and various BIDs give this guy way too much credit. His stuff is not that impressive and he pastes stickers of himself saying “I am Art” all over town. A little contrived, if you ask me.

    This “found art” stuff is great, but he does not do it so well that it warrants a pass anywhere he deems fit to place it. DC has better artists who get way less play than this guy.

    I don’t mean to be a hater/troll or anything, but I’m tired of seeing this dude’s mug everywhere and even more tired of all the different groups that hold him up so they can show the world that DC has a ‘scene.’ Turn that lot into artist housing for students.

  • Note: I’m talking specifically about the “I Am Art” guy, not all of the artists featured here….

  • I think it’s pretty cool. Much better than a lot of the garbage that passes for public art around this town.

  • They certainly look temporary…

  • I really liked Will’s work. It was such a wonderful surprise to find it in that barren field. It was fresh, and a joy to the eyes, and spirit.
    These pieces are more polished and paid for taxpayer dollars to be in the wrong place for them. I’d love to see them sited in different places along the H street corridor. I think that they look lost and bland in that field.

  • Very good pieces poorly presented.
    Terrible waste of taxpayer money not to mention disrespect to the work of a fine artist.
    Can’t DC Arts and Humanities do better than this? They haven’t even promoted the exhibit after spending all that money.

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